W is for Wish

Remember all  the wishes you have made, the one you hope for when you blow the candles out on your birthday cake. I found this site  Wish Jar.    Keri Smith has also written several books; you may be familiar with.   Keri's books are wacky, wild and fun. My daughter loved the book I gave her a couple years ago for Christmas.  It involved another w-wreck.

This is going to be a wacky post ;-D  It is that time of year, when you see the birds making nests. Hubby n' I have been
looking for the Warblers to return. Last year,they built  nests, in both boots. It is to confuse other birds, a decoy if you will.                          
Hubby took a photo inside the boot; yes, they were 2 nests.

This year, he decided to help the birds out. There was a lot of flying in and out of the garage. They were on the treadmill, jumping on tools and dangling from ropes. It was quite a performance. In the evening, we would go out to close the garage door thinking they were out and they weren't.

Here is the new nest for this year

I love the boot bird swing...hope it works. I worry, they have moved. A lot of trees were cut down in the swamp behind my yard. It has created a lot wildlife to move inland, some have moved ; we have seen new animals.  A man sold the trees in the swamp; it has been awful to see. I wish things were different.....


Melissa Bradley said…
I love, love this story about the warblers. they are so cute. I live on the south side of Chicago in an old steel town neighborhood. Since the last of the once mighty mills closed more than 15 years ago, nature has been laying claim to the area. There all sorts of birds, and animals thriving around here now. We have discovered a magnificent hawk that has taken up residence in one of the very large trees down the street from our house. He sometimes lands on our garage roof. It's amazing to see nature coming back. Beautiful post. I hope the new nest works and that the warblers come back.
Jules said…
I love that boot swing too and they will be back. Our creek went through something similar and I think the animals considered it a renovation, they returned in numbers :)

My wish... stop the rain already :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Marjorie said…
That boot swing is quite a cute little sight. Someone on the outside who didn't know the story would think you were only trying to be artsy. They wouldn't know the boots were nurseries.
A wonderful post I love wild life and the pictures are just superb, Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I adore the little boot swing nest. So sad about the trees coming down out behind you. Sigh.
Lynette Killam said…
How sweet, Ella...I do hope the wee birds thrive in their hanging boot nest. The return of feathered friends in springtime is surely one of the best things in the world...:)
Wanda said…
Ellie, the boot swing is adorable. Wishing you a wonderful day ;)
Lauracea said…
Wonderful pictures - what a nice way to cheer me up! I also hope the boot swing works - let us know :)
Ellie, that is really creative! You'll have to let us know when the birds return.
Love your adorable boot nest. Very creative. Fun post!
a sojourner said…
hi Ellie:)

yeah...nice touch! i remember the birdies and the turtles clearly. the sunflowers really set it off! you don't think they will find a new place in the garage?
Anonymous said…
Boot swing!!Ahhhh-love that!!!!
Hope all the critters moving around your place are friendly. :)

PS--LOVE your banner, too, that's so cool.
Such a lovely 'w'arbler story, now I'm singing and that's just painful...for those listening anyhow.

Super to find ya.
I am so glad you guys are doing something for the warbler.. I was so sad last year.. when they left.. let me know... how it goes this time.. I love the boots as a swing... I am on V... I will finish the challenge LOL
Bossy Betty said…
Such a sweet help you are to the warblers! Hope they check into the boot hotel and stay there for a long time.
Huntress said…
OMGoodness, That is so neat!
I hope it works out for you too.
paperbird said…
how beautiful- each image and those sweet baby birds. thank you for the beauty shared today.
Ella said…
Thank you everyone; we heard one of them tweeting, but no signs yet. I really hope they do at least take a tour. It was their home, last year. Last year I put a sign up "Home Tweet Home".

I will keep you posted! Thank you for the kind comments; I will visit soon. I truly appreciate all of you stopping by and will catch up! I have a 6'3 ft challenge. My husband took the week off, surprise to me! He is a morning person; let's go...I'm not. I haven't exercised or written morning pages this week and my computer is acting up. I am in the Twilight Zone, but I will finish the challenge~
Karen Peterson said…
That boot swing is really cool! I hope they come back!
Shaista said…
Just about the most adorable thing I have seen all year. Gotta show Mom these pictures :)
Boot hotel... I love it!!