Epistle Poem

Twice a month I post an exercise on  Imaginary Garden blog.  I found this at random...I seem to be on a Roman kick, lately. Epistle is Latin for letter. I thought it was fitting, lately references to Rome keep showing up, on TV, in books, etc.

I have been fighting this bad cold.  I am much better, thank you everyone for your kind words!  I have missed being part of blogging; it feels weird to come back, like I have lost my footing on the trail. I will try to play catch up; I am sure I missed a lot ;D   I missed all of you~ We can't explain this to people who don't blog, can we!  I hope everyone is well; I can't wait to stop by and see what I have missed.  I have had a sinus infection, cold and then the flu like symptoms.  I don't think I had the flu.  I have a friend who argues with me. "sinus headaches don't make you vomit, you had a migraine"  I asked my Dr to end this damn debate.  I won, sort of...  

I have been struggling with the book that wants to come out of me, being ill and my Mom's move. I  am behind in a lot of my creative endeavors. The book seems to have a life of it's own. I know stress did me in. Mom's move is difficult for me. I still am trying to figure out if I can go home. I know sounds simple, but in reality it is not. My husband is getting ready for another business trip, my families crazy schedule makes all of this difficult.