Poets United

Poets United prompt # 54  is the beach/ocean. Memories arrive when I think of beaches; Maine really has so few of the sandy, sun and soak kind.  I have two favorite granulated sugar type beaches, Bellows Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii and the base beach on NAS Pensacola in Pensacola, Florida. It was on Navy Point, Barrancas Beach. We knew Pensacola Beach would be crowded, so decided to go about a mile and be on the base Beach.  This was our first time there; we were newly married.     (not my video; but similar to what I saw).

We arrive as pale New Englanders in the land of southern hospitality
Emerald coast blurs my view
backdrop of vibrant blue
polka dots like cotton puffs
our feet align, kissed by the southern balmy breeze along brown sugar shore
our umbrella marks the spot
coconut oiled and ready to refresh in a swirly blue caress
eagle eyes watching bay in  tower
water shimmers with dazzling reflected jewels; it is bath water warm
we run in and out, back to our X
memories arrives as I cast my net of dreams
I hear a rush; I look up
 a Blue Angel glides by and then floats upward
then more arrive
Hubby and I enjoy the treasured view
 in formation they lift high
synchronized wings are tilted
streams of colored smoke paint their trail
we linger and enjoy the fading sun
leave as two Maine lobsters~


Andy said…
WoW! This looks like a beautiful spot. It's hard to believe it's right here in the States.
Who needs to go anywhere when we have beaches like this just waiting to be discovered?

Lovely imagery.

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog.
Judith C Evans said…
Love that "bath water warm" ocean water! I'm from New Hampshire, where the water is cold in July, and am reminded of the first time I went to Florida. Very nice images of the beach!
Ella said…
Hi Judith-I am from Maine where it is icy cold year round. Only if the weather is in the 90's does it become tolerable! I know...you know! Thank you~
Florida is magical~

Andy-It is a great spot; the Blue Angels are amazing and the sand really does look like light, brown sugar! I know, right! Thank you~
Arlee Bird said…
Sounds like a truly wonderful memory. You have brought it back to life with vibrancy. That photograph is absolutely beautiful. Did you take it?

Tossing It Out
well, thanks for reminding me that I'm spending my summer working in my office instead of enjoying some emerald coasts :PPP
Ella said…
Dezzy-I don't live there, now! I'm closer to the Outer Banks. I don't get there as much as I would like~ I'm sorry! You should have a beach party, make a cool cake, some drinks, great music and dance! I think I will have one in July, when it is miserably sticky humid and not fit to be outdoors. You can crush up cookies for the sand on the cake...those little drink umbrellas, beach towels and tiki type decor. Could be fun... :D

Lee-Thank you for introducing me to Flannery O'Connor's work. The photo, I can't find credit for. It was on a Pensacola, Florida site. I would say they used a blue filter. If I find out I will give credit. It is amazing, how blue keeps showing up in my life and then my blog. lol. Thank you, it was a wonderful day~
Rachel Hoyt said…
That sounds like a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing.
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful memory and well written, allowing all of us to enjoy the moment,

Ella said…
Hi Rachel-Thank you for commenting; it is a beautiful place. I have moved a lot and there is beauty everywhere :D

Elizabeth-Thank you; it was one of those days one never forgets~ :D
how can I have a beach party when I live in the middle of Europe, gazillion of miles away from any sea or ocean :))
We don't even have a river in my city, but we do have a lake, but it's kinda polluted and I'm kinda afraid of water :)
Siv Maria said…
Really beautiful :)
Ella said…
Thank you Siv Maria, so much~

Dezzy-C'mon you are a creative guy :D You rent beachy movies, drape beach towels, some inventive drinks, some indoor lights, beach type food, BBQ, indoor beach themed party! And a great cake, of course! I have indoor picnics; you can do indoor beach party...think JAWS movies, The Beach, etc.
You make everyone think beach, candles, suntan lotion, fruity punch. Do I need to visit you and set this up?! lol Yes, it would be nice to have a beach, but you don't, but you can still have a party~
OK I'll do it but only if my guests all appear in bikinis and speedos for me to have something to look at at least instead of waves and ocean :)
Ella said…
Dezzy- ;D that depends on the guest and your invitations! Sounds fab...
septembermom said…
From your words, I want to be there too :) Awesome job!