Summer of Color Orange

 This week it is orange, for some reason mine doesn't look as orange, as it actually is. I know it happens. I have seen a lot of participants in the Summer of Color, say the same thing. This is a scrapbook page of my daughter; I call it from "Crayons to Perfume". There is a perfume label down in the right corner. On the left, is the actually top of a crayon box(96 variety). I made a butterfly out of a sheer curtain and attached it to the ruler.  I added more orange touches with ribbons, her fingerprints, crayons and markers.  I was thinking of all of the transition in the past couple of  years; she is fifteen now. She is transforming into herself, her true essence. It is a time of struggle, with a beautiful outcome, seeing my girl growing up~ I feel lucky to witness all the changes and be here to guide her, as the process continues.

Thanks Mandy; I will add the song!

Orange to me reflects attention, it draws the eye in. I guess this is why Detour signs are orange.  When I think of orange, I think of  Monarch butterflies, goldfish, sunsets, beautiful tiger lilies, and
cheese popcorn ;D !  What do you think of?


RaShelle said…
Ella - that's amazing!!! I love, love it. You're so talented.
Anonymous said…
I think you're right,, it does draw attention,, I also think of ornage popsickles,,its hot here!!I'm your newest follower,, I think!! It disappeared when I finished so I'm not quite certain,,
Netty said…
Terrific collage Ella, love it. x
WrightStuff said…
Bold bright and plenty of orange. For some reason the last picture has turned out enormous on my screen - overlapping the edges of your blog.
GigglesandGuns said…
It looks great to me -- and I see orange :o)
I see orange.
And your new header photo is amazing!
I recall a beautiful orange sunset whilst living in Spain a few years was a pure beauty to look at.

Loved your post.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That is sweet!
I think of orange sherbert and sunsets here in NC.
Mandy said…
Love your page and don't they grow too to sir with love song too....great journal scrapbook
Anonymous said…
Your daughter is beautiful! I love that you have two photos of her showing 2 different angles. I also love how big you have the word Soul down the page, very cool. The sunset and leaves in fall remind me of the color orange.


Createology said…
Ella your Orange page turned out spectacular. When I think of orange I first think of Halloween and pumpkins but during the year I think of "Guy Rods"...guys with their orange hot rods that truly draw the eyes and lock them on! Love your orange swirly background. Monday Smiles...
Jules said…
I absolutely love the page Ella! When I think of Orange, TN comes to mind, followed by a construction-go-around cone. :)

Working on an email to you. Still playing catch up.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Bossy Betty said…
Love the freshness of orange! Great collage!
Anonymous said…
Mandy beat me to it: "From crayons to perfume..." Lulu sang it in the movie and was also one of Poitier's students. Big hoop earrings.

I love this tribute to your daughter, Ella. Orange makes me think of tiger lilies. They were blooming all over the campgrounds were I spent my first honeymoon. The marriage didn't work out, but I still love the flowers, because they spoke to me of possibility and abandon!

Peace, Amy
kaykuala said…
When I think orange, I'll always think that the school children are safe in their orange school buses. The sad thing is that a school bus may not be top priority and gets the least attention.
Wanda said…
Great way to capture her many transitions. Orange makes me think of those sherbet push ups and sunsets.
Diane said…
Great piece Ella--and so so true!
Anonymous said…
As the mother of a 15 yr old daughter, I can relate to what you're much change..and I love all the things on this page, it has a very teen feel, but also feminine, too. Of course, my favorite additions are the butteflies. :)
Kristin said…
How can you have a 15 year old!? You look 15 yourself! That blows me away - and she is so beautiful - no surprise there ;) This is an absolutely wonderful page - I love all the personal details with the crayon box and the perfume label - and know that it will be a treasured page for her. Thank you for sharing this and all of your beautiful work with us - can't wait for your "Show and tell!" xo
Ella said…
Kristen-You are so sweet! Thank you~ I have a son that is 22;I am over 45; time for another photo. I have the gray hair to prove it ;D I am not sure what to do, it will be fun to see. I have a lot of stuff hanging all over the house. I might go with that theme!
You have been a fabulous host! I have so enjoyed the push to create and all the wonderful women! Thank you~

Scarlett-Thank you, me too... I love butterflies! She wanted me to share a current photo. I will soon~

Thank you Diane, I will be by soon. I can't wait to see what you have come up with~ :D

Wanda-Oh, those are full of wonderful memories! I love those, too~

Kaykuala-Yes, that is so true! Wonderful memories are instilled with that image and still are. I guess I would have to add that to my Fall orange list, as well as gorgeous leaves and pumpkins. :D

Amy-This is a beautiful image; I love them, too. They remind me of my grandmother! I grow them now and think of her~ :D

BossyBetty-Thank you; you are so right. It does has a freshness about it~
Janelle said…
I like your page and the concept. I know how it feels to see your daughters grow and blossom, since I have one that is seventeen and one that is sixteen. Watching them grow up is one of the joys of being a parent. Anyway back to your page, I love all the butterflies and the words that you used. Great piece!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Lovely, Ellie. You have a beautiful daughter. Fifteen - ah, that age. I remember - being fifteen and having daughters who were fifteen. Enjoy her, her wings are already impatiently flapping!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-Thank you; yes, time does fly. I do remember being 15, it doesn't seem like that long ago~
You are right about the flapping :D

Janelle-Thank you; I loved what you shared about your daughters~ :D

Jules-You always make me smile ;D

Createology-I love your orange favs...great list! Thank you~

Abby-I love your orange picks~ Thank you, she will loove your comment! ;D

Mandy-They sure do; I added the song! I thought of it after I did the page then was busy, distracted!
Thank you for reminding me :D

L.Diane Wolfe-Great sunsets...yes! Thank you~

Yvonne-I envy that view; I can only imagine! Sounds like a dream~ :D

Alex-Thank you :D I thought for sure you would mention those triple Hot Tamales...they have orange ones!

Giggle n' Guns-Thank you :D Sometimes my photos don't show up on my posts then I get on hubby's laptop and I'm shocked...oops~
Ella said…
WrightStuff-Yes, blogger was giving me some fun~ I couldn't even see the photo...Thank you~

Netty-Thank you so much; I will be by soon ;D

Laurie-Yes, I could use one of those hot! Thank you :D

RaShelle-You are so kind; I'll take it ;D Thank you~
JessiVille said…
Ella, what a beautiful post! From crayons to perfume... wonderful. I think of cheetos! (I'm hungry for a snack) I always enjoy your lovely art and your insightful, wonderful posts! I'm so I glad I met you!
Jessi xox
oh oh...that's a nice orange creation for you...You are lucky to be the mother of such a nice daughter...I think same than you about the symbolism of orange careful...oh yes...
NatashaMay said…
Such a great way to honor your daughter. :) Love the butterflies you added. Lol! Cheese popcorn is my favorite. :)
Elisabeth R said…
Such a fun page! I like all the details, and I see the orange! *lol* :-)
creatingme said…
Orange is the color I see here! I really like this page. My oldest daughter is on the verge of great changes...I really appreciate your page here and your thoughts.
Lovely page Ella! So perfect to use the butterflies. Orange makes me think of my best friend, pumpkins, orange slices on a hot day, & sweet potato fries.