Imaginary Garden

Today I posted a poetic exercise on  Imaginary Garden blog. Come by and visit, it is a poetic place to rest your laurels or shake you from your tree.  My exercise involves renaming words and altering one's view. We did this when we were young; remember.....  A secret code or a new name for your favorite hang out or restaurant, or perhaps that annoying cousin, or a special treat.   It amazes me how you can take a simple object and rename it and paint a new vision, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

For example:

Little Boy Blue Star
you look like a beacon waving to the sun
bring me your cheerful disposition~



Have a lovely day.

Becky Shander said…
Wonderful to see you've been exercising your creative muscles...the result is beautiful.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love these lively verses - they pose a challenge to think outside the box.
Poetic Soul said…
I'll check out. I saw the prompt is yours this month, congratulations
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your kind comments and playing along! There are some wonderful prompts in the book~
Fun to play with words ;D
Talli Roland said…
Fantastic, Ella! It does sound like a great book.