Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene left a permanent mark on North Carolina. Photos of the Outer Banks show a lot of changes, roads washed away, homes gone.  I still haven't watched all the news shows; I did record them. Once the storm is over it is time for clean up. You prepare, go get supplies, stock up, get water, gas, food, extra cash. You move everything in your yard that you possible can, plants, benches, furniture, trampoline, etc.  So many people did everything right and still suffered terrible loss. It saddens me how many lost their lives.

We lost the power for 30 hours; we did buy a generator, during Hurricane Isabel and alternated power. Basically TV, fridge and freezer and ceiling fans. AC would kill it; I tried to cook on our stove and it couldn't take it. The wind howled and you could hear trees snapping, loosing their limbs.  The photo is what I saw when we drove around our area.  I have friends who live down this street.  I had called; they were fine, but no power due to a huge pine tree that had fallen.  We talked in the morning; their power came back on at 7pm.  As soon as I got up and had coffee, it was time to clean up the debris. It looked in some places like someone had spray painted leaves all over the deck, the windows. It was sunny out,less humid, and gave the appearance of an Indian summer day. I saw quite a few butterflies enjoying the cooler morn; it didn't last long. Humidity mid day was ugly.  We raked, picked up and then put our plants and furniture back.  I found this Praying Mantis, where I put my window boxes. He was right under my Hummingbird feeder. I don't think so, Mantis.  All that survived the storm deserve to be left alone. I moved him in a hurry; my daughter was upset to find out they eat hummers. I said, he deserves to live, too; he/she isn't camping out under my feeder, such a fascinating, odd creature.
 My Oak tree weathered the storm and Toad road it out. We did have the top of a pine tree come down between our yard and the neighbors, but we were lucky~   I will take a photo of Miss Oak, when the bug settle down.   I know other states also took a beating from Irene. Let's hope all of our friends and loved ones are okay and keep those who suffered in our thoughts and prayers~ 


kaykuala said…
Extremely glad you are ok Ma'am. From North Carolina to Maine as reported could have been affected.Your first hand account leaves me with a lot of thankfulness to the Almighty for extending His blessings to you. Take care!

It could have been worse, a lot worse. So thankful it didn't blow up into the big one they feared!
It just stuns me how lives are touched by something so extraordinary, and can function throughout.
Best wishes to all there, especially in the Outer Banks.
So glad you, family, and friends are OK after Irene. I am sure it was a scary couple of days.
Glad you're all right, Ella! have you seen photos of Hatteras Island? It's underwater and cut off completely.
Hart Johnson said…
Ellen-I'm so glad you guys weathered it okay! So huge. That's nice to have the generators--big storms really end up hardest for losing hundreds of dollars worth of food, eh? I mean it could be far worse, but that's usually how it goes.

I love the praying mantis--yes, move away from the feeder, but they are so cool. Love your toad, too!
Wanda said…
Happy to hear you made it through the storm.
GigglesandGuns said…
Ellen, so glad all is well for you. Take care.
Loved your pictures.
Jules said…
You need to buy a camp stove that runs on propane. And I'm glad to hear you fared so well but one picture of that ugly bug would have been enough. :)

Wonder what the dismal swamp looks like?
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Janelle said…
Stay safe. Good luck with all the clean up.
Anonymous said…
Ellen, I'm glad to know you and your family are ok. It's awful what this storm has caused. I'm hopeful everyone will recover soon:)


Anonymous said…
I watched news coverage of the storm for 4 hours yesterday at my grandparents, wow, some of the highways that have been washed away, I've never seen anything like that! So thankful you are alright and no major damage. That little toad looks like he's not certain if he wants to go home yet. :)
Mary said…
Ella, so good to hear from youu and to know you are ok. Irene wreaked so much havoc. My thoughts are with you.
Dorthe said…
Hi Ella, thankyou for your sweet post on my blog-
I`m glad to know you :)
How terribly for you and many otheres it have been with Irene, and still is.
I`m so very sad for the families having lost members, and homes.
I hope you can soon have cleaned up, and be back to normal life-and am happy you are ok.
Love the photoes of the praying mantis- here we call it a "kneeler" but we do not have them in Denmark.
Hi Ella .. glad you're safe, though sad for others who weren't so lucky.

Thanks for sharing your area .. and so pleased toad is ok, I'm surprised Praying Mantis eat the hummingbirds - really!

All the very best to you and your neighbours .. Hilary
So pleased you are safe Ella, thinking of those who were not so fortunate.

Take care.
Donna K. Weaver said…
Glad you made it through okay. I've lived through a dead hit from a Typhoon, so I've been the power of nature. After the eye passed over us, the trees that had been knocked down during the first have (because the wind changes direction) were straightened back up. But all their roots were above ground.
glad to hear that you're OK. I knew a storm couldn't do anything to you, Ella :)
During US bombing of my country back in 99 we had electricity power cuts for three months every night and day, so I know how horrible it is living without electricity. No hot water, no fridge, no freezer, no cooking,no nothing ...
Ella said…
Dez-This is sad to hear; the longest I have been without power was 3 days. I was pregnant and we were evacuated. I slept under my husband's desk; this was when we lived in Florida. The worst torture I endured was going home. Hurricane MIL did all she could to cause harm. There is a lot more, probably should save it for my book~ Sorry Dez, I can't imagine, how terrible~

Donna-I can't imagine, where where you?! Sounds scary!

Thank you Yvonne, so many people still without power. I have family in Maine that still doesn't have power. It really hit hard~

Hilary-Thank you! Me, too...yuck!
Don't google it; it is disgusting~

Dorthe-Thank you for stopping by; I love your art~ Yes, it was a massive storm. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the word, kneeler! You remind me they don't have hummingbirds in Hawaii. All those gorgeous flowers and no hummers~

Thank you Mary; I wish people would stop complaining about the weatherman/woman. They saved lives; I am sure of it~ It is better to be prepared than not~ All one has to do is look at the crazy weather we have had and realize it isn't worth taking the chance~

Scarlett-Toad was scared, with good reason~ Yes, the photos of the Outer Banks are unbelievable. I pray for you and your state to get rain, but not in this way~

Abby-Glad you are okay, too~ NJ was hit hard!

Thank you Janelle-I have never seen leaves spray painted on my windows before~

Jules-The Great Dismal Swamp is contained, 99% of it. They are still watching it, but it did not put out the fire. The water ran off and wasn't all they said! Thanks for your ideas!

GigglesandGuns-Thanks for stopping by~

Yes, Wanda I survived this one. Now, I need a diet Cherry Coke ;D

Thank you Hart; yes, I respected the Praying Mantis. I would not harm any creature. Snakes I run from those, lol. I had a post last summer, to prove that. They look so alien in nature. I love the photo you shared.

Alex-Crazy isn't it! I was planning on going to the Outer Banks, after Labor Day, not so sure now. It is sad~ Glad you are okay!

Jen-It stalled over us and wouldn't move. Then I started to get worried. I guess our drought like summer saved us. More trees would of been down, otherwise. Thank you~

Rose-Thank you; it was such a huge storm. It was hard not to worry and wonder where it move~

Hank-Thank you for your kind words!
I feel sad for those who have endured so much~
Pixie said…
Glad your family and friends are okay. I'm still stranded waiting to fly back to NY tomorrow. I was bumped off my original flight and have been standby on flights every day since Monday. I'm really just wanting to go home! lol

My apartment building manager sent out an email that there was 3 feet of water in the ground floor of the building, luckily I'm on the 2nd. We shall see what's waiting for me tomorrow...hopefully.
Ella said…
Pixie-My husband flew out Monday to WA. I told him to check his flights before leaving. He didn't and had a long delay in CO. His trip was Navy related. I am sorry to hear that; Please let me know that you arrive safe~

I hope you get home safe n' sound! It stuns me how much damage this storm did~ Be safe! Thinking of you~
My husband was suppose to arrive in WA last night around 9pm. He arrived at midnight. He had to rent a car and drive a hour to Whidbey Island.