Blue Moon

No this post isn't really about blue moons, but it is about rare, special moments. One was author,
Alex Cavanaugh  gaming blog challenge yesterday. You can still check it out here. It was fun to read what people chose. I couldn't narrow it down to three, but I so enjoyed reading what others picked and the stories they wove. It will remind you of your family and friends gathering together and bonding. Remember  those special memories; I hope yours were filled with laughter.

Everywhere I went today felt like refrigeration or an oven. It was 96 in my part of the woods. It is suppose to be hotter tomorrow. I wish those of you that had rain, we could trade for awhile. Do you have days when you go out n' about and people are either grouchy or really friendly?!  I thought for sure today with the high humidity would be a grouchy day, but it wasn't. People were smiling and trying to make the best of it. It amazes me when I see a day like this; it felt rare like a blue moon.

For those of you, who signed up to participate in the Pay it Forward challenge. I need you to email me your address.  Remember I mail you something and you post on your blog this challenge and mail to 5 or more people.  You will not be mailing me anything unless I'm one of the 5 on your blog selected to receive a little something; it is a gesture of good will. Every now and then the world is full of surprises, just like the blue moon.


I've definitely noticed people being cranky when temps are soaring, though we don't really get much humidity here in Colorado. I was just out in Florida and saw a lot of the crankiness with high humidity and temps in the upper 90's. It's good to hear that people were cheerful despite the heat today.

Tina @ Life is Good
and I are joining forces in another challenge. We're going to visit and comment at each of the participants, starting with the reflections post. We hope you'll join us!
Shannon @ The Warrior Muse
that's a lovely picture of blue moon, Ella!
Yes, heat and humidity usually bring out the worst in people. Glad you're experiencing the opposite. And glad you had fun with the blogfest!
septembermom said…
We have lots of heat here in NY today. Glad to hear that cheerfulness is around you :) Great post!
Wanda said…
Very cool idea, Ellie. Life is full of surprises.
Grammy said…
Hi, Ella,
Back in Tennessee we have an expression when speaking of how hot it is, we say, "It ain't the Heat, it's the humidity that makes it so uncomfortable" Love the pic of the blue moon. Thanks for being such a great supporter of my blog. I have a couple of blog awards for you on my post today. :)
Love, Ruby
M Pax said…
Wow, that's hot. We warmed up to 70. Finally and I'm not complaining. Wish it'd never get any hotter.
Wonderful post and that Blue Moon WOW.

Ella said…
I couldn't find out who took the photo. I went back and this is what I found out. I was taken with a blue filter...amazing isn't it. I didn't take it~

dirtynailz Says:

January 16, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Reply

That photo is unattributed, so I guess you’re free to use it. Thanks for visiting the blog.

I will be back to comment; I just can't take credit...It is amazing isn't it!
Bothered said…
This is Bothered. I'm having trouble logging in under my name. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. Yesterday it was 97 degrees here, and I'm sorry to say I was a little bothered. I'm glad you met some friendly people and didn't run into me to ruin your day.
Did you take that photo??? Was it enhanced? Very nice pic!

We drove 10 hours south to get to some real heat. :) It was 92 here in the Ozark Mountains...back in Iowa it was 59!!! We are so happy to be in the heat and humidity. :)
Ella said…
Sharon-I am happy for you; me I want to go to the coast of New England. Ozarks sound fun! Hope you n' yours have a marvelous time~

Bothered-I was bothered yesterday. My AC unit died in my FROG(furnished room over garage). I was working on some art. I struggled to finish when my sewing machine started acting up. It really bothered me. Have you seen Jimmy Fallon do his bothered segments, so fun~ No friendly people around now, just bothered ones~ Thanks for stopping by and your kind words!
Createology said…
I adore the moon and I adore anything blue so this photo has me swooning and over-the-moon delighted. No crankiness here as we are finally over Winter...after 8 Northern California...we are welcoming the sunshine! I am looking forward to "Pay it Forward". I did send you my address. Thank you Ella. Hope is cools off for you...
Ella said…
Hello Createology-I will email you when I ship my day and evening gift! ;D You are the only address I have, so far. I guess I have to go email the others~ It is cooler today, by 5 degrees and a nice breeze! Enjoy the sunshine!!! Remember if what I send isn't your cup of tea, pass it on. :D
I wish I took this photo, but I did not~ Isn't it amazing~