Time is flying

Hard to believe school starts in a week for my son and two weeks for my daughter. I love to go school supply shopping. Clothing shopping sometimes; it is according to their mood. I am in shock, there are still a few things we haven't done. I'm hoping we will have a long Fall, this year. I'm ready for cooler weather, but not for summer to end. School should not start, till after Labor Day.  Just my opinion... Are you ready to be behind the yellow school bus, again?  Not me...

I want to say, Thank you to:  Daydreamertoo, Kaykuala and Jen for your prior comments! I will be fine, it is just an adjustment period.  I agree I will look and find the silver lining. For those who don't have a clue what I am talking about, my Mom put her home on the real estate market, today. I am a bit emotional, lots of changes to come. Mom will be moving in with us when her home sells. I am hoping for next Spring. Our son will graduate from college and we thought the transition would be easier. This may not be the case; yes, the FROG is taunting me again.  When school starts I will work on downsizing and figuring out a new plan. Our son will move up into the FROG and Mom in his room, if things progress before Spring's arrival. I have mixed feelings, but family comes first. I am looking at my kitchen in a whole night light. I collect tins and well, they might become my new craft storage zone. The china cabinet also may be made over ;D  I will find a way to make it work~


LTM said…
you're right, time is flying. I've been so bummed that my ladies are back in school, but! They're doing the school year now where there are more breaks throughout...

It's an adjustment, but I think I'll like it! :o) <3
Janelle said…
In my state it is a law that school doesn't start until after Labor day. I am getting ready for school to start, but not quite yet.
kaykuala said…
Slow and easy as long as it's not going to be hurting your goodself. Good luck to you Ma'am.
Melody M. Nunez said…
Is your mom's home the one you grew up in? If so, the situation would be that much more emotional. Let me know if this is the case - I have a great idea for tucking away cherished memories of a home. :o)

Best wishes to you all during this transition...
Hi Ella .. that sort of change is always challenging, especially when you're taking your whole family into consideration too .. I am sure it will go forward happily and all will be well - things happen for a reason .. as I've been finding out.

Thinking of you .. Hilary
Miranda Hardy said…
I enjoy the start of school for my kids. The stores were a mad house this past weekend, and now that they are older, they do not have school lists. Time sure does fly!
Shelly said…
Time is more than just flying...spiraling at lightning speed. It's hard to believe another school year is here. Good luck with getting your mom settled in. Moving and rearranging is a pain.
Hi Ellen, your positive attitude is inspiring. I hope the transistion will bring you unexpected blessings:)


we do love school supply hunt, although our wallets wouldn't agree :)
Here in my country school starts with the 1st September, so kids still have some time to relax.
Donna said…
Change is hard, but all you can do is take it one day at a time. Prayers for strength coming your way.
I'm sure all will be well settling in your mother. Yes, another school year almost upon us, my grandson was bemoaning the fact today when I saw him.......seems the school vacation has flown by,

Vicki said…
I know you will always find a space to create. You are doing a good thing inviting Mom to live with you.
Laura said…
Hi Ella - I read your other post late last night and made a note to come back and comment today after work. I just wanted to say, my thoughts are with you, be strong, good luck, and whatever you do, make that little bit of space for yourself - even if it is time for you rather than physical space for you.
Daydreamertoo said…
One day at a time.
Things always have a way of working out as they are supposed to.
Big changes can also bring about good things in some ways. it'll be hard for your mother to have to lose her absolute independance and live by your house 'rules' too. So, best to lay it all out on the table and start as you mean to go on right at the start.
Just keep on keeping on. Hugs.
Hope it all goes smooth with your mother under the same roof. And no, school should never start until after Labor Day.
Angela Felsted said…
Is it an old beloved family house with lots of memories? You are a very kind daughter to take in your mother.
GigglesandGuns said…
When my dad and I moved in together we decided to share the giving in as well as the giving up.

I live 2 blocks from the elementary school. Biggest problem is the parents.
Susan Kane said…
Transitions are so difficult. Going to school. Moving. And now, your mother is moving in with you. Two big changes for each of you. Love your mom every minute you have her!
Netty said…
Am sure you will come to terms with it all, but it is a big shock to the system. Just take your time and am sure it will all work out OK in the end. x
Ella said…
Netty-Yes, I am in shock; I feel like a zombie. Thank you; it will be fine~

Susan-Yes, I know this will be harder for her, than me. Thank you~

Gigglesandguns-Wise advise; I love this~ Thank you for sharing with me~

Angela-Yes, it is...there is even an amazing diamond colored glass window and a secret hinged step in the staircase. It will be sad to close the chapter on this. I guess I will have to write about it ;D
Thank you~

Alex-Thank you; it won't be dull ;D

Daydreamertoo-Well said; I agree, but she is a stubborn person. It won't be easy. Thank you~ I agree it will be harder for her...

Laura-Thank you for your kind words!
Yes, you are so right~ :D My mind's eye will find a way~

Vicki-Thank you; It will be another curve in the road. I have had just a few~
Ella said…
Yvonne-Most kids are not ready when the calendar rolls over. My daughter is like me, just wants to go back see everyone and their clothes and then have another month off, lol.

Donna-Thank you, so well said~ Yes, breaking it down helps~

Dezzy-Very wise; here it is based on the state.

Thank you Abby; one can hope!

Shelly-Thank you; yes moving is a major pain. I have done more than my share!

Miranda-Yes, we don't have the school lists now either. Both of mine find out when they attend their classes. Then we shop and everything is difficult to find~

Hilary-Thank you for your kind words~

Melody-Yes, it is! Thank you, I would so love to hear your ideas :D

Kayuala-Thank you; it will be a transitions, but we will make it work~

Janelle-I like that! I agree after Labor Day, let them go, but not before~

Leigh-Yes, I do understand the adjustment ;D