Think Tank Thursday

 Poets United prompt #58 is Nighttime, what does this conjure up for you...
For me it is time alone, quiet moMEnts to replenish my soul~
What kind of bird are you?  Morning Lark, Hummingbird or Night Owl?
Most of us are a combo of Hummingbird with Lark or Owl tendencies....
Me, I'm a Hummingbird with Night Owl tendencies.
What about you?

heavy curtain falls illuminated with moon's flowers
some drift into zzztherapy
partaking in kaleidoscope's view
their day rewound
two in ten awaken
second, third wind lifts their wings
soul soars as clock chiMEs the witching hour
dance with night's alluring embrace
words, color and fragMEnts of dreams
conjure up moMEnts of MEmories
time to sooth my soul, partake in night's tonic
shooting star taunts me to follow my dream
just a bit longer~


I've never been a morning person! I was always a night owl. And then I got old.
Daydreamertoo said…

I am a morning person, it's when I have the most energy, but the night is the time I do my most creative thinking.
Lovely, glad you get some ME time
Ella said…
Alex-You aren't old; Life, work does spin us in different directions. Work n' kids forced me to be a morning person, but in reality I'm not~
If you are old; I'm old...we aren't old, yet :D

Daydreamertoo-You may be a Lark, you are a rare bird! I can be a morning person to a point, but I don't function well, till about 10am.
My big energy arrives in the middle of the day~ Thank you!
Shelly said…
I used to be a morning person. Now I'm somewhere in between.

Your poem is beautiful, too.
Ella said…
Tonight on my walk, I saw a shooting star...just had to share ;D

Shelly-Thank you; yes, society does throw us off a bit. We have to function mainly in a Morning Lark world~
flaubert said…
Ella, I am a lover of the night, and I love this poem. Nicely done to prompt.

joss said…
I'm a bit weird I think, as I love the night time, this is when I write best and find I am most creative, although that might just be because everyone is in bed, and I will stay up sometimes till 4am and then still be up again at 7 or 8 am, and thought I dont poticularly like the mornings, I find that when I go to bed at say 10pm and get up at 7 or 8, I feel more tired that I did staying up all those hours, it so strange, but I am def more of a night person. I just find the night more peaceful and beautiful.
Elizabeth said…
I think I am a night hawk/owl person. I used to be afraid of the dark and being alone in it. Now I relish the quiet and the creative time it offers. Really like your poem and glad as well that you get some Me time. We all need that,

I am bascically a morning person but on the odd ocassion have stayed up late.

Have a good week-end.
kaykuala said…
I'm a morning person. I somehow get irritated if someone were to linger on sleeping until late morning. I thought a morning person has a head start and that is good for that person.
Kerry O'Connor said…

What a concept, Ella. I think I'm going to use this new word in future: "Time for my zzztherapy, Good night!"
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so enjoyed this one....and love your following your dream a little longer! The photo at the top of your site is BEAUTIFUL - is it one of yours? It is perfection.
Jo Murray said…
Am definitely a lark... it's just after 6 am here in Oz. LOVE that photo... it's so... mmmm... metallic.
Arlee Bird said…
Sometimes it's hard to give the day up, but there's always tomorrow.

Me? I'm an Arlee Bird of course. I have night owl inclinations, but for some reason the morning lark stirs me out of bed when the sun comes up.

Tossing It Out
I'm a daytime raccoon, which makes me unusual since most raccoons do their business during night :)
Lolamouse said…
I love the idea of following your dream a little longer. Sometimes my dreams will inspire my writing!
Old Ollie said…
Ah the a tired monk I do love a good wander in the night forest.

nice piece
Cindy Adkins said…
Wow, this is beautiful, Ella! I don't know what kind of bird I would be...It would have to be a happy bird that sings!

lori vliegen said…
lovely photo......beautiful poem! thanks for sharing your hummingbird/night owl self with us!! xox
Ella said…
Hi Lori-Thank you; what about you? ;D

Cindy-I like that; you are a blue bird :D Thank you~xXx

Ollie-YOU have owl tendencies;

Lolamouse-I like that, how beautiful~
Thank you!

Dezzy-So cute; I will think of you that way from now on ;D

Lee-Sounds like a great balance; I alter between being a lark and a night owl...but I do love being an owl~

Raining Iguanas-I love your name! :D