Almost a Cover Girl

I almost made it; I received my complimentary issue, in the mail today. There is a yellow letter that hides the cover, telling you, you are published inside. I hesitated to open it, taking a deep breath, then I saw the side of the magazine and knew. The side was orange. My art work is in the lower row, middle, Mary n' Jesus.  My article is in this feature, called  "A Diamond In The Rough".   Be sure to check out this issue of Somerset Studios for lots of unique ideas for the holiday season. I am sure it will inspire you.

Here is a few peeks of my article. Yes, I wrapped a gift with a gently used dryer sheets  Recycling can be beautiful~ I was inspired by Becky Shander; she is always coming up with unique ideas!         

Thank you to those of you who voted for me :D   An email is sent out to people who subscribe, to their newsletter, in case you are wondering.  
I asked a few friends and my family to vote for me. Next time I might need more help, I don't have a big family ;D lol

The quote on the package says:

 "What lies behind

  us and what lies 

    ahead of us 

  are tiny matters
                compare to what

                 lies within us"

                ~Oliver Wendell Holmes


If you get the chance check it out!  

Congrats, to the artist, who did win the cover, Connie Fong!


connie said…
I can't wait to see your article. Thanks for the shout out...I had no idea I was up for a cover issue (my first). Congrats to you as well.
Ella said…
This was my first time, too~
I received it today; it is lovely!
Carrie Burtt said…
This is so cool Ella!! You are a very talented person! Congratulations! :-)
I definitely check it out Ella!! I am so happy for you. :) looking forward to reading it over a nice cup of coffee.
Susan Kane said…
Huzzah! That is so wonderful! Congratulations!
Netty said…
Huge congratulations, x
Anonymous said…
I remember voting on this one and choosing yours. I love your work and can't wait to read this article.

Congrats friend!

Dorthe said…
Hi Ella,
I voted for you, The cover they showed with your art,spoke much more to me, that the other one .
It is beautiful and soft, and I love it.
I hope my copy arrives soon.
Janelle said…
Congratulations! It is still exciting to get published even if you didn't make the cover.
Anonymous said…
Congrats! to you. That's something to brag about.
Vicki said…
It all makes sense now! I absolutely love this piece. It is certainly cover worthy and I cannot wait to get my copy. I am so happy for you! I just know I will see you on the cover someday soon. xoxo
Createology said…
Huge Congratulations on your lovely published art. That is so very exciting and inspirational. Joyous Beauty Dear...
Mary said…
Hearty congratulations to you, Ella. This is no small achievement.
Scarlett Clay said…
AWESOME!! At this rate your sidebar is going to be filled with covers!! I think your cover was heavenly....peaceful and reverent..just the way I feel about Christmas. Congratulations on an incredible achievement from someone who knows how hard it is!! You've got what it takes, girlfriend!1 :)
Melissa Bradley said…
Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you. Yay!!!
Anonymous said…
How wonderful for you :) Your art is beautiful.
sunny said…
this is very good Ella,like it
Jules said…
YIPPEE, YIPPEE... happy dancing here! See I knew you were good and I told you so. Now will you listen?! :)

BIG CONGRATS my friend.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Wanda said…
Woohoo! Congratulations Ellie! You're artwork is beautiful and of course I love the quote.
congrats, Ella, I think you should've won the cover!
Gorgeous, congrats sister! I once used a dryer over the lens of my camera , it made for really cool photos! Love what you've done, I need to get a subscription.
Happy Weekend!
Hi Ella - great cover .. love the look of your art work .. congratulations you're in it! Enjoy the weekend and your success .. I love your Halloween inspired top - can't think of the right word! Cheers Hilary
LTM said…
aww... boo!!! :p But hey, you're one step closer to getting it next time, and that cover you did was GORGEOUS. A special recognition inside is very nice, too!

big congrats! ((hugs)) :o) <3
Kristin said…
Awe, WOW! HOW wonderful - I am so excited to see it!!! I will be anxiously awaiting my SS in the mail to see my lovely friend and her beautiful work. Another amazing accomplishment - a cover is sure to follow soon ;) xoxoxo
Old Kitty said…
Hello there!! What a lovely lovely blog!! And what a wonderful first post for me to read! CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay for you!! Awwwww the mag looks adorable and there's your article - well done you! Have a great weekend!

Take care
Becky Shander said…
I just read your article...the artwork is gorgeous! All the special touches are wonderful.
Ella said…
Becky-Thank you so much, your words mean a lot! xo You inspired me :D

Kitty-Thank you for being so kind! :D

Kristin-You may be next for the cover! I love this issue so many inspiring ideas~( I love the inspiration of the season). I will be by soon to see your latest and greatest~

Leigh-Thank you; it would have been nice! Who knows, but I am happy they liked and kept my article! 555 <3 xo

Hilary-Thank you, I used old Bingo cards. They were my Dad's ;D
Thank you for kindness~

Jenny-Thank you; Cool idea will have to dry,I mean try it, lol~
Your art is amazing; you should submit! xo

Thank you Dezzy! Hubby isn't convinced I should be going this path. The cover might of convinced him~ Try, try again :D

Wanda-I thought of you and I knew you would love that quote :D
Thank you!

Jules-;D Listen, maybe...
Cover would of helped with the doubts, but not in the cards! Thank you for being so nice, so you~

Thank you Sunny! :D

Niki-Thank you, it was a gift to be nominated~

Thank you Melissa, we really do need virtual confetti ;D

Scarlett-Thank you, your words and encouragement means so much! You must continue, your art is beautiful!

Thank you Mary; I almost fell out of my chair when I saw I was a choice! So kind of you to stop by~

Thank you Sherry, it was a last minute thought. Wrap something creatively...I was playing and it happened. One never knows, unless they give themselves time to experiment, play! :D

Vicki-You could be on the cover some day soon! Thank you :D, it is
a wonderful gift to be part of the magic~
Ella said…
Thank you Donna!

Stephen-Thank you, you made me blush... :D

Janelle-It is, I now have some easy Christmas gifts to buy, lol ;D

Dorthe-Thank you for your kind words and voting for me! It means a lot~:D

Thank you Abby and for your vote!
Perhaps you are next...Thank you for being supportive :D

Netty, thank you!!!

Thank you Susan! Yes, I am thrilled~

Thank you Captain! ;D

Jen-Thanks I will love to do that, too ;D You are sweet~

Carrie-So are you; thank you for being so kind!
GigglesandGuns said…
Congratulations! Can't wait to check it out.
Ella said…
Thank you GG for helping me celebrate!
Monica said…
the article is wonderful.What an amazing creation you made.
... And woo hoo, almost a cover girl!!! Many many heartfelt congrats.
Monica xo