Poets United Prompt-Grass

Poets United prompt #59  is grass. Green, luscious, dew covered grass. Do you have memories of being young, barefoot and touching the velvet carpet, or rolling on it, or running through a sprinkler and slipping. Memories tickling not only your toes, but your soul. My blogger banner is one of the adorable visits I had with a rabbit in my yard. I had lettuce and carrots to give him or her; I got pretty close. My husband now calls me the "Rabbit Whisper", lol.  Our beagle is the "Snake Whisper" which makes me happy. If outside he will alert us; I like to be forewarned. I traded snow for snakes, when I moved here. I honestly rather have snow, but I'm out voted. No one wants to move, but me. Turtles n' rabbits are part of my daily world, till the heat n' humidity of July arrives. I call it blizzard weather; it isn't fit to be outdoors. Today is a blizzard day, as the thermometer climbs to 99. I'm off to water my lime green carpet.

Fresh green carpet grows with me
Tumbling, rolling and learning to walk
Tea parties for ants n’ beetles among my
Tiny, dainty pink dishes
Under the massive maple
I smell sunshine
Miss Spider is happily knitting 
Bees dance among the dandelions
Dew's diamonds reflect 
Shiny bits of youth 
Frolic back n’ forth
Barefoot, cool carpet
Awakens my soul
 the earth’s hair
 weekly  trimmed
hidden city of beetles, crickets, slugs and worms
They know the goodness it holds
Lemonade stand sets on the end of my carpet
I learn, enjoy my store, my friends
velvet carpet of dreams
 I'm older under the maple umbrella
writing in my diary
my view, till the neighborhood boy
tells me about the huge jellyfish at the wharf
I leave comfort n' go
4th of July, picnic
parked on you, vehicles to see
celebratory parade n' raining fire
Fall flirts with you, redesigns you
flints of red, orange, mauve n' gold graceful
dismount on you,
their gymnastics a free show
Winter's grace blankets you with crystallized white
It drapes over you, protects
It is spring your birthday arrives; your shoots gleam in the sun
many candles, your age unknown
I'm an adult now
I know your gifts
your heady perfume
you promise me
my children will dance among you
know your magic
And they dew~


Mike Patrick said…
Your afflation with grass has been long and enjoyable. You touch on memories we all share.
bttrflyscar said…
I had blue carpet as a child, it was quite an ocean :)

Needless to say, this is wonderful.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Nothing better than walking barefoot through dewy grass. I loved this piece.

I'm older under the maple umbrella
writing in my diary...
kaykuala said…
How nice Ella! Childhood romp among the greenery.Sharing fine moments with little 'friends'. Holding hands with the young ones and never a care in the world. We can all relate to that. Thanks for visiting!
Very nice!
And funny how we remember going barefoot as kids - while now as an adult, with bugs and potential snakes in the grass, I wouldn't dare.
You'd think this heat would do them all in.
Elizabeth said…
You create a delightful romp through seasons, both in the physical year and the seasons of an individual life. Grass is a constant companion for many of us, and you give life,

Carol Kilgore said…
That grass is tickling my toes :)
I do love grass except in situations when I have to mow it :)
Anonymous said…
I love the smell of grass and walking on it barefoot while its wet. Nice way to capture the awesome grassiness of grass.
Anonymous said…
I love this!! I love each and every word, it makes me feel happy :)
Ella said…
Charmaine-Thank you so much~
I look forward to your blog challenge!

Scarlett-Thank you; this makes me happy! xXx

Thank you Stephen, it does refresh one's soul!

Dezzy-I knew someone would have that view, but it is GREEN :D

Carol-Thank you, that is a nice image!

Elizabeth-Thank you; I so enjoyed your take on this prompt~

Alex-I know right! We use to be brave, lol. I see a snake and freak out~ They love the heat; damn them!

Kaykuala-Thank you, I enjoyed traveling back to my childhood!

Thank you Shelly :D

Thank you Kerry; I think I spotted a few frogs ;D

Bttrflyscar-I love your view~Thank you!

Mike-It is nice to think that I did make some think of those frolic, carefree days! Thank you~
Poetic Soul said…
We enjoyed playing outside as kids, I just loved those rolling in the grass moments, even though mom hated how the grass tick like things would suck on our skin and stick there.