Poets United

Poets United prompt this week, is Farmer's Market #60 . We have a photo prompt, at the first of the month. When I dropped my daughter off at Color Guard, I brought my camera.  I knew it would be early enough that my photos wouldn't include elbows, knees and odd side angles. Okay, there are a few...  My market is small, but they have a lot.  Of course there is an array of veggies and scrumptious fruit, they also have flowers, herbs, jams, jellies, honey and pickles. I thought this would provide a lot of ideas for poetry, the colors the arrangement of fruits n' veggies, the aroma and then arriving home with the magic.

What do you like to buy when you go?  I also enjoy veggies for stir-fry,  blackberries as big as my thumb, and string beans. Do you have any memories attached?  Do you have a favorite perhaps peach cobbler, pickles or  maybe you sit back, with a grin as wide as a watermelon and remember those days of being young and spitting seeds?!  Did you win spitting a seed the furthest or did you just enjoy the juice running down your chin?

Humid veil sizzles canopy of color
wire, bins and baskets align
seasonal treasures, not shore dug,
but rich, deep earthen wares
sparkle like diamonds in the rough
soon magic will conjure up and presto
berries on my birthday cake,
aroma of pickling brine
layers of fruit in a kettle
spices bundled like bouquets
drunk with juice and sugar
shelling peas rocking on the porch glider
shucking corn, unraveling dinner
lightening dances around
sparks of summer's magic soon depart
Indian summer will soon open Fall's door
apples arrival is blush worthy
picked, pinched and poked
orange globes allow Cinderella and super heroes arrival
dried stalks, hay bundles haunt those who
endure crisp days arrived with wind gust
 Blue Hubbard hides in cellar,
drying out for winter's meal
colorful welcome mat leaves


Hi Ella .. love the descriptive passages .. and the photos - talk about brightness unlimited.

I just love the markets and could eat, drink and buy a lot! .. but fresh veggies, strawberries and cream .. anything that's fresh - good cheeses .. and when the French come over - then salamis etc ..

Love the thought - sent me in the direction of food!! Cheers Hilary
Nice! And really like the photos. You have a good eye.
you shouldn't put all this lush veggies on your blog, Ella, if you ain't gonna serve me any food :)
Philip Thrift said…
Richly worded. Very appetizing.

A real array of wonderful words and colours with your Poetry Prompt.
What a very different but refreshing topic.

Mary said…
A wonderful poem, filled with so many beautiful sights and scents. Something so many of us can identify with at this time of year!
Judith C Evans said…
"but rich, deep earthen wares sparkle like diamonds in the rough"...oh, yes, that captures it! These vivid descriptions trigger a flood of wonderful memories, and make me hungry, too!
Loved the photo's, I remember going to Farmer's Market when I visited LA a few years ago , had a grand time and there was alot to choose from.

Enjoy your week-end.
Ella dearest, thank you for coming to visit me last night. It is so nice to meet you and what a GATHERING OF LUSCIOUS PHOTOS!!!! Have a lovely day, Anita
thingy said…
Well, this by far has been my favorite prompt. Such wonderful gifts!

Your images are gorgeous. Love it. : )
Old Ollie said…
My kids would call this epic. Love the pics and poem.
Amish Stories said…
Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.
Susan Kane said…
Such lovely photos, and abundant! Great words, as well.
Muhammad Israr said…
good photos...the veggies look so fresh and delicious :)
Anonymous said…
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Sylvia Ney said…
Wonderfully yummy descriptions!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your kind comments; Sorry I didn't have samples :D I am sure some of you left hungry!

Sylvia-Thank you so much! I hope you weren't too hungry~

Rachat-Thank you for stopping by and your kind words!

Muhammad-They do don't they; I always worry about buying melons. They sit in the humid sun all day...I don't like watermelon cooked~Thank you!

Susan-Thank you; I love eating a rainbow, don't you...

Amish Stories-Greeting to you; Nice to meet you Richard~

Ollie-Thank you; I'm trying to encourage a rainbow on our plates. It is easier this time of year :D
BUT wise monk knows this~

Thingy-Thank you so much; I thought it would produce some gems! I had to say produce ;D

Anita-Your blog is a vision; I will be by again soon! Thank you :D

Lola-Thank you; you are sweet!

Yvonne-I am so glad you checked it out! Thank you~

Judith-Thank you so much; I know this prompt made me hungry, too ;D

Mary-Thank you and you are so right!
We do need to take the time to enjoy the seasonal gems~

Eileen-Thank you; I just thought of all the ideas that might arrive. There was a bounty of beautiful poems in this crop(I so enjoyed all the view at Poets United) :D

Thank you Phillip! I so enjoyed your take on the prompt~ I love movies and you were so clever~

Dezzy-I'm sorry I was a tease wasn't I. I guess I shouldn't post Crack Pie. My kids saw it on a Food Network and want me to try to make it. Rich oatmeal cookie crust where a gooey butter cake meets a pecan type pie without the nuts. Yeah, that sounds like crack~ ;D

Alex-Thank you; I try ;D

Hilary-Cheers to you; did you run to the kitchen after reading my post? ;D
Hi Ella .. can't work out what time you posted .. but if there's 7 or 8 hours difference - then very possibly! - at least for a cup of tea or coffee!! Cheers H!
Ella said…
Hilary I was up into the wee hours trying to finish an article. Then hit the pillow and eyes wide open...
I'm was trending into owl meets lark territory. ;D
Hi Ella .. I struggle to do that! But you've reminded me about the meteor shower on the 11th .. tonight or tomorrow night .. so I will try and see that ..if the skies are clear.

Yes - too much going on makes us eyes wide open with no brain sleep .. glad you finished though .. Cheers Hilary