Summer of color

Summer of Color challenge is hosted by Kristin ; today is all about the color green! Green is one of my favorite colors. It is my birthstone; I took a Color fitness test and it came back green! I guess it is in my blood, the serene green growth outdoors nurtures and inspire me.  I love to garden, hike, and yes, I have hugged a few trees ;D  I married one, red wood type; he has auburn hair, almost 6'4.

Here is my green challenge art work. I always think of my children, when I think of green. How we are as parents have growing pains watching our children develop!  I'm curious what is your favorite color?!

*I did find some ephemera at The Graphic Fairy; the photo of the cone flowers is mine. I tried to do a water transfer, but wasn't satisfied with the results, but like how it made the print out of my photo look.  I used a few lines from a poem to capture the mood. The top of the house is green, I colored the photo green and outlined the poem with Jade green. It doesn't seem to show up much in the photo~


Melisa said…
This is so pretty! I love the soft watery cone flowers in the background.
So pretty! I think the picture in your blog header is so pretty too!! I have to say my current favorite color is turquoise... my favorite's change. :)
Joanna said…
So sweet, I LOVE that background. That's a really lovely image of the mother and child.

I have a keyhole in my green artwork too!
joanna said…
Very pretty! the colours are so soft and love the flowery background.
Melissa Bradley said…
I love green as well, but my favorite is blue. I find the water and blue rooms very soothing. Funny that I am a Fire Sign.

This is beautiful art work. It makes me think of those gorgeous Victorian wedding invitations.
anthony stemke said…
Hi Ella,the green colours are very beautiful. One thing about summer, my green leaf trees are very vibrant (my red-leaf plum trees are vibrant in their own way.
It's not easy being green...
I tend to like dark colors - dark blue, black, dark grey.
Sandi said…
Your project is lovely Ella! I adore green and have always wished for green eyes...not enough however to use contacts and cover my brown ones! Thanks for following me, I am happy to reciprocate and see what lovelyness you might be up to! Hugs..
Very pretty and lovely to read.

Ella said…
Alex-This makes prefect sense; all space colors :D~

Anthony-Summer does provide the perfect back drop, doesn't it! Your trees must be beautiful~

Melissa-I love both, earth colors and yes I'm an Earth sign! Thanks Melissa I love Victorian styled art~

Joanna-Thank you; I wish all the green would stand out, though~

Joanna-I know, I it, so fun~

Jen-that is my 2nd favorite color :D I love my hydrangeas; Thank you!

Thank you Melinda!

Melisa-Thank you; I was tempted to add more water and dilute the image further. Maybe another time~
Jules said…
You crafting monster! I like green, especially when it has a dead president printed on it :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Very fetching! Nice touches with texture. Lovely backdrop!
P.S. I like green almost as much as I like purple!
Pam Tucker said…
This is beautiful! I love the house motif! Lovely words you added. Cone flowers are gorgeous! :)
Ella said…
Sandi-I have a bit of green in my eyes, but mine are brown. I did have green contact lens for Halloween, once :D I look forward to seeing what you create~

Yvonne-Hello, thanks for stopping by; I will have to visit you and see what you have been up to! I have been by to know you have been on an amazing journey ;D

Jules-You never fail to crack me up! Yes, I love those green collages, too~

Rose-Thank you; green n' purple go so well together! How fun...

Pam-Thank you; I thought "green house" then went in that direction :D
Netty said…
Terrific crafting, loving the words and all the wonderful extras.
georgiehorn said…
THis is beautiful!
Mandy said…
love love love...that image and what you have done with
JessiVille said…
This is really beautiful! I'm a garden girl too so I especially love your entry for this week! Jessi xox
Arlee Bird said…
Our whole house interior has a green theme. It's my wife's favorite color. My favorite is blue, but I do like green as well.

Tossing It Out
Oh Ella.. what a beautiful creation.. love the papers you have used and the little keyhole is sweet.
I didn't think I liked green, but after seeing this weeks creations.. I've changed my mind! Now, I'm looking around me and have noticed I have touches of teal(Bluey green) in my living room, spots of lime in my craft room, and hint of green in my kitchen also!!LOL
..but I am a lover of pink!..
Jan x
Lovely! I haven't done any paper crafts in a while. Think I should get back to making all these cereal boxes into tags. :) have a great day. Tammy
Catherine said…
How utterly delightful glad that I popped in : ) I LOVE green..your green is so life~filled..hope green! I so adore your creation & the words too. Just all works so well together. Much love Catherine x
NatashaMay said…
This is lovely! :)
Becky Shander said…
Gorgeous green piece. And I like how you photographed it amongst greenery.
Vicki said…
This turned out great. I love how you used your own image as the background.
Dezinaworld said…
Ohhh thats really beautuful and fun too, i love the roof as well it all goes together so well
have a lovely day
hugs June x
Colene Murphy said…
Wow! How lovely!! Looks beautiful! Very summery over here. Gotta love that too!
The Tame Lion said…
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
Truly touched my heart!
Talli Roland said…
That's gorgeous, Ella. I love green too. It's so calming.
Elizabeth said…
Ella, love what you did with the color green. I had one of those aura photos taken many years ago. It came out with deep blue and purples. Then the woman sat down and read the photo for me. I'd never met her before and was quite astounded at the detailed accuracy she gave me. And although I love the blues and purples, they always seem better with green making up a thrice-braided cord.

missy k said…
My favourite colour is green!!!!

Your piece is so beautiful.... I love the colours and all the details.
now you know, green is my colour :)
Janet said…
It's beautiful and has a definite "green" theme.

My favorite color is purple but I seldom use it in my art.
Joyce said…
So sweet. I love all your greens.
Sesenarts said…
What a beautiful blog! And your card is lovely. Such soft greens. i have to go and work on my offering. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Kristin said…
Sweet Ella! I love this so much. I saw it on Flickr, but am only getting around to all the blogs - your work is really so beautiful, elegant and etherial - and your poem is just lovely. You are such a talented soul ;) Looking forward to your pink, xo
kerri said…
I love green too. I think your art turned out beautiful! :)
This is beautiful, I think you have a real gift for collage and mixed-media. I've never been able to decide on just one color--love a different one each day! :) ~Scarlett
Gorgeous piece for Summer of Color!!! like your work!!
Very beautiful and I love your blog background!
Lilla said…
You must be military!
I like Bellows beach too, you sound like you know it personally, great. Thanks for coming to see my site and thanks you for your service, the whole family.
I am ex service myself, aloha Lilla
Spenc said…
I too feel connected to the color green. I love how your photo turned out almost like you panted a black and white photo with watercolors.
Ella said…
Spenc-Thank you; I used a Copic Jade green marker and I spray water on my printed photo trying to do a transfer. The transfer didn't look so great, but the water blurred the photo. I liked it and decided to use that as the background :D

Lilla-Aloha to you! Mahola nui loa, yes I use to live in Honolulu. We were suppose to be stationed there for 5yrs, but my husband was offered another school and we moved. I loved it; it was crowded, but I love the spirit and the people~ I have fond memories; Yes, I have been to Bellows Beach, I loved it! Thank you for your service, which branch were you in? I'm going to say Air Force...?!

Cindy-Thank you; I am trying to go with Summer of Colors pick of the week ;D I love green, so it was pretty pleasing to do~

Cynthia-Thank you; I enjoyed this week's color challenge~

Scarlett-I am new to this medium, Thank you! I love to garden, so it was an easy pick to go with this theme. I understand what you are saying. I tend to be a nature color girl, but there is something about turquoise. Hey, I thought your favorite colors, were blue, purple and scarlett ;D

Kerri-Thank you; it is such a fun challenge. I am still worried about a few of the colors.

Kristin-You are so sweet; I am worried about pink, but I had a thought and then my daughter said it aloud, so that confirmed it~ I can't wait to see what you and everyone will do~ It is an amazing challenge! Thank you so much for doing this! @>-----

Sesenarts-I'll come by and visit again and see what you came up with! :D

Joyce-Thank you; it is amazing how well green goes with everything! It is one of the most used painted house colors(where did I read that)?! Indoor colors :D
Ella said…
Janet-You will get the chance, soon I bet. I do think green n' purple compliment each other nicely~
Thank you!

Dezzy-Me, too! Yes, your blog glows; I love the shade you chose :D

Missy-There are a lot of us green lovers out there :D Thank you; I'll be by soon~

Elizabeth-How fascinating; yes, a braided cord would be lovely~ I love hearing about stuff like this! Thank you for sharing and your kind words~

Talli-I so agree, it is really calming! Nature does nurture ;D Thank you~

TameLion-You touched mine; thank you!

Colene-Yes, I did think of summer and I love to garden~ Thank you :D

Bossy Betty-Thank you so much~
Ella said…
Thank you Alis!

Dezina-I had fun finding that roof, lol! Graphics Fairy has some really fun stuff; Thank you~

Vicki-Thank you; I couldn't find a photo I liked and thought green house, garden. I have a lot of flowery pics! I am happy your green thumbs are growing :D

Becky-Thank you; it was fun to do! I thought what better back drop then right outside the door :D

NatashaMay-Thank you; nothing like color to elevate one's mood~ Green works for me!

Catherine-Thank you so much; yes, green does offer hope, doesn't it! I love green, too :D

Tammy-Yes, you should! I would love to see them~I'll stop by soon~
Ella said…
Jan-Thank you that was sweet; I do think it is a sneak up on us color. We see it looking out the window and it just blurs into our life, unless it is a really vibrant green. I love how you noticed all the green in your home! I will be by to see what you come up with! Pink is next week~ ;D

Lee-I would love your home, lots of books and those colors. It sounds lovely to me :D

Garden Girl-I mean Jessi...I love that you have green thumbs! It is such a great backdrop color isn't it ;D Thank you~

Mandy-Thank you sooo much! I had fun making it; once I figured out what I wanted to go~

Georgiehorn-Thank you so much; it is such a great color!

Netty-You are so kind; Thank you :D
Terrie said…
Soft, inviting, inspiring, beautiful use of green -
Ella said…
Hello Terrie-Thank you; I am pleased you liked it!
Inviting is a great compliment; I think of nature in this way, so inspirational~ @>----
Chris said…
Ella this is a stunning piece.. love everything about it :D
Ella said…
Chris-Hello; thank you~ I enjoyed doing it! I do wish the green would show up more. YOU are so kind :D
Julie said…
This is so pretty and lovely words too.
Ella said…
Thanks Julie for your sweet comments :D
creatingme said…
oh, this is really lovely!
Ella said…
Hello Creatingme; thank you! I have always wanted a "green house" so went along with this idea~
Sharon said…
Really like this and also love your header for your blog.!
Lesley said…
This is charming. I love it.
My birthstone is Emerald, isn't it a wonderful colour????
Ella said…
Hi Lesley, I love it~! Yes, it is...
Are you a Taurus?! Thank you~

Hi Sharon-Thank you; haven't decided what to do for Monday, yet...It is pink week :D
Ella said…
The Emerald is what I meant :D I wasn't a fan when young, but sooo changed my mind!
septembermom said…
Very lovely Ella!
signed...bkm said…
This makes me want to get all my paper out and make has been awile....lovely ..bkm
Hi Ella,
Lovely, lovley collage.
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment on my Green project.
enJOY a lovely week,