Happy May Day

Happy May Day; since I can't hang you a basket of candy, thought I would share my roses with you~
My Mom use to make lovely tissue paper baskets, pink, yellow, red and purple; she would recycle tea boxes. She also would make Chinese lanterns, so delicate and beautiful.  I wish I could remember how to make them. I can make the tea box ones, but it has been busy today, doing yard work. I may make some and show you ;-D  She would fill them with all kinds of different wrapped candy. My brother n' I use to swap baskets with the neighbors.  Ring the door bell or knock, show them their basket, set it on the door step and run. Kisses weren't required, but sometimes happened. My brother use to run off, wipe his face off...yuck! I had to call home and wish the woman that started this old fashion tradition in our neighborhood!  Thanks Mom, for the memories; I hope your day was sweet~


shelly said…
Nice post and memory to have of your mom.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Now I know where you get your talent from crafting from. Does your daughter participate in your crafts?
Hi Ella .. they sound beautiful .. and your rose is exquisite .. wish it was here and I was smelling it!

Memories .. wonderful to read .. cheers Hilary
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, this is lovely, your photographs are always beautiful, and should grace the covers of magazines:) Love the sound of the neighbourhood taking part in a giving activity..
I love your rose photo.. I may may day baskets.. in a cone shape.. out of paper or velvet backed paper.... I wish I had time to do and put on my neighbors doors with liliacs or flowers//// How are the warblers??? show up? I have 2 mallard ducks.. I will post pictures as soon as I get a new camera.
Ella said…
Hi Lisa-Hubby thought he heard one. He has been working in the garage doing some wood work, probably scared them off. I will be on the look out, when I water my flowers and seedling this morning. Oh, take pics if you do...

Amanda-I wish our neighbors would here, but the ages are varied. Thank you; you are kind! I think you should submit your art to magazines. Your drawings are amazing!!!

Hilary-I know would be nice if you could; Thank you~

Sherry-My daughter is slowly working her way in this direction. I have seen her artistic skills in her craft projects. Hair is her thing, right now. She did write a great story a while back, just for fun~ Thank you~

Shelly-Thank you; yes, she pleased to talk about those days, when we were young and the neighbor hood was lively~
Jules said…
Happy May day to you my friend. Catching up again, as usual. Your flowers are beautiful :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Lovely memory post... sounded wonderful fun.
Tammy said…
Breathtaking roses, and I always get such a little thrill hearing that other people know about May baskets!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photo at the top! I love how you change your banner photo so often with creative photos. That tradition sounds so fun--sweet memories.
Ella said…
Thanks Queen Bee for buzzing by~ ;-D

Tammy-I love grown up ones, with tea n' seeds and chocolate of course ;-D Thank you~

Scarlett-Thank you; I had fun taking it! It is fun; I enjoy changing it up. Yes, sweet memories. In Hawaii, May lst is Lei Day...a necklace of flowers, sounds lovely, too~
Andy said…
What a lovely memory post. Your rose is fantastic!

Thanks for sharing and for the sentiments at my blog.