Summer of Color

Today is due day; I guess I could say Blue day! I linked up with a blogging party called Summer Of Color.  Kristin from Twinkle, Twinkle blog is the host; each week will be a different color. I couldn't decide which way to go and made 2 blue pages for my art journal.
The girl reminds me of growing up; I so loved blue for quite a long time. I even tie dyed my curtains and bedspread blue.  I loved books n' flowers and added a quote about gardening. My mother n' grandmother shared their love of flowers; my love came a bit later. My Mom's best friend has art work featuring the blue butterfly; I remember the first time I saw this art. It was amazing!

The second piece reflects summer at the shore; I grew up near the bay and have fond memories. I tried to include a lot of small items that reflect my love of treasure hunting and hanging out at the shore. It is one of my favorite places. It amazes me how blue is a backdrop for my life. I grew up by the bay, I married a sailor, and I feel odd if I don't live near by water.  I found out when we moved to Orlando, Florida. I'm sure it was just the humidity, but it took awhile for me to adjust.

I wanted to add I found some of my collage images at Paper Whimsy~

You can go to Kristin's blog and see more blue art  featured or go to flickr!  It is amazing and you can still join in if you want to be part of the colorful party~ It is fun!


Beautiful collaged pages! Love all the elements you have used, especially the tape measure, flowers and the netting :)
...and thank you for sharing the story behind your gorgeous journal pieces.
Jan x
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, this is a lovely page, I really like that shade of blue, its weird as for the past week I have been wearing that exact shade in jewellry. I also just planted some poppy seeds which are supposed to grow with the same shade of blue....we'll see what happens
NatashaMay said…
This is such a beautful collage! Great work!:)
Lesley said…
Hi Ella,
I love your Blue pages. So evocative of seaside days gone by. Just lovely.
Lesley x
craftattack said…
These pages are a real treasure, Ella! Valerie
Wanda said…
You are very creative Ellie. Each one has such beautiful shades of blue.
jan said…
Beautiful work. It reminds a little bit of Linda Barry's technique (in her book What It Is) except that her work is dark whereas yours transported me back to summer vacation when I was a child. Thank you!
Beautiful! That little girl just pops off the page. I love blue too, but have branched into every color of the rainbow when it comes to decorating around here. :) Have a great day. Tammy
Those are nice! And the humidity in Florida is a killer.
Becky Shander said…
Blue waters, blue sky, blue butterflies...this calming color puts me in a happy-relaxed mood. And your blue collage also brings on "good thoughts."
Carol Kilgore said…
Cool. Like Texas bluebonnets!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Suchbeautiful art! A feast for the eyes in here! You are so creative, Ellie. Every inch of this site is so beautiful!
Bossy Betty said…
Very nice and so creative too!
missy k said…
I love your blue pages.....they are so full and fresh. They have a very happy vibe!

Kristin said…
I love these so very much! All the texture and detail - so elegant and so very beautiful! Thank you for playing along - I'm so happy to have you and look forward to next week's piece ;) xoxo
joanna said…
Hi Ella! your journal pages are beautiful!!
Jo Murray said…
Blue IS beautiful... and so are these pages.
linda said…
Your journal pages are wonderful. With the story behind them, they make lovely momentoes.
Kindred Spirit said…
I love these pages, they're simply beautiful! I love how you incorporated the shore into them...& the little flowers are precious :)
Janelle said…
I love your pages. I love the water too. I have lived near lakes most of my life, but unfortunately not the ocean. The second page makes me think about lazy summer days spent at the lake.
Nan said…
Your pages are really gorgeous.....I love your style of journaling. I would have a hard time picking a favorite from all these prety pages!
:) Nan
Quite Beautiful! Such pretty blues! Hugs,Tee
Heather Henry said…
Beautiful and such a feeling of nostalgia. I love the memories attached to it. Very sweet!
Ellie Garratt said…
Beautiful collages. I can see why so many people love journalling!

Ellie Garratt
Mandy said…
just beautiful...that girl image is amazing and you've made it just the fab second image as well...these are so beachy, love
I love blue, most of my house has blue details, although green is my natural colour, but water is my natural element when it comes to my personality. I love petroleum blue and royal blue colours which remind me of English monarchs :)
Anonymous said…
Two creative pages. Prefer the top one, I think. Gorgeous blues. I feel the same way about water, which is why I'd like to more to FL.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!
Hi Ella...I love how your blue pages have such great texture & you made them so personal!!Thank you so much for coming by & commenting. I have started on my are you coming along? Have a great rest of the week. :)
Kathy said…
Love your journal pages.. that blue is sooo lovely.. very creative both of them.. thanks for stopping by mine and commenting...hopefully blogger will let me comment have a great day..
Myka Iyer said…
A hint of blueberry cheesecake would have made the day complete! :D
Susan Kane said…
Such a lovely collage! Very inspiring. I enjoyed the post.
Beverley Baird said…
Lovely collages -great start to the Summer of Colour!
Createology said…
Your pages are Bluetiful! Blue and all of its glorious shades are my favorite color. I can never have enough house, blue car, blue street name, and lots more blue surround me and my daily life. Happy creating...
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh Ella,
How totally mesmerizing!! I love what you have created!!!
M Pax said…
Wow, those are both so clever. blue is one of my favorite colors, too. I love how you made the skirt on the girl, measuring tape.
Sandi said…
I am loving both pages!
Hilary said…
Hi Ella .. love all the blues and your art journal - would love to have that talent .. and so pleased you're using it and enjoying the happiness it gives you - let alone your expression of creativity .. cheers Hilary
Ella said…
Hilary-Thank you, you are very kind! I think everyone is creative~ You are with your writing and I bet many other facets. One doesn't know till they try... :D Cheers to you~

Sandi-Thank you for coming by;I love your page, with the imprint! I look forward to more of your lovely pages~

MPax-I can see that blue would be a fav for you :D Thanks, I thought of growth and how our vision changes throughout life~ Thank you!!!

Cindy-So nice of you to stop by~ I love your photos and your new store goodies. I need to load my store. I have a few items, need more! Thank you~

Creating me-Thank you; it is a fun challenge!

Createology-Have you seen the movie, "Nights in Rodanthe"...the blue house is so would love it! Thank you~

Kristin-Thank you; I loved the challenge~

Beverley-It is a fun challenge, isn't it; Thank you~

Susan-Thank you; I think it is fun to share what inspired us, too~

Myka-You are so right; I would also love a blue raspberry Popsicle :D

Hi Kathy-Yes, we are having issues with blogger again... Thank you for your kind words and coming back! :D

Jen-Thank you; I haven't started on my green page yet. You are wise; I am gathering supplies and have an idea, but that is it for now~
Ella said…
simplytrece-Florida is beautiful, but a lot of hurricanes! I think visiting is a lot more fun, just my opinion~(I lived there for 5yrs; it was two different time periods. My husband is in the Navy. Thank you for your comments; I do understand your allure of the ocean; it is gorgeous~ ;D

Dezzy-I love your choices of blue! I think nature colors, suit me, too. Blues, greens, browns, etc. When first married everyone had blue, so I steered away from it. Later I realized how many variations and did things my own way. It didn't help I lived on a remote island and shopping was limited. Everyone had the same blue printed pillows and various accessories. augh... This is when I became a thrift shop diva, lol

Mandy-Thank you so much; it was a fun challenge!
I can't wait to see what everyone does with green!

Ellie-Thank you; it was fun to do! The beach one had more of a sentimental feel, for me~ I'll be visiting soon!

Heather-Thank you; you are sweet~

AlteredPage-I look forward to more of your lovely creations; Thank you~
Ella said…
Nan-Thank you; I have done much of it, but love seeing all the different blue creations~

Janelle-Lazy, lake lounging days sound wonderful!
I grew up near the bay and my parents had friends that had cottages at the lake. A few years we rented one, it was magical! Thank you~

Kindred spirits-Thank you; I love the shore, grew up 1/4 of a mile near it. I walked, rode my bike to it, nearly every day~ Beautiful endless blue days and storms were the most fun~

Linda-Thank you; I am thinking of writing some personal memories to go with them~ I love your idea!

Thank you JO; it is going to be a fun challenge!

Joanna-Thank you; it is fun to see what everyone else is doing!

Kristin-Thank you for doing this; I think you have an amazing turnout! It is so inspiring to see all of the unique, lovely creations!!! Thanks so much for organizing this event~xXx

MissyK-it is amazing how soothing blue is; thank you!

BossyBetty-Thank you so much; it is a fun challenge!~

Sherrybluesky-Thank you so much; I did go to the moon n' back with blue, didn't I! ;-D

Carol-I would love a bouquet; Thank you :D

Becky-Thank you so much; it means a lot~

Alex-Thank you; I know, I lived there for 5yrs. Hubby had school there and then we were stationed there for 3yrs. Augh...beautiful, but ...

Tammy-Sounds lovely the way decorating should be~
Thank you!
Ella said…
Jan-Thank you; I'm glad and I hope they were happy memories! Wow, this fascinates me...I now so want to see this book :D !

Wanda-Thank you; I love so many colors that reflect nature~

Valerie-The shore n' gardening are two of my favorite treasures! Thank you~

Lesley-Thank you that is so true for me, too~

NatashaMay-Isn't it a fun challenge; I mean party! Thank you~

Amanda-How fun; I will stop by soon! Wow, blue poppies...I didn't know they existed, how fab!!!
Thank you~

Jan-Thank you; I love what blue can represent! I look forward to your creations!
Emakesart said…
This is fantastic!! wow!! I love all your details!!

Anonymous said…
Love this, it's so poetic--especially love the blue butterflies.~Scarlett
Ella said…
Scarlett-I knew you would love the blue butterflies~I thought of you~xXx

Esther-Thank you; it was fun to make~ I'll be by soon :D
Anonymous said…
both wonderful! ♥