Lake Gaston

I might have to google this, but for fun I'd like to hear where you live is it Lake first or Lake after.  I grew up in Maine. We frequented Swan Lake and St. George's Lake. We move and now it is Lake Gaston and Lake Kerr...I asked my husband when did lake come first?! What is up with that?  I don't mean to sound like a Seinfeld episode, but why do some same say it before and others after?! Maybe I sound more like Andy Rooney. It is like those Toostie roll lollipops, the Indian shooting a star with his bow n' arrow on the wrapper; It  means your wish will come true. Someone told me it means you get a free lolly if you go to the store with the wrapper. Huh? I never heard of that...have you?!  Okay, I'm done for now...

Now onto my time away; my family kept asking me what was wrong... Nothing was wrong, I missed my online friends, I missed wifi, we didn't have cell phone service, no Starbucks. Honestly, it was more than that; I woke up feeling 11yrs old. The camp we rented reminded me of the camp my parents rented when I was a child.  The lake, the way it set inside a cove. Summer time, I was either down to the wharf by Penobscot Bay or at Swan Lake. I had a great time with my family, just it was a day of transition, getting settled in. Trying on an old shoe, that I hadn't worn in a while; I had a great time. My kids came up with a term for me...I thought it was a joke. They heard on the radio about this condition called popcorn brain. I laughed, yes, I eat a lot of popcorn. It is my comfort food, from being partly raised in a movie theater. My parents met in one, I use to go on the weekends with my Dad. He was a projectionist and a Texaco man, by day he wore a star, by night he showed them on the silver screen. Popcorn brain is a real condition.  I do not have it, not yet anyway. I just was reflecting on what camp use to be like and what it is like now!  A lot more work, mainly ;D   Here are some photos I took!

Sunset on the lake
My daughter and her boyfriend enjoying the swing and some time alone(so they thought : D) I had to take a few pics~

I'm having issues loading photos; Blogger keeps saying an error occurred.  I'll try again later~


Georgie Horn said…
Lovely shots...and the lake I live near is Old Hickory Lake.
Nice photos! I still don't think you have a popcorn brain.
Ella said…
Hi Georgie-oh, that sounds lovely! This is what my husband wants when the kids are grown up and have moved out of the nest.

Alex-Thanks Alex; no, I don't have it.
We couldn't all fit in the boat at once. The first day it was me alone with our hound, Buster. I did get some writing done :D
Lovely pictures and read, also loved the picture of your "Oh so lone daughter".

Have a good day.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, camp is different when one is a mom, more fun for the kids. Pretty setting, though. I love the way your blog changes so often, always a surprise that is visually stunning when I come in!
LTM said…
Popcorn brain! I LOVE it! And I'm with you... when did Lake start coming first?

Looks like a gorgeous vacation. I'm very jealous. :D <3
Bossy Betty said…
Your online friends missed you too!

No wifi?

That picture on the bench is just too wonderful!
Jules said…
Popcorn brain?! What a term and Lake comes first when it is named that way, nothing more. That is my definition and I'm sticking with it. :)

You'd also make a good spy.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ella said…
Thank you Jules! :D I know right...
Yes, I do have a few sleuth skills up my sleeve or is that magic...tee,hee

Bossy Betty-Thank you so much; Yeah, I snuck up on them. They were all smiles, but I preferred this photo.
I do have a few really fun ones to post later...Tubing!

Leigh-I have thought about you and wondered how life was treating you!
Thanks for stopping by...I hope the dust is settling; moving is such a trip! Trying to adjust, find everything, get the kids settled..I know that game all to well~ xXx

Sherry-I am trying to keep in the spirit of the color challenge. Next week, red...damn haven't even started it yet. Thank you so much~

Yvonne-Thank you; yes, the kids had a great time! Tubing was the most fun and taking our beagle on a boat.
He tried to jump out and chase a buoy...funny~
Noemi said…
I love that picture on the bench, it is so sweet and romantic. I am sure it will become one of you daughter's fab picture!

And by the way when I saw it I thought it was your entry for the brown challenge in The Summer of colour until I actually read the post!
Timoteo said…
All the BIG ones use "lake" first: Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, etc. So if size is any indication, there's your answer. (And I've heard that size matters.)
Raining Iguanas said…
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