Poets United-Rain

Poets United's prompt this week is # 67 Rain.  It rained today, I felt better, less pressure in my head.
Rain, so many kinds, the needed kind, the sad rain that ruins an event, the happy kind you sing and dance in,  and the passion filled thunderstorm. I know there is the scary kind of torrential hurricane type, etc.

I am going to add some music that I think portrays the mood of some types of rain.(gentle and welcomed)

 Having issues putting up another video so check it out here 2CELLOS ( this is the hurried rain)
Aren't they amazing!  I want to learn how to play the Cello, now ;D  My parents convinced me to play clarinet. I wanted the drums, but I ended up playing the guitar.


pressure builds in torrents
current underlies impact
 alters time, distracts
endless curtain lifts
darkness filters in
 bolts light up the stage
cymbals boom
 crashing and shaking one's stance
impact strikes
sparks fly
passion erodes mood
performance breathtaking
uplifting a wave of hope
nature's rhythm amplified 
the universal language
freshness falls in the wind section
cleanses soul
we begin again
till the next climatic concert
strings wail
(a standing ovation)
as those run for cover

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton


kaykuala said…
A climatic concert it is with all the thunders and lightning before the rains arrived - how beautifully described.

Mary said…
What a unique approach to the topic, Ella. Actually, as I read your poem I understood not only a concert, but also the storms within a person's mind, which eventually (thankfully) are lightened/freshened as well.
Ella said…
Mary-Thank you! I love your take on my words, so glad you shared~xXx

Hank-Thank you, I do love all kinds of concerts :D Can't wait to read what you came up with!
Anonymous said…
I love cellos. I'm going to rent one and learn to play. Such beautiful music. Thanks for sharing with us.
Old Ollie said…
very thoughtful - I just leap in, you think it out...I can learn from you!
Ella said…
Ollie-I can learn from you; I love how you can say so much, with so few words~ Thank you ;D

Stephen-ooh, great idea! The sound has this soulful haunting tone. I love it! I figure if I can play one string instrument, there is hope :D
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- A musical/nature climatic concert... a fantastic piece!
Daydreamertoo said…
What a lovely symphony~!
I love the rain too, but not the type that leaves horrendous floods for everyone. Just the gentle, soft kind.
Lovely prose.
I can feel the storm now!
I like how your poem made me think of a powerful cleansing energy running though nature, violent but necessary:
"freshness falls in the wind section
cleanses soul
we begin again..."

Sherry Blue Sky said…
2cellos are un-freaking believably good. Wow. I am blown away. Love your poem too, the build-up then the release. Cool, Ellie.
Oh, I forgot to add, I love the quote at the end. So optimistic. :)
Anonymous said…
a wonderful blog you got and a breathtaking poem here. the comparison of rain to a concert is brilliant. loved how the words flowed, mixed with imagery of a band playing and rainfall. felt like a concert in rain.
loved the last line, adds a bit of humor. :)
M Pax said…
Listening to the music while reading your poetry was so moving. Beautiful.
Heaven said…
I like the sounds and movements of this poem. The climatic concert with all the strings wailing is a nice touch.

Wonderful rain ~
I love it when cymbals boom, it's my favourite boom of all booms :)
madhumakhi said…
Your comparison of a concert to a storm is refreshingly original. And music is indeed universal language.
Anonymous said…
I haven't been to THAT kind of concert in a while, but I was transported there! Brilliant writing and imagery! Thank you so much for sharing (and I know that sounds lame, but I mean it)!
Neni said…
brilliant and thoughful poem... like it... :)
celticsea said…
I read your poem as I listened to the video. How well they went together! Thanks for sharing both your talent and that of the celloists! Both pieces were beautiful.

Janet said…
I enjoyed the whole performance immensely! thank-you. So cleverly and beautifully brought to life!
Anonymous said…
That music is absolutely beautiful!! I want to learn, too. I took piano, wanted to play violin. Wound up taking up the bagpipes in my late 20's!! lol, fun but hard!
Your poem is so refreshing and lovely...oh how I wish we could get some rain...it's been too long. I'll take any kind, just so long as it's WET! :)
I know rain is necessary... but I never much like it.. not sure why.. but your description... makes me like it.. a bit ....
I love how easily your words flow. And what a fantastic way of envisioning music through the rain.
I'm your newest follower. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry :-)
Old Raven said…
Ella you have made rain a wonderful metaphor for life here. I like your poem.
Sandra Evertson said…
Really wonderful!
Sandra Evertson
Ella said…
Sandra-Thank you so much for stopping by, but for all of your inspiration~ I was watching Martha the day you called in about your dishwasher ;D

Old Raven-Thank you; I do think most elements of nature hold magical qualities. I know there is the other side, too (I won't go there)

Thank you Angela; I will stop by and visit you! I love your name and profile pic(my daughter is named Angela ;D)

Lisa-It can be inconvenient and show up when one has outdoor plans, but it does have moments of beauty~

Scarlett-I wish I could send you some :D I will do a rain dance for Texas~ Thank you; wow bagpipes, I love the tone, so hauntingly beautiful!

Thank you Janet; I am glad you enJOYed it~

Colleen-I should of done that when I wrote it, but I didn't. I am happy to hear you liked it and it did work~ Thank you so much~
Ella said…
Thank you Neni; I am pleased you liked it~

ccchampagne-You didn't sound lame, but I know what you mean. I truly mean Thank you, but fear I sound insincere~ We need more time out for music in our lives~ Thank you :D

gautami tripathy-You made mine!
@>------ Thank you~

madhumakhi-Thank you, though I am not sure about the original. I bet some musicians have written to storms, what do you think? ;D

Dezzy-Thank you for sharing your booms~ :D

Thank you Kristin ;D You make me smile~

Heaven-Thank you, I probably would of evoked the feeling more with a whole symphony, but went with it~

MPax-Thank you so much; I am happy you liked it~

fallenelegy-I love your take on my poem n' the music! Nice humor ;D

Sherry-They are so talented, trained from their youth! Inspiring to hear~ Thank you ;D

Delia-I love that you shared your view on my words! It was beautiful to read your take~

Alex-Silly, you make me smile, it is probably thundering at your house ;D

Daydreamertoo-I am with you; I prefer the gentle that sooths the soil~ Thank you!

Thank you Laurie; I look forward to your musical posts! I will try the twist one :D