Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt #54 is Inanimate object; perhaps the sun has fried my brain. It has been an interesting day. It all started at the DMV; my daughter took her permit test. It is like an episode of Seinfeld. The Nazis were in full performance today; they are abrupt, no smiling, it is always a strange experience. "Straighten the line, Why are you here?!" augh... Today didn't disappoint. Rude, no eye contact, no smiling. Geesh... Yes, my daughter did pass; we are happy!  I am in need of some chocolate therapy(okay, low blood sugar) so this is how it all began...

I am the 4th generation to have this item; I don't know all the stories that go with it, but I know the last 3 generations like to cook, bake.  I'm included in this mix :D

My Mistress beats me; she has worn me down,
Sometimes she hands me off to the Master, he is much worse
 I'm a family heirloom tempered, my luster is lacking
My first owner(great gram) called a lot of kettles black including my grammie
she stirred up gossip; she was really the tarnished one
Pregnant with a married minister's child, but tossed her pregnant daughter aside
I hold secrets, I tantalize taste buds,
I can impart pain, be careful I get really hot
ended up twins were born about a month apart from her daughter's child
memories stirred, lives forever changed
I usually get the raw end of the deal,  I don't mind
I do mind being tucked away
Halloween through Christmas I 'm loved again
My current owner has held me close since age seven
baking magic, memories stirred
She became ill 
I was used less
sugar free became the norm
bleck, I have feelings too
I'm a purist
Worn down I am
I have scooped, lifted and mixed many decandent dreams
I serve you, I help you prep, I lift, coddle you and what do I get
the dark void of the utensil draw
Your daughter now wants to learn, 5th generation
she caresses me with frosting, pizza dough, n' blueberry muffin batter
I'm family again, not a tossed aside heirloom
my cheeks are once again rosy and I swoon when I am held~


Congrats to your daughter , hope you enjoyed the chocolate therapy.
I was very taken with the picture and the fact you have are the fourth generation to own it.
Mike Patrick said…
You might hold onto this prompt a while longer. I believe it has more stories, more poems and more truths to tell. This one was great!
Ella said…
Mike-Yes, it does...there is a lot more to this teaser ;D Thank you! I'll be visiting you soon~

bttflyscar-I loved your take! Thanks~

Yvonne-Thank you; it was a tiny taste, but sooo good~ I love homemade frosting; I turn 10 when I have a taste ;D
Sesenarts said…
Hi Ella, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love this spoon and her tales! My ggodness you dont look old enough to have a daughter driving :-) Now the fun begins!
Susannah said…
This is really wonderful, I loved it. :-)
Ella said…
Sesenarts-You are kind; yes, I will need lots of chocolate ;D Thank you; yes if the spoon could talk...whoah~
Ella said…
Susannah-Thank you; I loved yours...was trying to comment when we had a power hit! I will return :D
Happy spoon in chocolate! Funny, bad DMV experiences seem to be the norm. Glad your daughter passed so she doesn't have to go back again for a long time.
Jules said…
Lucky spoon, I'd like to be dipped in chocolate! DMV's are another galaxy didn't you know?! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Anonymous said…
So creative, Love it!!!
Ella said…
Scarlett-Thank you; I thought of a few other objects, but this one spoke first ;D lol

Jules-You are funny; yes, dipped in chocolate is just as good as jumping into a big layer cake ;D
Yes, you are right; the best one I have ever gone to was in Alaska(now that is another galaxy) :D

Alex-Yes, a very happy one! I agree; I think I wrote a few chapters today just about this one!
A biker chick hugged was an odd day~ Thank you; yes we are very happy! :D
Pixie said…
Ugh! I'm closing in on 40 and still have stress induced tummy aches when I have to go to the DMV to renew my license. They really need to learn some basic manners and customer relations. I would hate to know that I would ever be that miserable.
Ella said…
Pixie-Two years ago I had to renew my license. It was gag awful and I'm over 40! I have never been treated so rudely~ Then she questioned me about my phone number. She thought it was a VA number. She was snotty, I felt like I was in a line up...yes it was that bad. I said to her, "Why would I live in VA and come here for a NC license?" I don't. My area code was NC; this is when I began questioning her. I had to bring 2 forms ID, Ins card, 2 pieces of mail with my name and address on them, ss card, and birth certificate!
Yeah, the worst experience ever;the test was awful. Online, people mentioned most don't pass the NC test, to get their license and have to re take it. I found a study guide and used that. I will be sick when I have to return! Sorry to hear, it is terrible for you~
anthony stemke said…
That DMV business was a bummer for me so many years ago, had to go back for lack of proper paperwork. Chocolate would have been good to stifle my misery.
Ella said…
Anthony-Sorry to hear that; what is up with them?!
It is horrid; next time I might take them chocolate, geesh... Sweet therapy may do the trick~
Arlee Bird said…
I guess it's not just in California; the DMV is a nightmare. Your heirloom story was fun--what an odd object.

Tossing It Out
Isabel Doyle said…
I love this post Ella! I think household objects have lots of stories. I wote a post back in February about the Politics of Cutlery, which might resonate with your Mdm Spoon.

Best wishes, Isabel
Rinkly Rimes said…
Fortunately a wooden spoon already has a human shape. But you embued it with human feelings too.
Hilary said…
Hi Ella .. people in authority! Glad your daughter passed though .. it's unnerving them by politeness isn't it!

The wooden spoon is fabulous .. and so pleased 5th generation is on her way to encompassing it in her life.

Lots of tales to tell that spoon .. and your poem tale is epic .. great!

Cheers and have fun this weekend .. now that's out of the way .. and daughter can drive. Hilary

PS - please could I ask you to unembed your comment box .. it takes me forever to comment .. changing browsers, typing in details etc .. - if you could use the pop up box choice - under Settings and Comments .... many thanks!!!!
thingy said…
What a wonderful tale! Love it.

Hate the DMV.
Cole said…
Ella, I love that you created your own picture to go along with this sweet tale. I love how you "mixed" together all the generations. Charmingly done!
Siv Maria said…
Drivers tests and heritage spoons coming to life in chocolate, wow what a way to start off my week-end..LOL, glad she passed, I failed the first time by going the wrong way on a one way street...LOL, been doing that my whole life :)
Ella said…
Siv Maria-She didn't take her driving test, yet...that will come later! Her certification allows me to take her driving, so she can learn. Oh, that is sad; I have had a few moments like that myself~ Yes, interesting beginning ;D You paved a new path~

Cole-Thank you; it was fun~ This spoon has been around forever. My kids have fought over it. It goes to the one who cooks the most; sex is not the deciding factor. It is mine, till I decide otherwise ;D
I loved your comment "mixed" yes...

thingy-I guess we all can agree on that; I do fear someone might work there and have another view. I'd love to hear it... Thank you!

Hilary-It is metal, it is wearing down so that it is sharp on one side. I figured it might have a few tales to tell ;D I didn't know, I changed things for the A-Z challenge. Okay will try something new...let me know~ Thank you!

Rinkly Rimes-It was a fun prompt; fun to read all of the responses~

Isabel-I will stop by and read it; maybe your dish will run away with my spoon ;D Thank you~

Arlee-It seems to be the code; act authoritative and don't smile. Yeah, it was an interesting I went with it!

What a delightful and utterly tasteful piece of writing. Very enjoyable!!

Now I'm off the chat with my cookery utensils.... A great idea for the prompt Ella.

Best wishes, Eileen
Jo Murray said…
Great Post! You DO have a way with words Ella.
Ella said…
Thank you Jo-I have many memories attached to that spoon. When my Grammie past, my Mom and I found another spoon like it, smaller. She gave me this one and kept the smaller one. The baton had been passed...

Eileen-I loved your time take; it was so true and spoke volumes~ Enjoy cooking ;D Hope your chat goes well~
I wish I had some family heirlooms, but I don't :( My family has no tradition nor memories like those. And it's sad because people without such memories feel like they don't have a past.
Ella said…
Dezzy-xXx If you have photos your memories will be stirred;then you can write them down. Do you have siblings?! I am sad for you, but you do have a past. Write down your favorite Christmas, toy, game, favorite foods when younger...etc. All of these may cause a flood of memories...write them down. They are your history; you can also buy something now that you want to pass down. Give it a voice, a story...a special bowl, spoon, painting, all your cake recipes will be your history! In reality I have my Dad's Gibson guitar, the spoon and a few old dishes my Nannie Nonnie gave me. My Mom gave me a cedar chest and a few more dishes. The cedar chest was owned by the previous owner of my parent's home. I have no idea of it's history. My memories of movies, music, recipes are my real history/herstory. You do have a history; I want you to start writing it down, for you and yours~
Elizabeth said…
Wonderful storytelling with those details that pull the reader in and keep her there. I have lots of mementos, and my household increased when Mom passed away last year. I still haven't gotten through all of the boxes. Slowly, but done with peculiar relish. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas,

Ella said…
Elizabeth-Thank you; it is hard to sort through. It takes time and patience; the blend of pain and pleasure will arrive. When you are ready you will find time~ I am sorry for your loss! xXx I think we should only keep what we treasure. My Mom has a huge collection of elephants that are to be passed on to my daughter. She really wants them, as it should be~ xXx
Lynn Stevens said…
Really enjoyed your story, I wish I had one that had been passed down, Time to start my own tradition.

Congrats to your daughter, Hold on mom it can be a bumpy ride! LOL
hugs lynn
Renee said…
You have given life to this treasured object and in doing so I even think I can feel all its' been through. Wonderfully done!
Ella said…
Hi Lynn-Thank you; yes, we can start our own traditions! I like your view~
Yes, thank you; I'm not ready, but I'm buckled in for the journey :D X

Renee-Thank you; I am sure there is a lot I don't know. I just know the first owner was an unhappy woman. I should try to do my ancestry~ Thank you so much~
Anonymous said…
Ah, the life of a spoon. Glad to see things have improved for ol' spoony!
septembermom said…
Your storytelling talent is extraordinary! I really enjoyed reading this piece.
signed...bkm said…
Hard to believe it has been 55 weeks at the Poetry Pantry...lovely heirlom piece of writing and the spoon what a gift to be passed down....thank you for the visit...bkm
Ella said…
Thanks Shelly~

BKM-Thank-you! wow, that is a marathon :D

Septembermom-Thanks for stopping by; I'll be by to see what you have been up to~ YOU are kind :D

Stephen-lol, yes, spoony is glowing and basking in some homemade pizza dough, right now ;D
Lynette Killam said…
I love this, Ella! I sat with a huge grin on my face the whole time I was's just a riot! And so touching, too, with the bits of family history woven through it. You can make a great story out of anything, my clever friend...:)
Ella said…
Lynette-You are too kind; I wish I knew more. I do know I never meant my maternal great grandmother, but heard a lot about her! I'm so glad you like it...we all have a few spoons in our dark utensil draws, ;D
Anonymous said…
an amazing heirloom! we're in the fourth generation of daughters who love to bake and cook. ♥