Laughter is the best medicine

Leigh and Lydia are hosting a fun Blogfest today.

Guidelines are:

  • Post your favorite writer joke.
  • If you don't have a writer joke (are there any?), post your favorite job-related joke.
  • And if you don't have one of those (either writer- or work-related joke), post your favorite joke (or funny story).      
We wanted people to poke fun at themselves. Maybe as writers, maybe in their present occupation--or just offer a laugh.
    I had been notified by CRESCENDOh,  they were interested in my Reader’s Share story. It was a painful write; I hadn’t written anything in awhile other than on my blog. I had to share how art had saved me; helped me through a difficult time in my life.  I had the ideas dancing in my head, but struggled with the arrangement on paper. I went for a walk; it seemed to help and typed it up.  I asked my college bound son to read it. He didn’t have classes till later that day. He obliged. He said, “Mom, it sounds great, but you have a tendency to abuse commas.  No one in the English language talks the way you write.” 

    I reviewed my paper and could see what he was saying. When I paused in thought; I stuck one in. Then it hit me…I do know someone who talks this way.  I ran down the hallway to his room. Pounded on the door…"I know someone who talks the way I write."  
       Laughing he uttered, “Who?”
      “Captain James T. Kirk” I said smirking.
       He shook his laughing, "Yes, you are right, but he is probably the only person on this planet." 

     Here is Captain James T. Kirk having a good laugh.


    Sophie Li said…
    New here and what a wonderful time to stop by to say hello!

    THANKS very much for the VERY good laugh! I actually cracked-up out loud. I'm sure people around me thinks that I've just completely lost it but .... yea thanks again!
    I love it. I am a Trekkie/Trekker whatever they call themselves. This makes me laugh.
    Lydia K said…
    OMG, you're right. He's the Comma King! Great entry.

    Thanks so much for joining the blogfest!
    Anita said…
    What a great example to give you son. LOL! I would never have thought of that but it's so true. Thanks for the giggle. :D
    J. L. Jackson said…
    That is too funny!
    Hart Johnson said…
    teehee... Oh, they were so young... I tend to pause a lot when I speak, too (and abuse commas in my writing), though not quite as much as JT, there...
    Rachna Chhabria said… are lucky you found someone who talks that way.
    paperbird said…
    that made me laugh out loud- so cute ellen.

    happy monday~
    Vicki Rocho said…
    Oh my, I haven't seen Star Trek in ages! They all look so young there.
    Clarissa Draper said…
    Yes, he does, but, it does, drive, me mad! I have the habit, of always, adding commas. Hmm, have you ever watched Malcolm in the middle? There's a boy there in a wheelchair that talks, really, slow. He's funny!
    Ed Pilolla said…
    writing as engaging as he talks ain't a bad thing at all:)
    Jan Avellana said…
    hi ella! hello! i am popping in for a visit :). what a pretty blog you have; lovin' this background! ~jan

    ps.i live with 2 trekkies!
    Like your way of thinking, nice joke!
    M Pax said…
    I love the Kirk. He's fab.
    Thanks for the good laugh and good luck with the blog fest.

    DEZMOND said…
    he he a comma abuser :)
    Melissa Kline said…
    Hee, hee. Love! Great post! :)
    Carolyn Abiad said…
    LOL! Comma overload! :)
    lbdiamond said…
    Hahahaha! So funny! :D

    I love Captain Kirk...and Spock's resistance to humor is SO hilarious.
    Wanda said…
    stopping in to say hello. A laugh does the body good.
    oh, my, goodness. yes, he uses, lots, of commas, in his, speech. Cool!!! :)))
    Yes, and thank goodness he gradually lost that pattern of speech! Good one, Ella.
    Joyce Lansky said…
    Loved the original Star Trek. The next generation doesn't have the right stuff.

    Liz Fichera said…
    Yep, I love the old Star Trek, Captain Kirk, in particular. He's definitely got a unique speech pattern.

    So nice to meet you today, Ella!
    RaShelle said…
    LOL - Ella, that's a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing. =D
    Kelly said…
    That. Is. Funny. :) William Shatner looks so young in that clip!!
    Bossy Betty said…
    So funny! I hope you have given up your comma abusing ways.
    Jennie Bailey said…
    That's hilarious! I can't believe how young Captain Kirk was in that clip.
    Rhonda Albom said…
    I tend to over use commas. Thanks for an excuse. Love the post.
    Angela Felsted said…
    One things for sure. No one sings like Captain James Kirk.
    LTM said…
    awesome awesome awesome!!! Congrats on your Crescend Oh acceptance!!! That is so so great!!! Woo!!! 555~

    And Capt. Kirk. Good one~ :o) <3
    Susan Kane said…
    I read somewhere that Shatner developed his unique line delivery when he had to fill the lead's place in a Shakespeare play in Canada. He wasn't all the sure of the lines, so he was just trying to recall them as he went. The delivery was successful, and he made it his trademark.
    Thanks for sharing that laughter with us.
    Hi Ella .. that's very funny .. and congratulations on the acceptance - that's wonderful news. Laughter is best medicine - isn't it .. cheers Hilary
    Timoteo said…
    James Taylor in the song, "Handy Man"
    ...comma comma comma comma com comma comma/yeah, yeah, yeah...
    HI Ella,
    Thank you for the lovely note on my blog.. I loved your article in SS Gallery, too.. don't you just love waxed paper...!! I am delighted to meet you and hope to see more of your fabulous work and articles! And I love your blog.. charming and funny!!
    Ella said…
    Pamela-I do love wax paper; I loved how beautiful and timeless your ornaments look. They are a vision~
    It is nice to meet you! I hope we both can grace more issues! Thank you; I will be by to visit you again, soon! @>----

    Tim-Yes, lol; I will by again! I loved your interview on Poets United; it was great~

    Hilary-Yes, it is; you are so right!lol I have missed visiting you; I'll be by soon~

    Susan-Thanks for sharing; that makes sense! It truly gave him a leg up, speaking in this manner! lol

    Leigh-It was fun; thanks for being such a gracious, silly host ;-D 555 <3

    Madeleine-Thank you ;-D

    Angela-Yes, no one, lol
    Ella said…
    Rhonda-Isn't it nice; we can play the Captain! lol

    Jennie-I know, so young! I wonder how old he was?!

    Bossy Betty-No, not yet, but I am working on it!lol

    Kelly-Thanks; I know right!

    RaShelle-Thanks for coming by; I am trying to recover, lol

    Liz-It is nice to meet you~
    Ella said…
    I will be back to finish commenting...had computer issues~