Poets United "Untitled"

Poets United prompt #49 is Untitled...free flow, emotions surface, ebb n' flow. Wow, so much freedom....

Fresh thoughts blanket first star's wink
as twilight begins to bloom
displayed dreams appear on the horizon
waxed illusion frosts silver's gleam
curtains block scenic view of blurred lines
tiny facets of charm protect inner conflict
stale dust begins to drift away
pressed flowers preserve faded memories
beauty's protection encased in vaulted dreams
risk, snippets of me, exposed
soul protects inner, outer reflection
worried whispers awaken pain on my pillow
mind map filters eclipsed vision
new chapter revealed in hazy green eyes
pages of past sequence ironic drama
 new window opens, shutters painted a fresh coat of Celebration Blue
stale air turns ocean fresh
magic appears in what lies beneath
focus shifts beyond reflection and grace


Mary said…
Lots of interesting phrases in this untitled poem< Ella! A favorite is:

"beauty's protection encased in vaulted dreams"
A most interesting poem and wonderful to read.

Elizabeth said…
Sounds to me like a feeling of emptiness awaiting inspiration which brings movement and change. Love what you did here, moving from outside in.

Ella said…
Elizabeth-It is about coping with my artist personality. The high's n' lows of getting published and not. It is a process a lot of us struggle with. Yes, there is movement and change. I am making stuff, because I love to, write because I love to and if being published comes, then it will like a wish upon a star~ Thank you!

Marian-Thank you ;-D

Yvonne-Thank you; I was thinking of you today. I'll be by.

Mary-Thank you; yes, the childhood wish I once hoped for. It is buried in my DNA and I'm trying to revive it~
Ella said…
Valerie-Thank you, so kind of you~
Henry Clemmons said…
I like the shifting focus. Well done.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, Ellie, what a rich read this was. A stellar last line!! Well done.
Ella said…
Sherry-Thank you; I will post more about it soon~
My article was published and seeing it brought up tons of emotions. xXx

Henry-Thank you; I enjoyed yours, too~
Michael Di Gesu said…

You have some powerful imagery in your poem. It's really strong. Very impressive.
Congrats on the published article!
Bossy Betty said…
Great picture and poem!!
Kerry O'Connor said…
I loved this untitled piece, Ella. I kind of fell into the images - so many beautiful textures, tones and colours to lose oneself in.

Such beautiful words, are very deserving of a title!

Best wishes, Eileen
Jinksy said…
I think I'd call this 'Perspective' - I like the view! :)
Peggy said…
I like your free flow poem and the creative images and use of words. Living in an artistic personality can be a challenge, but then it would be boring otherwise!!
thingy said…
Pretty, indeed.

In keeping with the task, I'd title it, 'Morning's Illusions.'
Ella said…
I love that all of you are helping me name this one; how fun! I love all the suggestions so far...keep them coming, "Please"... ;-D

I'll be back to comment. I'm up late to pick my daughter up from a chorus competition! They came in 3rd~ Thank you for all the wonderful comments~
Wanda said…
Love the imagery in this one Ellie.
Rek said…
Lovely flow of expressions indeed...powerful visions evoked.
Ella said…
Rek-Thank you so much~

Wanda-Thank you for stopping by ;-D

thingy-I love that title :D

Peggy-You are so right; I think we all have that ability to over think things, when we put ourselves out there~

Jinksy-I like your view, too(Nice title) :D

Eileen-Thank you; that means a lot~

Kerry-Thank you; it is fun to lose oneself in color ;-D

Thank you Bossy Betty! I'll visit soon ;-D

Thank you Michael; I will be by to see what you have been up to~