Insecure Writer's Group

 Alex of Cassastar fame has organized this blog hop. You can read the details here, it is the first Wednesday of the month. I knew he was a kind hearted Ninja; Alex are you blushing?  We are to share our fears, encourage, and help each other during the writing process. I fear, when you visit my blog I you wonder what I am about, it is art, poetry, writing and sometimes a recipe.  I fear because I have more than one voice, it causes confusion.

I have had this idea in my head, one I can't shake. I would say I recently encountered a view of something that has altered my perception. You have not entered the Twilight Zone, lol.  Walking through some different doors, does either cause one's awareness to change or they bump into things. I did both...   I uncovered something deep, dark and ugly.  Authentic was my word for this year; this is the opposite. I worry I'm trending in shark infested waters, I have to change names and so much info, so I won't get sued. No, I did not witness a murder, but I did connect the dots to something that should not be happening.  It takes away from the very essence it is involved in. It could ruin me, if I tell it and it might ruin me if I don't.

I worry about losing members all the time, but I know we connect at different times for different reasons.  I'm encouraged by meeting,  so many unique souls. I love that we all have a voice. I love that people(bloggers) for the most part are respectful and kind to one another. Lately, I don't see much of this in the real world.

  Is this how it feels, when you decide this is the book you should write?!  What elements should I be aware of when trying to make a non fiction event into fiction?  Do you have any bait for the sharks?


Melissa Bradley said…
Wow!! A non-fiction event into fiction is brave and scary. I know that connecting the dots is the way many people think and those involved may recognize themselves immediately. If you don't want to do the based on true events disclaimer, then I would take care to alter ages, genders, locations and maybe even tweak events. It should be similar, but not. At least this the way I would operate.

I cannot say for sure. I would also maybe talk with an agent who specializes in representing non-fiction writers and see what she or he thinks if they have any hints. You might also contact a published writer who has done what you considering.

I wish you all the best with this project and I hope that everything works out for the very best. This sounds like an incredible undertaking and I admire you for doing this.
Arlee Bird said…
I think it's good to let others hear our many voices to keep us from becoming boring. Most of us are multifaceted to some degree and we shouldn't hide our talents or keep knowledge to ourselves.
As far as turning reality into fictional accounts, I think changing names, places, times, and maybe a few details while retaining the message we want to convey works just fine. Maybe even a pseudonym? I don't know that most people even notice something is about them unless a writer makes it very obvious.

Tossing It Out
share our fears.. wow.. great idea.. I am just getting back to the new swing of fall.. schedules.. time for me.. organizing etc... so I hope to visit once a week....
I love this idea.. maybe I will try it ... next wed...
Timoteo said…
Deep, dark, and ugly...sounds like it would sell!
Ella, wow! Now I'm all curious.
I like where your voice wanders. I never knew what I'll find when I visit you. But like your smiling photo, there is always joy.
And if the latest shark movie is to be believed, partying teens attract sharks and make for good shark snacks.
Good luck with your project.

Mary said…
I think even the secure are insecure on occasion.
kaykuala said…
I would think fact into fiction is a real challenge.The advantage is the structure is already apparent. However,the story-line if well known can knock off the mystery and suspense the moment the book is opened. As suggested by many names and places are not revealed with a disclaimer as a safety measure. The writer need not be anonymous though as there's a premium to a reputation already established. Best of luck to those who dare!

Donna said…
I can tell when I NEED to write a particular book by the fact that I can't think of much else at first. It's like I need to write it down right away or if I can't, I have a voice memo thingy on my phone and at least get the thoughts saved.
Summer Ross said…
Sounds like be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Brave person! I wish I had some insight for you but I have never ran into this situation.
Anonymous said…
I love all the facets of your blog...I love finding others like me. :) DOn't ever change!!!
Maybe you could try allegory to tell your story? But I'm no writer...
Tonja said…
For your story, maybe if you keep the same situation but change the characters radically, like not just names. And maybe plot too - take what happened as a starting point but take it further. Sounds intriguing.
Ha! "Walking through some different doors, does either cause one's awareness to change or they bump into things." (LOL -- I'm afraid I'm the one bumping into things.)

I relate with this post too. (So far, I think I can relate to all of them.) Anyway, my blog is all over the place. I worry it confuses people!

Well, that was interesting. I'm always changing names and worrying about getting sued too! I thought I was the only one!

Wish I had some great piece of advice about turning non-fiction into fiction... which is strange because I do it all the time. The thing is, I don't know how to explain it. Best wishes with those sharks.
Muhammad Israr said…
everybody feels insecure at some stage of life :) this is a nice of you both for the insecure writers :)
Caledonia Lass said…
Hmm....non-fiction to fiction can be super touchy. However, this is why there is usually a disclaimer stating characters are fictional and all that fun, legal jargon.
But what to do when the non-fiction finds out about the fiction? Be honest.
If this is something worth writing, something that might help/give hope/inspire/warn.... give it a shot. Don't submit it to publishers unless you have people you trust look it over, who know the non-fiction aspect of it as well. If it doesn't pan out, burn the sucker!
I like your many voices, don't change a thing!
Talli Roland said…
That's a very interesting questions. I've tried fictionalising a non-fictional event, and I was told my an agent that I shouldn't have stuck so rigidly to what actually happened. Sometimes fiction can make things even better, you know? So build on the actual happening, but don't worry about veering off.
Halli Gomez said…
I love your blog! Glad we found each other's pages.
Your non-fiction story sounds intriguing. I think you've got most of us hooked already.
I've come across a lot of things online about writing memoirs and how to protect the "innocent." There is a lot of information out there and some really great comments above too.

My thought on writing it is go for it! I believe you can feel if a story is bursting to get out. Don't hold back!
Hi Ella, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

I only ever once tried to write about a real event, and for me it didn't work, so I'm afraid I have no advice. All I can suggest is that you write it as though it was an idea you created? Hope that makes sense.
Becky Shander said…
Maybe try to drown out the noises of insecurity by allowing your story to spill out in a free-flowing the self-editing for later, once you've let it all roll. I bet you'll feel great afterward.
colbymarshall said…
I agree with Melissa's comments--it's a good idea to keep the theme of the story, but tweak it so it's not the same. If you want to write a memoir, that's one thing, but fiction is a different beast. I think we all use our own experiences for inspiration, but it's important to change enough so that people won't recognize themselvces in your story.

Colby and Ashlee from We Are Twins
Liza said…
It sounds like you have to tell the story...somehow...even if you simply write it for yourself. Good luck!
yep, bloggers being respectful and nice to eachother is quite a unique thing. I think it's because we are mostly surrounded by writers and nice people here.
Carolyn V said…
I wish I had an answer, but turning a non fiction event into a fictional one can be tricky! I have to agree with Colby, sometimes you just have to got it down on paper. ('s hard!) =)
Brianna said…
I can relate to your blogging insecurities. I, too, have a variety of interests that I write about on my blog. I've often contemplated narrowing in on one subject, but that's just not me. How can we develop a strong writing voice if we only write on one subject? How can we be honest and real if we only share one part of our lives? A writer writes about many things. A writer's blog should reflect that. I enjoy reading your posts on different things. It makes you real.

I also worry about losing followers, especially when real life gets busy and I can't visit as many blogs on a regular basis. But luckily, other bloggers are understanding. I may not be by everyday, but this follower is here to stay, Ella!

I can't offer any good advice on making your non-fiction incident a fictional story, but I can wish you the best with it!
Ella said…
I have an errand to run. I'm fighting a cold, sinus bug. Hubby came home early and we are headed out to get more supplies. I thought I had enough...

I will be back to comment~
I love fiction stories inspired by true events. It adds an element of reality to the made up world. In order to make the transition from nonfiction to fiction, you need to stay true to the core of the story. Then, change everything else to protect the real people and locations involved and yourself from lawsuits. Good luck!
Ella said…
Laura-Thanks for your input; I am not sure I can pull it off. I still want to try... I think people need to see more behind the scenes details. Details I discovered. Many people love this medium, but there is a dark side. I guess I feel it needs to be spotlighted. Thank you I will need to protect myself.

Brianna-Your post made my day! Life detoured me. I didn't get back online as I promised. Thank you so much and I will be by to visit you~
I think we need to share our interest, our views, as you said, it is what makes us real! xXx

Carolyn-Thank you; I really appreciate your honesty!

Dezzy-We are surrounded by nice people; you included ;D

Liza-Yes, I think I do! I think it will help take some wind out of my sails. Then I can decide how to proceed.

Thank you Colby; it does sound difficult~

Becky-Yes, I think just letting it out, may help! Thank you

Annalisa-Thanks for the advice; this sounds difficult~

Halli-Thank you! Glad I found you, too :D Yes, it does have that I have to write it feeling, even if for myself~ I think the only way it could work is to take the ugly and redeem it, just not sure how I want to do that, yet....

Talli-Thank you so much!I appreciate you sharing your experience. I can see it could be a huge undertaking~

Caledonia Lass-Thank you! I do need to spin it. I see the ugly right now and need to find a way to reveal it, but have a spin that makes you understand "why". I need to redeem it~ I love your comment burn the sucker, lol

Muhammad-Yes,it goes with the creative gene ;D
Ella said…
Doralynn-Thanks for being honest; I am sure it is a process. First I just need to get the story down. I have started it and then go back and rewrite it and change the innocent n' guilty. All over the place is interesting ;D

Tonja-I like your idea, take it further! Thank you~

Scarlett-Thank you; life is multifaceted so why shouldn't our blogs be?!! ;D Thank you; we can only be ourselves~

Thank you Summer! The question will remain brave or stupid? Time will tell...

Donna-This is exactly where I am. I think the phone idea is a great one!

Thank you Hank; I suppose in theory the idea is one of the life long standards. Someone taking credit for something that is not theirs. The part of being recognized and treated brilliantly, for something they did not do. Well, it disturbed me in school and disturbs me now.

Mary-oh, yes the human element~

Yvonne-Thank you for your thoughts~

Alex-Great shark bait tip! Thank you, but it is a goofy photo. I don't photograph well and I tried to take my own pic. Alex you are right about the never knowing part! ;D lol

Timoteo-Yes, you do have a point! I do want to share both sides of the coin. Nothing is all black or white~

Lisa-This group is the first Wednesday in every month. Yes you should join in! :D

Thank you Lee; you always give great advice ;D

Melissa-Thank you for all the great tips! I guess first I need to get it out of my head, it just keep whirlying like a storm. All your input I will take note of! Thank you so much~
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