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It has been a week, I meant to post sooner than this, but I came down with this nasty spring cold. I was fortunate and didn't get the flu this past winter, but this is no ordinary cold.  Fever, chills and goosebumps have been following me this week as I attempt to finish up an art challenge, spring clean and dig out the spring/summer clothing from the attic. I'm fighting germs and dust bunnies with dried glue fingers. 

The art challenge is paper bags for Somerset Life; see Scarlett's lovely creations.  I read the challenge wrong and after some anxiety, I'm now going to laugh and press onward.Yes, I cut up paper bags and made stuff. I'm hopeful I can glue some of it on the lunch size paper bags, that I don't have and will be running out the door any minute. 

I did find a final Z post; it is my favorite, so far...  Joe's words encompass many of us, who strive to continue to do what we love, without any confirmation at all.  I hope you will stop by and check out his blog.

Poets United prompt #47 this week is Toes?!  I thought for sure it was going to be a Motherly prompt.  Toes, wow, so many directions to go in.... this is what I came up with.

Poking in the silky sand, exfoliated memories
Touching the coolness of tingly morning dew grass
on a summer day
Dipping your toe in the glass like lake
Seeing ripples appear and ring outward as the others join in
Painted piggies In Stitches  a cheeky, blush pink
Tree pose in yoga, rooted feet feel wind as you tilt n' wobble
Toes balance you, lift you as you sway
Protect them from the cold, 
with a thick gray sock, tucked gently in a furry boot
Shove them in a pointed black high heel, feel them scream all night as you attempt to smile
Later comfort them in time worn slippers
See them curly up n’ wince when you break pinkie toe, two days before Navy Ball
Black n' blue now their new attire
Wiggle and giggle as someone tickles you, “No, don’t"
You run away barefoot on pavement,
they brace discomfort of tiny grains of sand and unexpected pebbles
See them wince when it's June and you take the plunge into the icy New England bay...sooo cold
Feel them sigh, when you have reflexology
their soles touched
Watching forced piggies  dance, stand, point n’ twirl
your toes gasp n’ smile
Thankful you aren’t a ballerina
Feel them sigh with relief~

I will leave you with a passage from one of my favorite's children's book. I don't know the name, but I remember these lines. It was an ABC type of book, small probably published by DELL.   

"J is for jumping, pup jumps in the lake. I'd like to jump in a big layer cake. I'd sit there and nibble first raisins then sweets, and run home to mother with cake on my feet.  Mom said, I use to giggle and say, "read it again"~   And for the record, no I never did do that, but it was a fun memory. I did call my Mom and read the poem to her; then read the J is for Jumping. She said, she was thinking of that,the minute I told her the prompt.


Hope you're feeling better, my daughter came down with a stinker of a cold. I too went through the winter without a cold/flu so I hope I don't catch a spring cold.
Loved your post as usual
Have a wonderful week-end.
Ella said…
Hi Yvonne-Thank you; I wanted to get better before the weekend, but not working that way. I hope you stay well, take those vitamins (stress ones: B n' C). I hope your daughter is better! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Angela Felsted said…
I think your toes poem is great. Lots of good detail. Thanks for posting.
Susan Kane said…
Lovely poem, imagery & rhythm. I enjoyed it immensely.
shelly said…
Piggy-toe cute! Smiles to you. Feel better.
Mary said…
I enjoyed this, Ella. You sure had a lot of "toe memories."
Wanda said…
Our toes go through a lot don't they. You have me thinking about a pedicure :)
fantasy queen said…
lovely "Thankful you aren’t a ballerina
Feel them sigh with relief" that got me cracking.
wonder what my toes think about me?

hope you feel better soon.
Jules said…
You had to mention toes, I stubbed mine good today. I sure hope you feel better Ella, cold are sure not fun. And why don't you try chasing those dust bunnies with wet glue fingers? Better chance of catching them :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
signed...bkm said…
I love every bit of this..no wonderful you find it one of your favourites....it is wonderful Ella...the all the images and places you take this toes is amazing...bkm
Anonymous said…
Thanks for including me in your post. I can't wait to see your bags---some of the BEST art stuff comes from re-working "mistakes"!

Oh, and my feet actually hurt at the line about the black high heels! :)
Anonymous said…
Ella, hope you are better. I had the bronchial thing and couldn't shake it... I loved the toes posting, because we take the little guys far too much for granted. They truly do balance us, even if we are NOT ballerinas! Thanks, and get well, Amy
mmmmm to jump in a big layer cake .... :)
I'm BTW baking a Dezzy's Cinnamon Cake today, I will probably post pics on Facebook tomorrow :)
Carrie Burtt said…
The whole post is an utter delight Ella! Hope you are feeling better, and have a wonderful Mother's Day! :-)
Judy Roney said…
I just love this, Ella. I remember how clean my feet were when I would go to the beach. I need to make a return trip.
TOES>>> pedicures... summer.. I think for mother's day.. I should finally do it.. Poets unite...Happy Mother's day Ella... I miss you
Ellie said…
Oh, no. Sounded like a horrible cold. I hope you are starting to feel better.

Ellie Garratt
Hi Ella .. I had a cold in the eyes, down to the chest .. with a nausea, and a headache around as well .. guess it was a nasty bug - I don't usually get things .. just about struggled on .. better now - hope yours comes right soon ..

Toes in the sand .. draw pictures with your feet .. love your poem .. and jumping in a cake - how we'd have loved that (back then - or perhaps now?) ... cheers and fun - Hilary
Salem Lorot said…
I love the direction at which you led the prompt. I love your diction. You must have enjoyed doing this.
Love the picture. There's nothing like a good foot massage.
Ella said…
Thank you Kathi

Salem-Thank you so much; I will be by to visit soon~

Hilary-Mine is more Upper Respiratory, fever than chills. Thank you! Yes, I would like to jump in a cake, lol

Ellie-Thank you; I'm over due, I guess. I need to take more vitamins~

Lisa-Yes, wonderful idea; I love what you did for Mother's Day~

Judy-Me too! It really feels great doesn't it~
Thank you!

Carrie-Thank you for your kinds words; I need to go see who I might have missed. I sometimes am late posting! You are kind ;-D
Ella said…
Dezzy-lol, I love your cake, it was stunning! I sure wish I could have a slice. :D

Amy-Thank you; Wow, you posted and it worked!!!
Yes, we need to pamper those tootsie rolls~

Scarlett-Yes, sometimes the mistakes end up better than the original ideas. I loved yours~ Good Luck!!!

Bkm-Thank you, you made me smile! I did grow up in a great spot. I was lucky and knew it. I never wanted to leave. Never say never... lol
It means a lot~

Jules-YOU n' I could invent something I swear with our crazy antics. Right Lucy...

fantasy Queen-I hope they love you since you don't abuse them with high heels. ;-D and you pamper them...right?!

Wanda-Yes, great idea; now I want one...

Mary-Thank you; I actually have more. Mud type ones, trying to go clamming and sink in this gray squishy mud. Nah, I think I shared the better toe moments. ;-D
Ella said…
Shelly-Thank you, you are sweet ;-D

Susan-Thank you; you are so kind~

Angela-Thank you; I loved your idea. I may borrow it!
septembermom said…
Hope you're feeling so much better today!! You did a wonderful job with the toes prompt. That is a tough one. Enjoy your day!! Keep writing :)
As a former ballerina, I can tell that you should be thankful you aren't one. I can never feel mine! So much so, that I often forget about them :) Let's just say that the thickness of the sock doesn't make a difference for me. Toes- so essential and so weird.
Ella said…
Hi Septembermom-Thank you; I'm hanging in there. I haven't had a cold like this since I was in little.
I have lost my voice; I think my family might be enjoying it, lol.

Ava-Thank you for sharing; I imagine if your toes could talk, they would have a lot to tell. I have always been fascinated with ballet. Take Care~
It was nice of you to stop by~