Summer of Color

Summer of Color ends this week; we are to post what we did with our art. Did we arrange it in a journal, or hang it in a special place, did we make something special to put it all in.  I did not organize my art. It is hanging in various areas of my home and some are gifts.  I wish I had made a journal, perhaps another time. I so enjoyed meeting new friends, so many talented, wonderful artists! I found inspiration on all the blogs I visited. I still plan on going back and try to visit some I missed.  It was definitely a challenge to do. My family is busy and this alters my creative time; I knew this would push me and it did. I am really glad I kept up and continued onward. The worst week for me was the 4th, trying to do art, plan for a holiday and packing to go camping was stressful.  Stress can help or hurt the creative process; sometimes it pushed me and other times it shut me down. I found doing something else I loved snapped me out of it.  Thank you to Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle blog for hosting this wonderful event! It was so fun and I'm so inspired to continue to follow so many  wonderful artists; I mean friends.  Congrats to all who accomplished the challenge and who are still working there way through to the end!  I chose black n' white today, as a tribute to the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" it started out in black n' white and then the color appeared. Did you know the ruby red slippers in the book aren't ruby red, but silver. To all artists:  You had the power, all along! I guess the real key is to keep trying, believing, trusting in your voice, and to continue to find ways to express itself!   Kristin is planning on another round next June, so stay tuned, if you missed this one, there is always  next year.  Kristin said, "Orange you glad you did it"  :D
Yes, Kristin I'm tickled pink I did~
Thank you to my followers who commented and pushed me to continue, to all the artist who inspired, and to Kristin, the host with the most colorful event of the season! ;D


Lesley said…
A lovely slide show of this summers challenge. I think my favourite is YELLOW!
A most enjoyable slide of summer colours. I also like yellow.
Thanks for sharing.

Diane said…
All wonderful pieces Ella--everyone's art is so diverse--what a great challenge this was. We were all able to express ourselves in our own art with a common theme.
Mandy said…
awesome work...i am with you, i sorta wish i had have done them in something uniform...but, like you, i have them all around my house...very happy you did this and its been wonderful visiting you...thank
creatingme said…
wow, so beautiful all put together! Really lovely art~
Netty said…
Beautiful slideshow Ella, so many wonderful pieces. Happy to be with you in this great challenge. xx
Kristin said…
Awe! What a wonderful post! Your slideshow is stunning and your art was such an inspiration to me throughout the event. I LOVED how you changed up your header and background weekly and all the love that you put into your projects. Thank you for your sweet comments and for being such a great part of the event. I'll be back, xo
Your Summer of Colour collection looks amazing together in the fab slideshow!.. and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your art work throughout this Challenge Ella.
Jan x
NatashaMay said…
So nice to have been visiting you throughout this challenge. :) You did a beautiful slide for the end.
Sharon said…
I love your slide show. This has been a fun challenge and I so enjoyed meeting you. Let me know when you decide how you are re-inventing yourself... I've been doing that for years and I am sure my last words on this earth will be,"but wait I am not finished". LOL Take care! Sharon
hi ella,,,what a wonderful slide show of your colors of summer pieces...they look WONDERFUL!!! It was a fun summer wasn´t it...thanks for coming by my blog too:) have a good week!
creatingme said…
lovely work! Everything!