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Think Tank Thursday at Poets United chose the color red for prompt #68.  When I think of red, I think of passion, love, roses, apples, and Dorothy's red shoes.  I bought a pomegranate yesterday and love to use the tangy seeds in my salad or guacamole. They are tart n' sweet and add a lot of health benefits. They remind me of little jewels. When I was at check out, the bag boy told me, these grew in his neighborhood when he was little. I told him about the health benefits. He said, it must be true, everyone on the street ate them and they were all over ninety yrs old.

This fruit represents many things to different cultures.

Catherine of Aragon chose the pomegranate as her badge, and it became accepted into English heraldry when she married Henry VIII in 1509. The heraldic meanings of the pomegranate go back to the myth of Persephone, representing the persistence of life, fertility, and regeneration.


Seduced by ripe, exotic garnet apple
Persephone ruled by Fates
Barren 2 seasons for 6 seeds
Coat of arms compromised
Rank in Eden questioned
Where is Earth’s balance
Embedded in arils of bliss
Questions arise  
 613 seeds passed to Moses
Fruit formed Solomon’s crown
Coins in Sid display this jewel
Hera’s beauty in question
Orion’s destiny in darkness
Baby Mary holds future
Our Earth forever tinged red


Mary said…
RED definitely has had its part in history, hasn't it? I truly love the last line of this poem.
Heaven said…
It starts with the red apple down to baby Mary...nice rundown of redful events.

Nice one ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Good one, Ellie. Love the last line especially.
Ella said…
Thank you Sherry! So much history behind this fruit, it was mind boggling!

Heaven-It is interesting, but some think the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit...makes one wonder!
Thank you~

Mary-Thank you, I found this subject intriguing! Yes, red sure does have a lot to do with our history~
Daydreamertoo said…
It is fascinating isn't it.
Lovely piece from you Ella.
Laurie Kolp said…
Red is vital to life... I much prefer apples over pomegranates. Thanks for the info!
Old Ollie said…
nice, so many red allusions...
rch said…
Hi Ella, this poem is flush with the ripeness of life, enjoyed reading.