Fortune says...

Thought I would test the waters and try something new. A poem using a fortune from a cookie. I love the one in my photo, but my fortune cookie said, "Adventure can be real happiness".  So I thought I would add this to another challenge to write a poem using this photo.
I am combining the two; yeah unique challenge!

Leap, plunge forward
Did you pass go?
Or is it Jail for you?
Propel your thoughts, assimilate your dreams
your GPS is recalculating
Gifts, passion and spirit
Calling you to open you wings
wings with amazing grace
Over the horizon is your dream
Waiting for you to run, fly, hike, bike, walk towards it
Only you can detect your flight plan
Sometimes we get grounded by gray geese, rain or snow
tick tock, don’t stay for long
if stagnant, mold will attach
eyes will fade
vision won't be as shiny
patina will grow
detours can alter you
"Adventure can be real happiness"
It is all about the journey
Your frequent flyer miles are waiting to be redeemed
your faith is calling
Leap and find YOU~

I'm tired so I may have to re do this one, later~


Lynda R Young said…
I love the rhythm in your poem. I especially love:
"Calling you to open you wings
wings with amazing grace"
Rosalind Adam said…
Getting grounded by grey geese... I can relate to that, and I love the GPS recalculating. I'm always making ours do that in the car but I'm now going to take that away with me as a mantra for the day. I need to make my life's GPS recalculate just once in a while ;-)
I think you melded the phrase and photo into a lovely poem! Have a great day. Tammy
Ellie Garratt said…
I really enjoyed this and think you did a great job of using both sources of inspiration. My favourite line was this:

'Propel your thoughts, assimilate your dreams'

Ellie Garratt
Very nice! I need to send you all my fortune cookies.
This is excellent Ellie, loved it very much.
I very often write poems to song titles that I see. I don't copy what the song is about but put my own stamp on the title.
Quite interesting to do.

Have a good day.
Wanda said…
Perfect just the way it is. This one really speaks to me. So many places I'm on the edge but afraid to take the leap.
Donna said…
A great blending of both!
I do need a nice little adventure in my life right now :)
LTM said…
hey! I love it. This poem has thrust. Redeem those frequent flyer miles~ :D <3
Kerry O'Connor said…
Oh, I do love what you did with this Ella! Wow, what an undertaking and with such a powerful result. I guess our frequent flyer miles are all up to us!
Shelly said…
Powerful. Awesome. Fantabulous.
septembermom said…
You did an awesome job! Loved the ending. What a fun way to combine the challenges :)
Brilliant poem, written so strongly.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
No revision needed! The quote really comes alive toward the end...I've been longing to fly somewhere..anywhere..Ilove this quote and the carefree exctement I feel as I read your poem. "Deters can alter you"..boy don't I know it. I was just thinking about that very thing today. Well written and much enjoyed! :) ~Scarlett
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is one of my favorites of yours, Ellie. It is perfect. I love "your GPS is recalculating". Yes, mine has been scratching its head and seeking Direction for a long time now:)
Arlee Bird said…
I think I like your fortune cookie better than the one I got today that said, "Be adventuresome, try a new look". What's wrong with the way I look! Maybe if I change my look I'll find me?
I like the spirit and the message of your poem.

Tossing It Out
Daydreamertoo said…
It's all about taking chances and sometimes all with just a leap of faith.
I don't think you need to re-work anything, it's great just as it is.
jgr said…
Lovely poem and what a great image, too! Thanks for your comment today.
Lynette Killam said…
A wonderful poem, Ellie! And you did a stellar job combining the two projects! It is indeed, all about the journey. I'm finding the best thing about getting older is realizing it's okay both to race up the road into your next adventure, and alternately, to linger on the path and enjoy the view for a while...LOL.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Ella - taking the plunge, so, so good! "Your GPS is recalculating," my favorite line. The image and the words, perfect. It's all about making hay while the sun shines. As long as the risk is assessed as reasonably safe, I say go for it. But if it's Mel Gibson asking for a date, that's where I draw the line!
Ella said…
Amy-You crack me up, lol~ You are funny! Thank you~

Lynette-I love your view; it is beautiful! Thank you so much for you kind words, but more for sharing your view! Stunning :D

jgr-Thank you for stopping by and your kind words~

Daydreamertoo-Thank you; It is funny how we write something and want to do something more with it~

Lee-Your look is fine; look at something else differently! Perhaps an adventure you were considering...look at that idea again~

Sherry-I think most can relate to questioning what now, which path do I take?! My husband's world has detoured my journey; my choice now~
Thank you :D

Scarlett-Funny, I find that happening a lot lately to me. Think of something, then the next blog I read, is on the same wave length!
Thank you so much :D

Thank you Jack, so much. I will be by soon to see what you have written :D

Septembermom-Thank you; yes the cookie fortune aligned~ ;D

Shelly-You are so kind~ Thank you!

Hi Kerry-Yes, they are! Thank you, it wasn't planned, but then I found the fortune and thought I could combine both prompts~

Leigh-Thank you; thrust is good ;D
Now, I need to practice it more in my world~
Ella said…
Dezzy-Did you have your indoor beach party, yet?! ;D

Thank you Donna; It took me a while to find the fortune~

Wanda-I can relate; it is difficult!
I think listening to our soul helps. I think morning pages help, too~xXx

Yvonne-Thank you so much; I love your idea! I should have known ;D I know how much you love music!

Alex-Yes, I will take them ;D

Ellie-Thank you! A skyward journey would appeal to you :D

Tammy-Thank you so much; I will come visit you soon! You are so sweet~

Roaslind-I think we all need a break, detour sometimes! Thank you~

Madeleine-Thank you; yes it was~ :D

Lynda-So glad you like that line; I tested my wings with this poem! Thank you!
Jim said…
I like this, Ella. Your second fortune was real nice, "Adventure can be real happiness." I believe that is, I would like to have that for a fortune.

There are several places where I wanted to mention that my fortune cookie/tea leaf little 'poem' is an answer to the challenge, by you, and answered here by you. It was included as one of three choices in Margaret's "Play it Again" challenge for this Friday.

The fortune cookie picture (you liked it) was yours from that challenge in the Toads, one July 20, 2011. THANK YOU.
p.s. I hope you are feeling better now.