Writer's Block

Does it exist?  I think most of us would say yes!  I feel like the tide is extremely low and a fog bank has settled over my harbor.  I am sorting through things, trying to figure out where my creative self will go. What can I hide in the china cabinet, in my tins so I can have a make shift creative spot, a place to be expressive.  I talked to Mom last night, she seems to think there is no rush. Maybe, maybe not, but two parties did a walk through yesterday. The house wasn't even listed for a day. There is no way to know; we have to start making plans. I told her to make a list of what she would want to bring. She asked, how much space she would have. Her room is the largest bedroom in the house. I will measure and tell her for sure. She slept in it, when she was here last.  Our daughter was next in line to get it. She honestly doesn't want it, the closet size is too small. She wants her closet and his room, lol.   She will end up in the FROG, after her brother is done. We will have to look for additional bureaus, etc. when she arrives.

Today I was to write a creative poetry exercise for  Imaginary Garden.  I woke up with a headache. I think I am catching a cold, nothing came to mind. I was empty; I found this book online and started writing down the exercises.  I 'm curious,what do you do what you are blocked, empty? Do you find other creative outlets? What works for you?  I hope you will share here or at the Imaginary Garden. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas~


I work on new riffs on my guitar when nothing comes to me for writing. Still trying to come up with an idea for one more book though...
If I get lost for something to write a poem about I turn to my music, I can totally relax and more often than not something comes to mind.

Caledonia Lass said…
I usually walk away from it and just let it come to me. I actually am very good at not thinking about what I need to do when it comes to writing. That way, when I get the sudden burst of inspiration, its a delight!
I used to sit and play with a slinky at the computer while writing. It helps, to watch something and let your mind drift so it can work out the block.
TS Hendrik said…
Writer's block comes to me in the form of not feeling motivated. The words are there, it just seems like too much effort to lift the proverbial pen to its paper.
kaykuala said…
I get it when I'm lethargic and listless. That tells me I need to do a little physical activity. A little sweat and the mind is fresh again.
Shelley Sly said…
When I have writer's block, I work on something else completely. I write novels, but sometimes I'll switch to nonfiction or song lyrics, or something not-writing, like drawing. That gives my mind a break and refreshes me for when I return to the project at hand.

New follower here; glad to have found your blog!
Daydreamertoo said…
First and most important thing to do is stop telling yourself and thinking of yourself as being 'blocked.' You are not blocked at all, your thinking just needs a shift in what it is allowing itself to think, that's all.
I walk the dog by the water. always by water or, as with one of your other comenters, I put the writing down and play music. Relaxing, meditative music, that allows you to drift away on it's softness. As your thoughts drift, so other uncontrolled thoughts come to you, too. Without being forced into being.
It doesn't matter what you write, just write. Even if you think you've written garbage. Just make a lost of things you're happy about, things you have to do, wishes, things you want/need. anything. Write your moods, high or low, angry, sad. Just write. It doesn't even have to make sense to anyone but you.
But for me (being Cancerian I suspect) its always water, the sounds, the movement it's my soul food. That, the moon and soft music or relaxation music, like Nadama, 'The Healing Touch'
And many such others like that.
But, stop thinking in terms of being blocked, that is a must. Change your thinking and your writings will return. Hugs.
I suffer from creator's block all the time, guess that counts:) I hope things fall into place for you.


Createology said…
By the words in your post you are not blocked. I do not write however I do like to create and when I have no ideas...I organize and sort and AHA ideas come forth with all that I forgot I had in my stash. Maybe a notebook journal where you jot down random ideas at random times...then check your notes and VOILA...ideas for writing. Just enter through your writers door from another angle my dear...
Hi there- I'm doing No Rules Blog Tour #2, I hope you'll participate again!

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sonya said…
I agree with Creatology...I have to write ideas down as they pop into my head or they will be gone forever! :) I don't write but I create and a lot of times I get an idea, I grab some things I would use for the idea and sit it aside until I can come back to it later. I have many, many "stacks" of ideas...all over my craft room! :)
Good luck to you, I'm sure you will think of something in no time.

Muhammad Israr said…
nice post this one :0
Kelley said…
Unplugging until your frustrated enough with yourself to start again is a good one :)
Wanda said…
Love that cute photo of the cat. I haz it too girl! I'm taking a time out.
Arlee Bird said…
I guess the terminology of "writer's block" may be a matter of semantics. When I'm not inspired to write, I do something else. And if I absolutely can't think of anything else to do I might go to sleep.

Tossing It Out
When I hit a block, all I can do is wait. It's almost like a certain amount of time has to pass and then, bam, all the sudden ideas are coming again. I feel one coming on actually....(oh no!!) I think it has a lot to do with lack of sleep these days and the incessant heat/drought we're in down here.
Donna said…
I'll do some cleaning, straightening out closets, run on the treadmill, or just take a drive. Doing these things allows my mind to wander and then suddenly the block's gone.
believe it or not there's even a translator block :) I experience it when I'm translating too many bad books and then creative crises strikes me.