Published in one of my Favorite magazine

If you get a chance, check out Somerset Studio Gallery summer edition.  I'm on page 8; a dream come true!  Actually I guess two dreams... My art work graces the pages of this lovely publication and I was asked to write a technique based article!  Yes, I had to pinch myself and take deep breaths,when asked. When the mail arrived on Saturday, I saw this issue poking out of the stack, my heart started pounding. I slowly turned the pages and was stunned, there was  my name and the art I had submitted, last year.  Yes, I did a happy dance and then my husband asked me what was going on. I then showed him the publication. See, I had grabbed the mail and sat alone on the deck to process this moment, before sharing.  Thank you to Jennifer Jackson n' staff, that put this publication together. Thank you!!!  It was a dream come true; my 10 yr old inner child is still smiling and my soul is still dancing!   There is so much inspiration in this issue, I look at the table of contents and can't believe my name is among some of my favorite artists!  If you have a dream, don't tuck it away...take a few steps towards it, mail your art in, submit that article, mail in that recipe.  It can't happen if you don't try...  I wanted to submit art years ago, but talked myself out of it.  Jennifer Jackson shares this in her Editor's Letter, "The next time you want to challenge yourself, remember to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You just may be surprised at what you might find."


congrats on being published in the magazine, Ella! :)
Ella, that is wonderful! Hope you celebrated right. No more doubts now young lady..
thingy said…
Yay! Congrats! I love when these moments arrive. Thanks, for sharing.
Woo Hoooo! I knew it would happen Ella, I just knew it!!!
Sending big hugs, I'm over the moon for you!
Much Love,
li said…
Exciting! There's is nothing quite like seeing one's work published somewhere. Glad your talent and persistence paid off. Your header, Ella (cuz your brother couldn't say your name) made me laugh. My family nickname is Aunt Elsa because my niece and nephew couldn't say Lisa. (And I go by Li at work because there are multiple Lisas).
Eileen said…
Oh, how wonderful!!!! Congratulations ~ that is so fabulous and I am so happy for you! That is one of my favorite magazines ~ I'm always amazed at the beauty it holds.
Ella - thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Congratulations on being in this beautiful issue! I loved your gorgeous work in this issue!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Ellen! I can see you've created a glorious piece of art that has been beautifully accompanied by a poetic and nostalgic article! I'm so happy for you!!


Vicki said…
Ellen I am so happy for you! Can't wait to hit the bookstore and get a copy. Love what you have shown so far. I'm ready to play with some wax paper!
shelly said…
Job well done! Congrats!
Elizabeth said…
So glad you were persistent and didn't give up. Dreams do come true, but they need to be nurtured along some times. Congratulations, can't think of anyone who deserves it more and I'm up and dancing a jig for you. Now I have to sit down, but will continue smiling at your wonderful news,

Angela Felsted said…
Congratulations, Ella. This is wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Very cool. Congratulations. Here's to more publications for you in the very near future!
Clarissa Draper said…
So cool! What a privilege. I'll check out the rest of the magazine. We don't get that one where I live.
Arlee Bird said…
So totally cool! One more step along the way!

Tossing It Out
Olga said…
What an accomplishment! Congratulations! A real boost for a creative person, isn't it? I'll have a look at this magazine when I go out today.
M Pax said…
Excellent, Ella. Congratulations! That's really exciting. Looks like a fun article. I'll have to go out and look for it tomorrow -- the magazine.
Jennifer Taylor said…
Hi Ellen,
It was a great pleasure working with you. I am so glad that we were able to make your dreams come true! Thanks for quoting my editor's letter too. Every time I write one, I never know if they are read. It's good to know they are. Thanks too for stopping by my blog. Hopefully we will get to work together in the future.

All the best,
Donna said…
That's wonderful news!! Congratulations :)
Melissa Bradley said…
Congratulations!!!! I am doing a happy dance for you. I love, love that one of your dreams has come true. Yay you!! I am going to have to check this out asap.
Anonymous said…
That. Is. AWESOME Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulations and I have to go get that mag. pronto! It looks gorgeous--I am so excited for you and I totally agree that it is worth it to keep trying.
So so so so exciting!! :)
Susan Fields said…
Congratulations - how wonderful!
Heather Henry said…
Wow, congratulations, so very exciting!! I love that magazine and will make it a point to get out and buy that issue! It sounds wonderful and it always inspires creativity.
Ellie Garratt said…
Wow. Congratulations. I bet you are so proud!
Becky Shander said…
How wonderful Ellen! Your artwork, the excitement...all of it...enjoy!
Kristin said…
YEAH!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you - I saw that one and love it - now I know exactly where it comes from! It is truly beautiful work - well done ;)
I am so happy to have you join in on The Summer of Color too - can't wait to see what you come up with. Now, go put a new picture of SGallery on your sidebar ;) xoxo
Congrats! What an honor! Can't wait to read what your wrote and thank you for writing such a lovely comment on my Art Saves post over at Crescendoh. It truly made my day!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
A magazine is a great accomplishment! Congrats.
Createology said…
Congratulations on your article published in Somerset. That is one giant accomplishment. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Now I am happy to find you and your blog. Happy creating...
Kristi said…
Congratulations! That's so exciting - and well deserved :)
Ella said…
Kristi-Thank you so much; I love your photos, keep at it! You are sweet~

Createology-Thank you; it is a surreal moment! I look forward to what you will create next~

L.Diane-Thank you; it is a pinch me moment~

Stephey-I loved your letter to Art; Thank you so much for stopping by and your letter made my day!

Kristin-I loved your art in this issue! Congrats to you! Thank you, I did ;D I'm looking forward to it~

Becky-Thank you for stopping by and your kind words! It is a dream like moment! I loved your art in this issue~ Your work speaks to the inner calm of one's soul; really lovely!

Ellie-Thank you so much; I'll let you know how it goes at the cafe ;-D

Heather-Thank you; when you put it like that, I truly feel honored by your words~
Ella said…
Susan-Thanks so much; I made a list of your games.
We are going to camp and I need to bring a few surprises~ :D

Scarlett-Thank you; I know your lovely art has graced these pages! We have to keep at it~ I find it sometimes a struggle, not to do the art, but find the time. There is always something to pull one's attention away, but we have to do it for ourselves!

Melissa-I love you are happy dancing for me; You are so cute~ Thank you for your kind words!

Donna-Thank you so much~

Jennifer-Thank you, I enjoyed the process! Yes, one dream down; a few more to go!(the cover) I always read the editor's letter; it sets the tone for the issue. I loved your quote and had to share! When we push, we grow! I do hope our paths cross again~ ATB to you!

MPax-Thank you so much; there is so much inspiration in there. Every time I pick it up, I see something else.

Olga-Thank you, yes it is a huge boost, but I still have doubts. It is part of the creative personality I think, the ups n' downs~

Arlee-Thank you! Yes, one more rung on that ladder ;-D

Clarissa-We don't get this issue where I live either. I have to go to Virginia to see a lot of their issues. They have thirty; I'm working on the local bookstore. So far, they have 3; it's a start~ Thank you!

Stephen-Thanks I like that toast! Cheers~

Angela-Thank you; it does feel surreal~

Elizabeth-Thank you for dancing a jig for me! I love it~ You are sweet; I look forward to your words of art~

Shelly-Thank you so much!

Vicki-Thank you; I look forward to your lovely creations~

Abby-Thank you for such kind words! It is poetry to be part of this issue~

Nancy-Thank you; I loved your altered book in this issue. You shared so much inspiration and soul in your pages! Beautiful~
Ella said…
Eileen-Thank you; I'm amazed I'm in it, but thrilled!!! :D

Lisa-Thank you and thanks for sharing about your name. My Mom calls me Lucy; I have a knack for getting myself into unique situations. I love all your nicknames!

Jenny-Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you are happy for me~ You need to submit your work ;D

thingy-Yes, we all need bright shiny moments!
Thank you~

Alex-You are sweet; Thank you so much~ Doubts still are there, but you know it is part of the process. We just have to fight those ninjas when they arrive and keep going! Thanks Captain~

Dezzy-Thank you so much! I love seeing you be the first, the ambassador of goodwill~
Hilary said…
H Ella .. that's just wonderful - well done, such good news for you .. and now I hope you'll put lots more art forward .. complementing the technical aspects ... Cheers Hilary
Ella said…
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Ella said…
Thanks Hilary; it is a work in progress with a few obstacles(AC died in the FROG). I will find a way~ ;D
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, just read this, I am so made up for you, this is wonderful news, we have to kick our fears and insecurities to the kirb! I am going to get me a copy, your art in the images look beautiful. So proud of you, you are an inspiration! :D
Ella said…
Amanda-Thank you for your sweet words! I struggle every time I do art, is it good enough, will anyone appreciate it or like it. I think fear stops us in our tracks, but somewhere along the journey, we discover we have to try. We don't want to grow old and wonder, what if~ xXx You need to submit; your art is gorgeous and has so much passion and soul~