Poets United

Poets United prompt this week #63 is smell. We can choose something that smells good or bad.  As Hurricane Irene approaches I want to bake. I guess baking has a calming effect for me; it sooths my soul. This is how this poem came to mind. I haven't made these yet today, but probably will. It will keep me, my mind preoccupied. We have done all we can to get ready for this storm and now it is time to wait... I see nature preparing itself.  A toad has crawled up on my front porch. He has tucked himself in a corner, to set out the storm. He climbed up four steps to get out of harm's way. I will check on him during the storm. I went out and hugged my oak tree; she has weathered quite a few hurricanes. When Isabel struck she kept 4 trees from falling on our home. I so hope she can make it through this one. Did I really hug the tree; I did ;D   I hope those of you, who are dealing with nature's fury, will take care and heed the advised wisdom.  It is better to be safe than sorry, to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best~   I apologize if my poem makes you hungry~

 (this was cinnamon bread, but close enough, it has the pinwheel in it and a sea of swirly cinnamon)

Cinnamon dreams awake me
In a lazy waltz
Saturday morning indulgence
Cold frost ices my windows
Sun peeking through a sea of fog
Walking into rooster’s roost
Mom’s proud kitchen aligned with her collection
Tea kettle whistles good morning
Bundles of yeast dough align bread board
Waiting for loving hands to shape and caress the new bundles
Pinching their cheeks,
Shaping them into morning’s goodness
Anticipation bubbles
Salty cream cheese sits waiting
Stirred memories arrive
With the sprinkling of cinnamon dust
Swirly pinwheels arranged on blacked cookie sheet
Warmth arrives then timer dings
Sugared cloud blends into icing
crevices of hot steamy bun lets the river
of blended vanilla goodness flow
Vanilla beans dance on my tongue
Pungent cinnamon waves wake me
As I poke, tear and taste
I am nine, all over again
At the Maple wood table
Family all around
Beagle at my feet waiting for her treat
Love fills my heart
When I bake pinwheels from my past


Hope we are both safe and survive the storm!
Mary said…
What a beautiful reminiscence, and one which makes me feel hungry! I have the same kinds of memories of chocolate chip cookies and rhubarb torte.

Stay safe.
Carrie Burtt said…
You have made me hungry...this looks and sounds delicious....love the poem! Hope you fair the storm safe and sound. You will be in my thoughts and prayers Ella. :-)
Jules said…
Now I'm hungry for something baked. :) I'm so hoping you are safe my friend and shoot, go get that frog now and put him in a shoe box, you tree hugger. :)

Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

PS Don't forget to let me hear from you!!
Old Ollie said…
enjoy good smells and be safe
Donna said…
I'm drooling, lol. Be safe.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Delicious poem, full of wonderful memories. I hope you weather the storm with no damage. It sounds gnarly. Fierce wind. Stay safe, kiddo. I love the little toad sitting in a corner. Smart toad.
Hi Ella .. love cinnamon bread .. deliciously sticky. Good to have poem to read while Irene spirals around the Ocean outside .. do hope everyone will be safe.

Love your oak tree and that's wonderful giving it a hug .. and your little toad - do hope he's got far enough away .. they know of impending difficulties don't they.

Thinking of you all within the ambit of Irene .. Hilary
Hope you will be safe from the storm, three months ago I was in Washington DC and New York City, I hope and pray all affected by the storm will be safe,

Hope you will be safe from the storm, three months ago I was in Washington DC and New York City, I hope and pray all affected by the storm will be safe,

baking is always the best way to soothe your nerves and relax a bit.

Hope your part of the country is safe from the hurricane, Ella! I'm worried for my US friends this weekend :(
Anonymous said…
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Shelly said…
Hey, I love cinnamon buns but they grow on my backend when I indulge.
Kristin said…
"Vanilla beans dance on my tongue!" I LOVE that - you are talented in so many ways - please take good care during the storm.
And thank you for your sweet comment about Apprentice! I was thrilled to hear you got it - I got my copy in the mail today! Thank you for your support and please let us know how it goes, xoxo
Ella said…
Kristin-Thank you for your kind words! You are welcome; It was fun to see your name and then your work! Congrats~ I'm fine; thank you :D

Shelly-You remind me of that commercial. I think it was for Nutra Grain bars...girl wearing a cinnamon bun on her butt, lol I know I wear popcorn and icecream on mine ;D

Anonymous-Thank you! I hope all is well for you~

Dezzy-Thank you; it was such a huge storm! I worry too; so many we haven't heard from yet!

Yvonne-I know it seems like you were just this way! Thank you...I too hope for the best~

Hilary-Thank you for stopping by; I owe you a visit! Moving made it hard to have roots, but I have them again. Some are in the North and some in the South ;D

Sherry-Yes, you are Hilary are both right. Animals know, when something is up~ It was nasty; I am not a fan of being stuck indoors. Oh, I have a toad picture...I need to add!
Ella said…
Thank you Donna; sorry about that...

Ollie-Thank you; I really have thought about redoing the poem. I didn't go about it, as I should have.
I loved yours~

Thank you Jules; I guess I really am a Tree hugger(I had to check the Urban Dictionary) ;D I checked on Toad, she was fine~

Thank you Carrie; it was a long week. I so appreciate your thoughts n' prayers!

Mary-Thank you; I do think some of our really great memories are the ones where are senses are overloaded. We can visual paint them when we smell that scent or touch that cloth, or hear that sound...etc.

Alex-I am worried about you; I see no updates on your blog! NC was hit hard; I hope you n' yours are safe~