Third Time

Perhaps it will be a charm, I have tried to post and find my posts are long winded.  So, I will start backwards...
I want to thank Robb of Poets United for posting my photo prompt this week. I am still reading the wonderful poems; Blogger had issues, this has slowed me down on commenting.  I will get through the list; I'm amazed at the variety from the prompt!  I sent Robb, 3 choices and let him pick. I didn't know what he selected, until I returned home.  He selected my photo, that recently graced the Miscellany section of Somerset Life magazine.  I had no idea I was in it; I was stunned when I glanced and saw my photo and name.  Robb  inspired this photo;  I had emailed him some photos for the Poets United Anthology, "Thoughts That Breathe".  Here is a link; you can also purchase a copy, if you are like me and love books.  He asked me if I had any old books and then I started playing! Thanks Robb :D

The hearts on the cover of Somerset Life are made of dryer sheets; how airy and beautiful they would be at a summer wedding. Becky Shander is the cover artist; inside there are  many creative living ideas, you can make and add to your nest.  You will want to escape into the pages and linger, absorbing all it's alchemy~ 
I will be back later today to post again. I'm trying to play catch up; I missed all of you and will be visiting blogs, catching up on laundry, cleaning a fridge, working in my garden, and working on my art for today's Summer of Color post. I will share more about my camping trip, later this week!  It is nice to go away, but it is wonderful to come back home~


Loved the post, hope you do well with whatever poem is chosen,

Have a good day.
Shelly said…
Your posts are great, long winded or not. We're writers, it's hard not to be wordy.
Anonymous said…
Good post, thanks!
That's wonderful, Ella! And you are never long-winded.
Colene Murphy said…
Awe, wonderful!!! And that's why being a writer is awesome. You can feel like your rambling, or long winded or whatever, but mostly you're just telling a really great story people can get into! ;)
Vicki said…
You are a talented writer. We don't mind your long posts! lol Came over to see if there were any camping pics. Can't wait to see. xoxo
Lesley said…
I love reading your posts so never apologise.
Spenc said…
I'm not a poet, but I still enjoyed your post. I loved your photo. I'm going to see if I can find Somerset Life and give the cover art a shot.
Ella said…
Spenc-I hope you like the magazine. Good Luck and let me know how it goes~
I'll be by to visit you!

Lesley-You are so kind; once I thought backwards I was fine, lol~

Vicki-You make me blush; I'm in the learning stages. I need to work on sentence structure. Refresh myself on the rules and then break them :D
We didn't go camping in a tent; I have done plenty of that. I do have a few fun pics to share, soon :D

Colene-I love your view; I will remember that ;D

Alex-Thank you! Yes,I'm afraid I am...when I drink too much Iced coffee :D

iNews-I love your name~ Thank you

Shelly-Yes,we should re think the wordy word~ :D Thanks Shelly~

Yvonne-Hope you are doing well; I will be by. I think I missed a lot while I was away~Thank you!
Jules said…
Day late but welcome home, congratulations and HELLO! I'm trying to catch up. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
flaubert said…
Loved the post, Ella.

Anonymous said…
i loved the photo prompt! {even if my mind did wander off.....}

thanks, Ella! ♥