Life is a Highway

Oh, yes I did....I went this route for the newspaper challenge for Somerset Life.  Yes, I know a stretch of the imagination, but they did ask us to do just that ;D   I went with road signs; I made them into soul signs.  Yes, Stop n' Smell the Roses...for one.  Here is a peek:

I am looking forward to getting back to a normal routine. I am behind in commenting, blogging and life. Today was one of those days, when you wonder if the moon is full and the Earth has tilted.  I spilled black paint on the floor, paper jam in printer, lost internet service, and dropped a bowl filled with tiny pearls on the floor.  You know one of those kind of days.... Then life gets a bit better and you finish the challenge and drive to the mail. Joy arrives, till your daughter asks if she can drive home, then reality whacks you side the head.  Oh, yeah, back to my world, back to the dishes, run home and pick up the scraps of paper all over the floor, table and computer. Then start supper/dinner, finish laundry, go find shot record, for daughter's school physical tomorrow, walk dog, clean up kitchen and go visit blogs!  Life returning to normal...nah!  Not in my world, it doesn't exist, besides it is over rated, haven't you heard. Wacky, weird and sometimes wonderful, is my journey!   How about you, how is your journey going?

See any soul signs?   And my daughter did really well driving; she is improving.  My horoscope might be a soul sign. This was the end of mine for this week. Here you can peek at yours.

"As much as I love beginner's mind, though, I advocate an additional discipline: cultivating a beginner's heart. That means approaching every encounter imbued with a freshly invoked wave of love that is as pure as if you're feeling it for the first time".


GigglesandGuns said…
Ah, another wonderful day of experiences.
You know you wouldn't change a thing.
Okay, maybe the black paint and the paper jam :o)
Shelly said…
Smiles and hugs to you! I believe it's the Mercury in Retrograde affecting everyone. I've had a tough 48 hours.
The bowl of beads sound... Fun.
Glad the driving is going well though.
Hi Ella .. yes the road of life and others come along too .. so pleased your daughter's driving is doing good! Loved the song .. and your creativity .. cheers Hilary
Muhammad Israr said…
yes sometimes one feels like nothing is working :) and with this, one begins to think the importance of things which are normally taken for granted, :) have a nice day :)
A wonderful post which I enjoyed.

Anonymous said…
I love how you see the silver lining in a cloud and your humor, ha!! Thanks for the sneak peek at your newspapr challenge. I love it! You are so creative my friend!!! Now we'll cross our fingers (and toes) and see what happens...either way we enjoyed the process of creating.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love that idea of a beginner';s heart. I might have to steal it!!!
LTM said…
ahh... I think there was a full moon last night. Here's to getting back on track~ <3
Hart Johnson said…
I love that artwork with the newsprint! And I love that idea of maintining the beginner's heart.
Vicki said…
I like your twist on things, Ellen. Always so creative! Can't wait to see more.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, the newspaper art looks awesome..I love your concept! Especially love the bottom photo..I want to see more! Hope I get to, on the pages of SL in just a few months!!! We have so much activity crammed into the next three days, I can barely think, definitely havin' one of those refreshing to visit you and have a little break from the stress--Have a wonderful weekend, Scarlett
Ella said…
Hi Scarlett-I can't wait to see what you came up with. I don't think what I made probably fits SLife's profile, but Thank you! Sorry to here that; I hope tomorrow is better~ Today was my crammed day. I ran from home to school to Dr, back to school, back to Dr. then drove to another state. I think I need to drive for a living ;D
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the next three days are busy and fun~xXx No one is in school, yet. Color Guard practice, Dr appts for both my daughter and me. That wonky kind of day~

Vicki-Thank you; yes you could say I took a different spin ;D

Hart-Thank you; I thought it would remind others to take a daily break ;D Yes, beginner's heart would be a wonderful way to live! I love some of these horoscopes, quite an interesting view~

Leigh-Yes, I hope for this tomorrow :D I will be by soon to see what you have been up to xXx 555

Sherry-Help yourself ;D I think we all could use a fresh start, at some point in time. It is a lovely concept~

Abby-Thank you; damn I forgot the glue hadn't dried when I snapped the pic. Oh, had to leave my house and I had to snap picks. Sometimes I don't and regret it.
Yes, let's cross fingers and toes something magical happens~xXx

Hi Yvonne-I will come by and see what you have been up to! I miss your sunshiny posts! Thank you~

Muhammad-Thank you for your view!
I hope you are doing well~ I will stop by tomorrow and try to catch up on your blog :D

Hilary-Thank you; yes it is a time of life filled with pot holes and detours, but lots of beauty, too. I seem to do well, when it is every other night she drives. Cheers to you :D

Alex-Thanks, it is better! Beads are always fun...I got the lint sticky roller thingy out and made the best of it :D

Shelly-I am sorry to hear that; I hope life is better for you today~

GigglesandGuns-Yes, I love my "I Love Lucy" moments. I might dye my hair red ;D You are funny, thanks for the giggles~