Poets United-She

Poets United prompt #61  is She.  A lot of things came to mind, but my attention was on this event a few weeks ago.  I called my Mom while waiting to pick my daughter up from Color Guard Camp/Band Camp. She was fussing that Angela's butterfly had fallen down. My daughter had made her a green butterfly for her front porch, when she was 5-6yrs old.  She was describing it in detail; I must get it hung back up. The urgency in her voice struck me as a bit odd. My daughter is coming of the field; she is waving.  She puts her gear in the back of our truck and says, "Mom today we learned how to do the butterfly".    I'm talking to them both. I said, "you will have to show me".
I put Mom on speaker phone.  I said, "Angela does everyone have the same colored flag?" 
"No Mom, why?"
"Tell your grandmother what color your flag is and about the butterfly move".
I proceed to pull out and head home.
I listen and am moved by the convo.
My Mom sensed something about my daughter on that afternoon. There was a fussy, urgency in her voice.  We all agreed it was a bit odd and kind of neat that my daughter has the only green flag!

She stirs the wind with dandelions
carves and flourishes butterflies
hands stretched, black n' blue, neck wrenched
wrists turned in and out
jump, spin and fly away
releasing magic
hoping for the watercolor sail to return
to it's true color
ballerina twirls in mid air
fluttery, floating lifts 
then drops and spins
needle folds
extend line of leg
hands ready
pinkies crossed, toes pointed
catch her graceful descent
learning fingers crave more skill
money hand happy
raise your arms
fairy dust falls
audience eyes


Cute post. Your pride in your daughter comes across, plain and honest. :)
Ella said…
Thank you Eric, that means a lot! :D

Your story is brimming over with the love and pride of a wonderful mother.
You also have a daughter to be so proud of with her caring nature.
A great example to many!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
SO wonderful, Ellie - your heart must have felt very full, all the rich and loving connections, pride in your daughter's blossoming.........beautiful beautiful poem!!!!! And a memory to tuck into your heart for remembering.
Angela Felsted said…
I like the movement in this poem. It was fun to read.
Bossy Betty said…
Oh, you've captured so much in this poem. It was a delight to read!
Hi Ella .. enough said "She" .. isn't that great that she is different .. and will always be so - your 'SHE' .. loved the connections .. enjoy your weekend .. Hilary
What a wonderful connection between the two butterflies!
How proud you are of your daughter and why not? this was a lovely post and most enjoyable to read.

Daydreamertoo said…
What a lovely way to pass on love through three generations.
Butterflies are so symbolic of so many things, too. Of new growth, of freedom, of change.
This is beautiful on so many different ways for different reasons.
Donna said…
Wonderful poem.
madhumakhi said…
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madhumakhi said…
Poem left me breathless. I always feel a little scared when i see a ballerina doing an en pointe or some other difficult step, lest she should fall and her hurt delicate self. But she always manages to amaze me with her sylph-like grace and incredible sense of balance, with the lightness of a butterfly.
Susannah said…
A beautiful poem, I loved the movement and magic of your words. A lovely write! :-)
The White Bench said…
Dear Ella,
I visited the other day to say hi, but Blogger didn't let me leave my message to you... And what a thrill to discover you have been published in Somerset Life- I had to grab my copy and see 'in the flesh'!!! I had LOVED (and mean that) your recipe card project, but hadn't realized it was YOURS! Many heartfelt congrats, and keep up the great job!!
Monica xo
P.S Thank you for your continuous support. I am grateful for each and every nice word you left me.x
thingy said…
Ah, beautifully written.

I love your butterfly header, too. : )
ooh, love the butterflies flying all around the blog, Ella :)
septembermom said…
Hooray for your beautiful daughter! This is a lovely poem. Well executed too.
GigglesandGuns said…
Nice to see you are pleased with your daughter's special relationship with her grandma.
Anonymous said…
Love this happy post..that is amazing about the phone call with your mom, too! I always loved watching color guard flags, bet it's harder than it looks.
Your poem and pictures are absolutely perfect together, you created a real feeling of fun and excitement! ~Scarlett
Anonymous said…
Your daughter sounds like a jewel. The picture was lovely, but her spirit far lovelier, and your love of her spills onto the page!

I, too, am a proud mom, and we rejoice in all they do, don't we? THanks, Ella, for an upbeat offering. Peace, Amy
Ella said…
Amy-Thank you, so much! Yes, we live through their experiences and share the joy! You made my day; xXx

Scarlett-Yes, it is harder than it looks, just like anything ;D
She has a black n' blue mark on her forehead now. The wind took the flag and smacked her. Thank you for seeing; yes I have this view xXx
Ella said…
Giggleandguns-Thank you; you are so kind :D

Septembermom-Thank you; hope life is going well for you!

Thank you Dezzy! I love butterflies, too ;D

Thank you Thingy! :D

Monica-Thank you so much; I also loved your photos in Miscellany, SLife Summer issue~ Gorgeous!

Susannah-Thank you; it is magic to watch her perform!

Madhumakhi-The suspense, I do know what you mean! Thank you

Donna-Thank you for stopping by :D

Daydreamertoo-Yes, I so agree and looks like it is happening just that way!

Yvonne-Thank you; we, Moms are like that :D I know you are xXx

Thank you Alex :D

Hilary-Thank you; you are so right!
She is...

Thank you Bossy Betty, so sweet of you~

Thank you Angela! (my daughter's name is Angela) :D

Sherry-It is a lovely memory and will be fun to go to the football games this year and see her face light up! :D

Eileen-Thank you; I feel very fortunate! She is been a huge joy in my life~xXx
Mary said…
What a beautiful story, wonderful poem! I can see you have a really wonderful mother-daughter relationship, as well as a daughter-mother relationship! 3-generation love is a beautiful thing.
Ella said…
Thank you Mary! You are so sweet~xXx