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Think Tank Thursday and this week's prompt is # 57 Loneliness.  It amazes me how we can be in a crowd and be lonely.  I am not dismissing this; it has happened to me. I just think sometimes our soul isn't ready to extend and reach out. Sometimes our mood is diluted by a memory; this allows for a disconnect. It is sad when the disconnect lasts to long~

diluted indigo mood
damp dripping sepia settles in a puddle of India ink
black, wet, fluid eyes
puddle on pages of prose
emulsion blurs in gray mattered memories
water color dreams arrive in tepid sleep
awaking to muddy red thoughts
time out
black n' white stillness
color will reappear
in gouache movement
when ready, dip fingerprints into soul's facets
reflective light will arrive
in fragments of unfiltered light
blotting memories
blending new plans
I will make another canvas
round, red sable will dance with me
exposing my new field of view


Kerry O'Connor said…
Hi Ella, I think you really captured the mood with the word 'indigo' - what a colour for dolorous thoughts.
Lovely to read your work after quite a while.
Ella said…
Thank you Kerry, this means a lot to me~ I love your poetry~ :D
Wonderful, Ella!
Sometimes a crowd just makes it worse.
yes, it's actually in human nature to feel lonely all the time.
kaykuala said…
The beauty of loneliness is to easily blot it out and create another canvas, to start all over again. Great verse!
Marian said…
love your images! red sable will dance with me...
anthony stemke said…
I'm kind of a loner, but loneliness must be a painful thing. I caught a touch of that in the poem.

A journey through the world of loneliness, but with a positive ending.

Loved your words and the prompt!
Best wishes, Eileen

PS: Like your new Blog image Ella.
Elizabeth said…
Really like your take on loneliness as you move through so many of hues and reflections. Love that you ended in red sable. Wonderful write,

L. Diane Wolfe said…
I was an only child, so loneliness is something I battled. Now I can work all day in my office by myself with no problem, but on road trips to and from speaking engagements, I get really lonely.
Kim Nelson said…
Oooh! The colors! I closed my eyes after each one to envision them individually. In combination, they--you-- created a masterpiece. Well done!
Daydreamertoo said…
I agree with the other readers this is deliciously lovely in its defiant imgaery. Of I will not be beaten and, tomorrow is another day.
Createology said…
Hi Ella. Out of "loneliness" you wrote beautiful words with lots of feeling. I am in awe. Your new banner is wonderful. Sunshine Smiles...
Lynette Killam said…
Wonderful images in this, Ella, that capture the many shades of loneliness. I particularly like, "water color dreams arrive in tepid sleep awaking to muddy red thoughts". I've definitely been there!

I too love your new page design...the header is incredible:)
Mary said…
A strong poem, Ella; and I also agree with your comments that one can be with a lot of people and still be lonely. Sometimes, for me, these have been the loneliest times of all. But sometimes loneliness brings good poetry. SOMETIMES.
Ella said…
Mary-Yes, SOMETIMES, it does~ It is a reflective time, but remember to gently push yourself to go and do. It is important to change your view. Have an Art Date once a week to recharge your battery! I am sad n' sorry, this is such a painful time.
Remember the good times, the best of you n' yours~ This keeps their memory alive! xXx

Lynette-Thank you; this turtle was in my back yard. I saw it bobbling along and had to run in the house and grab my camera. Yes, I think we all have had our moments with this one. I still couldn't quite get the words I wanted; I might try a rewrite~

Creatology-Sunshine smiles to you~
Thank you; I was at camp using a cheap watercolor set I bought at a grocery store. It stirred my thoughts and I jotted some of this down. Some of it came together today~

Daydreamertoo-I am glad you like it and that I ended it on a positive note. We all can have and will have these moments, but it is up to us to remake, redefine them and move forward~ Thank you~

Kim-Thank you so much; I had some reflective time at camp and wrote 1/2 of it. Wow, you are to kind, but I love the thought ;D

Diane-I was an only child for 6 yrs; it is strange how loneliness invades our moments in time. I hope you had a lot of friends to take the edge off~

Elizabeth-Thank you; I wrote most of it at camp; I was dabbling with a cheap kid's watercolor set and paper. I use to paint and want to again... I look forward to your take~

Thank you Eileen; I can't wait to read yours~ I did want to end on a positive note.

Anthony-I am a loner type, too. I do have moments where I want to be surrounded, but when I am creative I prefer to hear my thoughts. My family isn't so loud , but the TV, their music, add a howling beagle; life isn't dull~

Marian-Thank you; yes, I thought I need to have the paint brush glide across the paper; end on a positive spin~

kaykuala-Yes, if only it was as easy as it sounds! I do think the beauty is in changing our view. Recreating our canvas, our mood~Thank you!

Dezzy-I think we all can relate on some level~ Thank you for sharing your voice!

Alex-Thank you; yes, so true~ I hate that feeling!
Erika RT said…
I love this mixture of images of colour and water...very powerful and effective...
An excellent poem Ella, most enjoyable to read. Much inmagination , thanks for sharing.

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, I love how your blog changes its clothes so often - always stunningly beautiful images to look at. Loved your poem about loneliness - you reached for some really fresh words and images. Great take on the prompt.
thingy said…
It's interesting that you use colors to describe loneliness. When I paint, it is one of times where I don't feel loneliness at all.

I love your take on the prompt. : )
Ella said…
thingy-I thought of the process of how paint moves or doesn't. The way it pools up and how we can re draw or paint a new outlook . Yes, we all can be lonely, but sometimes we need to reach out, like watercolor painting. Try, try again~ I am not usually lonely when I create, but I loved the idea of blurring color, the escape of not thinking in black n' white~

Sherry-Thank you, I'm having fun doing it~ Poemwise-I actually thought the way the water and paint move or not would make a lovely way to express feelings.

Thank you Yvonne, a talented lady who can write a poem about peas :D

Erika-Thank you, it was an interesting write for me.
Old Ollie said…
EE you are a gifted encourager...edifyer...thank you!
Olga said…
Beautiful poem! My favorite is - "emulsion blurs in gray mattered memories
water color dreams arrive in tepid sleep" Just beautiful!
Ed Pilolla said…
red thoughts was my fav. moving poem. nice to meetcha:)
flaubert said…
Really gorgeous, Ella. I love so many of the images created here.

Henry Clemmons said…
Now thars sum writn. Excellent!
Susannah said…
Some of my favourite bits. . .

"diluted indigo mood
damp dripping sepia settles in a puddle of India ink
black, wet, fluid eyes
puddle on pages of prose"


"color will reappear
in gouache movement"

Wonderful Imagery, I loved this! :-)
Philip Thrift said…
Nice mix of poetry and paint.
Ellie Garratt said…
Stunning and beautifully written, especially this line:

damp dripping sepia settles in a puddle of India ink

Loved it!

Ellie Garratt
E said…
The perfect word choice...well expressed feelings. I enjoyed every line....
Great poem.
Love the

'blotting memories' line
gsb3 said…
Enjoyed your poem very much. Quite unique. Your word choices make a very lively read.
Lolamouse said…
I love how you expressed emotion with the language of painting! Lovely!
Anonymous said…
I could feel the mood of this poem from the very first line. You're such talented poet and I'm always amazed at the word pictures you come up with, beautiful to read and think about...~Scarlett
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful palette of words you wield. :-) Beautifully wrought and thoroughly enjoyed!
Hi Ella .. love your picture - the lonely sea and the sky .. where your poem transcends all - and takes on to another world .. a crimson world ..

Great - does me good to read these - they're rather like Dylan words .. those melancholic songs .. I can see this as a song ..

Thank you .. great read - Hilary
Ella said…
Hilary-Thank you so much! I am kind of stunned by your words, but thrilled~

roughwaterjohn-Thank you so much; I was reflecting on how time had changed my view. I knew I had to see it in a positive way~

Scarlett-I am taken back, but happy your liked it. I use to paint, perhaps I should again...Thank you so much~

Lolamouse-I think of color being so telling of one's mood~ Thank you!
I was sad, but saw only I could change the view~

Dr. Pearl-I love your description; thank you so much~

gsb3-Thank for taking the time to comment and stop by :D
Ella said…
Thank you Jack; I will be by soon. We have been having some powerful storms, we lost the power for a bit.
I really appreciate you stopping by~

E-Thank you; I like your sign name ;D

Ellie-Thank you so much; I think of you every time I go to the cafe! ;D

Thank you Phillip, to be fair I trul was painting when I penned this... :D

Susannah-It was something I wrote when I went camping. I was alone and reflective on how camping use to be~ Thank you so much!

Henry-Thank you so much! :D

Pamela-Thank you it means a lot coming from you!

Hi Ed-Nice to meet you; I think we have met before ;D Thank you~

Olga-You are so kind; Thank you so much~

OO-Yes, I am an encourager; how did you know?! ;D Thank you so much~
Kerry O'Connor said…
Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem at Real Toads, Ella.
Tiaden said…
The wonderful use of textures and colours is fantastic here, you wove such a delightful piece.
signed...bkm said…
I love the hope this piece paints bringing all those colors through the emotion of loneliness....bkm
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the indigo and the red sable, too.....and I love how, every single time I come here, your page is beautiful in a totally different way from the last time. You have a ton of fantastically beautiful photos. You should post to photo sites too.......you're really good.
Anonymous said…
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