Poets United

Poets United prompt this week is a photo(mine :D)  Prompt #51 is Time out~ The first of every month will be a photo prompt.  I can't wait to read what everyone writes and sees beyond the photo; the reflection of their view!
Tendrils of trust arrive under veiled canopy of Spanish moss
Strong oak endures many promises
 etched in surge of passion, bonds of green, fertile growth
labyrinth of cathedral gray shields filtered amber light
memories of clouded joy in view
Verdigris grows forced to tarnish mood
Strong oak bears arms
calm storm in mind's eye focuses on bird's tune
exposed tender spot of refuge
guarding the position of truth
Ivy's journey onward, still climbing to heaven after all these years.
sea's mist pigments the humid, gardenia air
nooks n' crannies of past and present mingle in the sweet, southern wind
charm wakes up and smells youth's vision 
in steel careworn filter
strong oak shelters memories past, present and future
reside on time's worn path.
weathered calm is now the view~


Mary said…
A beautiful poem to accompany a fine set of photos. I like 'weathered calm is now the view.'
kaykuala said…
Revealing lines of story in a beautiful verse. My response herein:

RaShelle said…
Fantastic photos. Gorgeous poem, Ella!
flaubert said…
Love the poem and the photos, Ella.

Anna :o] said…
Love the poem and photos too, Ella

Anna :o]
Hilary said…
Hi Ella .. love the photos and the accompanying poem .. the words: "sea's mist pigments the humid, gardenia air" .. gorgeous description ..

Have a great weekend .. cheers Hilary
Old Ollie said…
Excellent EE - you do this fine pic justice. Great prompt!
Jules said…
Great poem Ella and I take it you and daughter made the photo sessions you had planned. :) Nice shots!
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ella said…
Jules-No, this one is from the vault, lol. No I took it down town a couple of months ago. Hope to make it today, it is suppose to be 20 degrees cooler! Thank you~

Ollie-Thanks; I enjoyed yours :D the addition of the plaque was brilliant!

Hilary-I love the scent of gardenias; they just opened this week. Their heady scent makes one want to take time out. Thank you~

Anna-Thank you for your kind words and stopping by~

Thank you Pamela; I loved yours~

RaShelle-Thank you; I will be by. I'm off schedule trying to find a summer routine.

kaykuala-I loved your poem~ Thank you!

Mary-Thank you; yes that line reminds me of home.
My favorite place in the world has just that and a similar bench. :D
Lynette Killam said…
I so enjoyed this poem, Ellie...the words reach and twist around each other in a reflection of the bench's spiral ironwork...just lovely!

I'm so pleased you came up with this idea of a photo prompt for the Think Tank, and appreciate the task you are undertaking on behalf of us all...:)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Lovely, Ellie, both photo and poem. So cool you will be gracing us with prompts!
Grammy said…
Hi, Ella, I see this story taking place in Louisiana or Mississipi, where you smell the sweet fragrance of magnolias and see the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. I also see the generations of lovers sitting on this bench, along with grandparents and grandchildren sitting and talking about happenings of the day. That is what I see when I read the poem and see the bench. Perhaps even old fellows sitting there and reliving battles of the past. Beautiful poem and lovely photos.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This was a lovely prompt - I love all the thoughts which a rustic bench can engender.
thingy said…
Haaaa, I'd like to just sit here for awhile. Lovely. : )
Mary said…
Lovely poem, and picture. Thanks!

A lovely poem and works well with the image.

Best wishes, Eileen

PS: Thank you for the use of the image at my blog!
Mary said…
Your poem so beautifully emotes the emotion I get from the photo. Great work, Ella.
Love both the poem and the photo--again too many beautiful words to pick a favorite."climbing to heaven after all these years"-something about those words I just don't get tired of repeating.
I would love to have a bench like that for my yard, too :)
alivealways said…
You do see it, weather did wither, and great to embrace the past.
Lolamouse said…
Beautiful poem. And thank you SO much for the lovely photo! It was nice having a photo prompt, and this one really was touching.
a wonderful picture and a beautiful poem to support. Thanks for sharing and I am glad to be a part of it.
Pierre BOYER said…
Lovely bench...
Greetings from France,

Elizabeth said…
Love the feel you gave to the image. When I saw that it was one of yours, I knew I had to respond. Glad that I did. And thank you for your kind and generous words on my blog. You are right about summer and the havoc it plays on schedules. I am always trying to catch up lately,

Ella said…
Elizabeth-Thank you; glad you responded! I enjoyed your words. I'm like two days behind, makes the laundry list long. Every day someone decides I can do this or that for them and the list grows...
Hang in there, eventually we will catch up ;-D

Pierre-Nice to meet you; Thank you; Greetings to you~ I'll come visit soon~

Celestial Dreamz-I am glad you were part of it, too~ Thank you!

Lolamouse-Thank you; it was so fun to read what everyone saw and felt! I am glad you liked it~

alivealways-Thank you; it is nice when we can look back and embrace the good~

Scarlett-I too, want a bench! Thank you; it was fun to write this one. This bench is near the old library. There is a new one and this building is not being used, not yet. It looks sad, like it misses the stir of children.

Mary-Thank you so much; so many directions to go in!

Eileen-Thank you for joining in; your poem was lovely~! Glad you liked it~

Mary-Thank you; it was hard to pick at first. Then I saw the potential.

thingy-Yes, me too! It is in such a pretty location. Maybe I will take photos near by it and share.

Kerry-Thank you; me too! I loved how everyone breathed life into the image. I so enjoyed your painted view~

Ruby-I love your vision; I'm in North Carolina and across the street are statues of battles. You aren't far off! The gardenia bush is in my yard though, lol. It just opened last week and the scent awakens my senses. Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you; it was fun! I enjoyed it~

Lynette-Thank you for your kind words! Your photos are gorgeous; when my well runs dry I know who could provide a new view~
Marian said…
ella, what a lovely poem you have here, and i really enjoyed writing to your delicious photo prompt. thank you!

i also came by to say this: As Poets United reaches its first anniversary this week we want to thank you for your support. Over the past year, we have grown to 250 members plus and are steadily growing. Poets United is proud to have you as one of our members and look forward to another successful year. Your imagination, creativity and willingness to share with us is what makes our community such a wonderful place. Thank you for beautiful poetry and thank you for being a part of Poets United.
Ella said…
Marian, Thank you for stopping by and your lovely words~ I have Sherry to thank; she suggested I try one of the prompts. I became hooked; I love Poets United! It is the united front of soulful minds that make it such an unique group! I have really enjoyed being part of it! Thank you Marian~
Heather Henry said…
Gorgeous! The poem, the pictures, the image you painted with your words.
Mr. Walker said…
I like how you keep invoking the oak, even though all we can see of it is the shadow of it's leaves. Thanks.

Ella said…
Heather-Thank your for your lovely words and for visiting me~

Mr. Walker-Isn't there always a tree near by those kind of benches?! ;D Thanks Richard~