Imaginary Garden is playing with poetic forms.  Grace has really been pushing our boundaries in a good way. She challenged us to write a Triolet. It is a poem of eight lines, two rhymes, and two repeating refrains. I found inspiration growing on my lawn, yesterday.  A brain mushroom, most are poisonous. I darkened the photo for the effect. I thought this theme fit, as we approach October, the month of mischief and goblins.

 I live with mischief and goblins.  My husband went outside last night to put his luggage in our vehicle. I had our beagle, Buster(yes, he was named for the dog that lives in the shoe)ready for a walk and found the car light on the inside was left on.  I grabbed my keys and opened the door to find he had put the brain mushroom on the floor mat.  WHAT? WHY? WHAT did I do?  Game on, I told him...  Yes, the pranks have started. I am going to get out the Halloween decorations today and see what I have on hand. I do have a glow in the dark brain, this could be fun and some rubber snakes, but I am thinking furry spiders would be best.

Isn't it amazing; I googled brain mushrooms and still haven't found one like this.
 WARNING:  Do not google brain mushrooms before a meal, unless you are dieting-bleck!

Where damp black magic grows

Spreading and feeding on decay

Musky poison, not fit for crows

Where damp black magic grows
only the enchanted forest knows

Tested on Rome's airway

Where damp black magic grows

Spreading and feeding on decay~

Here is where the mushroom is now.  Yes, my FUNguy moved the fungus.  I will still have to take it off the windshield...eewww~  I am amazed and disgusted!
* Roman Warriors would taste test the mushrooms to see if they were poisonous, for their nobility!


Kerry O'Connor said…
I've never even heard of a brain mushroom - so I've learnt something new, and been entertained with a fun and spooky poem.
Triolet, in my world, is a musical term for three connected notes :)

Otherwise, spooky post! I can see why that mushroom is called a "brain: mushroom!
You learn something new everyday.

Thanks for sharing this.

li said…
Love learning a new poetic form. As for mushrooms, they're all over the place right now. I ran over one with the tractor and it was really foul smelling. Ick! That brain mushroom is pretty cool, I have to admit.
Mary said…
Oh, my, I have never heard of a brain mushroom; but I can see how it got its name. I enjoyed your triolet!
I've heard of it, but never seen a photo. Wonder if I can find one for a co-worker's desk...?
Wanda said…
Never seen one of those before. I wouldn't be pleased to discover one in my car.
Laurie Kolp said…
Sounds like fun at your house. I love Halloween, but it's hard to think of with temps of 96.
vivinfrance said…
Terrific triolet. The fungus looks just like brain coral, so I suppose that might resemble something which should be inside my skull (I doubt it sometimes!)

I hope your revenge works well.
Jinksy said…
I bet all Blogger's brain look just the same as that - full of little holes where the words fall through!
LTM said…
ooo... I love that poem! Where damp black magic grows...

but BLECK is right! That brain mushroom looks disgusting! :p LOL! <3
Oh, I love mushrooms, yum! :)
I like the "damp black magic" - it makes me think of secrets and mysterious powers. Intriguing.
Tina Schiefer said…
I LOVE it! This time of year is my favorite...pranks, goblins, ghouls and all...The BRAIN mushroom is fascinating...I posted recently about mold, so WHY NOT?!!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by...
Kristin said…
Awe, I love your story about that pranking DH of yours - and your poem is just spectacular! You have such a way with words - and I love how your mind works. Bravo again Miss Ella, xoxo
Ella said…
Hi Kristin-Thank you; it isn't dull around here often, lol xox

Tina-Thanks for dropping by. Oh, didn't see the mold post. I will be by again, lol

Delia-Yes, I figured it would conjure up some interesting visuals ;D

Leigh-It is, I gently deposited in a moist area to let it keep growing. I figured it had been moved twice and is unique. ;D
Yeah, eeeww, lol 555 <3

Jinksy-I love your view! :D

Vivinfrance-Thank you; I will keep you all posted. I am going to give it some time. He is expecting something. I am thinking something to do with the show, "Dexter". lol

Oh Laurie, I know it is warmer here than I would like! I am sending you some Fallish, cool air!
Thank you~

Wanda-Hi, I know, not cool! I will get him; it may take some time, but I'm patient ;D

Alex-You are funny! Yes, nothing like office pranks to keep things interesting! lol

Mary-Thank you; it wasn't the plan, but it just came to me ;D

Li-How big was the one you ran over? Ick is right! There are many other strange ones in the yard. I took photos for another rainy day, lol~ Thank you~

Yvonne-Thank you; yeah, that is what my Mom said, too :D

Colette-Thank you for sharing, interesting~ Yes, it is unique!

Kerry-Thank you, yes, it does provide that spooky element! :D
Hi Ella .. yugh!! is what I say .. looks disgusting .. and just how poisonous is it ... ?

Spooky October .. I think I'm glad I'm this side of the pond!
Mary Mansfield said…
Great spooky atmosphere in this. A wonderful triolet!
It is pretty yucky--but makes for great verse!
Grace said…
Lovely form ~ Yikes on those black and decaying mushrooms ~
M. A. S. said…
That thing is big!

I love

Where damp black magic grows.
Jinksy said…
And a year later, the fungus is still as much fun... :)
Margaret said…
Halloween tricks? April 1st is all I can handle.