Grace Notes

I was intrigued by the tart tin challenge for Somerset Life inspired by Becky Shander.   I am still working on the newspaper one; I still have tomorrow ;D   I recently had made some magnet quotes and wished I had thought of this idea sooner. It would of elevated my token gifts. I love the charm of tucking away a sentiment, keeping a memory alive. I also became inspired by memory art, how small sentiments mean so much and how romantic these notions can be. I thought of how a lock of hair, a flower from that special encounter, a note can reflect our mood, our memories.  How  little tokens keep our memories frozen in time. My art represents the sentiment of special memories, grace notes if you will.

I used a book spine for my purple art for the Summer of Color challenge. I am also using it in an online class by JoAnnA Pierotti.  I thought it would add interest to use this on this piece. The X underneath is a tiny tart tin; there are two O shaped ones. It is a romantic piece with OXO on it.  I was inspired by the thought of romance of another era where words, letters meant so much.  Another artist I know uses letters in her art, Vicki Sheehan. She also makes amazing journals.  I'm in love with her dreamy, white leather one. 

These notions are on there way to a magazine; I so enjoyed this challenge~  It reminds me to think of more sentiment when I create.  What sentimental gift or small token  have you received that inspired you?


Melissa Bradley said…
My gosh you are such an amazingly talented and brilliant artist. I always feel inspired after a visit here. :)
Muhammad Israr said…
memory art is the right thing for me at the moment :(
Jules said…
And I know, you do a fabulous job at those little token gifts. I think your art has elevated its self my friend, great stuff!!!

I love the new photo header or at least it is new to me. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
the most important thing is that you are enjoying yourself while making your art, it's a huge stress relieve method!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the idea of "grace notes" and, as always, your blog is new and different with beautiful art. You have a gift!!!!
You are so creative! And magnets - that's a cool idea.
Anonymous said…
Not only is your work beautiful but your description of each piece holds so much meaning. I love it!


Anonymous said…
Not only is your work beautiful but your description of each piece holds so much meaning. I love it!


Ella said…
Abby-Thank you so much; I enjoyed this challenge! It felt like a gift; weird thing is the other challenge I had an idea for a month, but time made it difficult to do. Then I couldn't quite get it right. Funny how that is! Good luck to you! ;D xXx

Alex-Magnets are cool, especially if they are a quote that applies to the recipient. (like a book quote ;D) Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you; I do like to change it up. ;D Thank you so much; it is nice to know you and others notice my efforts~ xXx

Dezzy-Yes, I agree and it does! Does baking do this for you? I would imagine it would and you are fabulous at it~ :D

Jules-Thank you so much; yes photo header is new~ I'll be by...still picking up pearls off floor. See newspaper post... I don't know, but thanks for making me wonder! xXx

Yvonne-Thank you so much! I enjoyed this challenge~

Muhammad-I will stop by; I'm sorry you are sad~

Melissa-You are so great for my ego!
I love you ;D Thank you for your kind words. I'm a WIP, some days I make neat stuff other days it looks like a child made it. BUT, Thank you! You brightened my week @>------