Art Challenge

I recently finished and submitted art for a  quote challenge offered by Somerset Studio Magazine.  I found this one to be the toughest to date. I don't know all I could think of was "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"  Do I do the art and find the quote or do I find a quote and do the art?!  I found the quotes first, but  some quotes were harder than others to portray.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the art I submitted. I love quotes and enjoyed the challenge, but found it hard to quit. I wish I had made more and maybe when I catch up on life(cleaning, laundry, clutter) I will make some more ;D.

This is a quote by Russell Page:

Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart~
Inside the stitched gloves you can add a gift card, seeds or a small token.

I also made a reflective piece of my daughter. This is an older photo, but it portrays the brooding mood that sometimes lingers in this age group.  I put dark feathers on top and lighter on bottom, to reflect the change in mood, which with her doesn't stay dark for long.   I had her approval for this piece of art and these words ;D.  I chose part of the poem by Emily Dickinson.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul-
And sings the tune without the words-
And never stops-at all~

I also made one more with using an Emily Dickinson quote. Believe it or not, my fence is made out of paper bag strips, covered with vellum.  I layered photos underneath and yes, painted the paper bag vintage white.  Warning sewing on vellum can be dangerous, you can't see it here, but I the glue didn't stay and I stitched the sides.  It is always fun to experiment~  It was quite the adventure, I lost a piece of my my sewing machine, that holds the thread in place and had to make a MacGyver device using my baking powder lid. Yes, I had another I Love Lucy meets MacGyver kind of day~ 

My friends are my estate~Emily Dickinson


Cindy Adkins said…
Oh wow, Ella, this is amazing!!! I'm so glad you shared it all. I just made a new post--I hope you'll come read's pretty heart-wrenching....It's at my Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings blog.
Heavens2Betsy said…
These are all brilliant. I love the accompanying quotes. penny
Dorthe said…
Hi Ella,
they are fantastic, I love the fingers where you can put little things inside, and the poem from E.D. goes so very well with the one of your daughter.
A beautiful post.
Mary said…
I had not realized you were a visual artist as well as a poet. I like the concept of matching quotes with art and enjoyed seeing what you came up with. I LOVE the one of your daughter!
love your artwork, Ella! Very creative!
Janelle said…
I really like your art pieces. My favorite is the one of your daughter. I have a daughter that is broody a lot and I really rejoice when she shows her smile, especially for the camera. I love the quote too. Good job fixing your sewing machine, very ingenious.
Those are nice! You really are the MacGyver of the art world.
Don't sew your fingers by accident though.
Daniella said…
Hello Ella!
It is so nice to meet you!! YOUR blog is fabulous!! I could sit here and read it all day!! And those pictures of your art? AMAZING!!!
Thank you for visiting my MS blog! You are too kind!
I have my "real" blog too, my artsy crafty blog. It is
if you would like to visit there!!
You are awesome!!
Createology said…
Ella these are indeed amazing pieces of heartfelt art. Your work is blissfully inspiring...
Kristin said…
I love lucy meets macgyver!! I LOVE it! Oooh, I love your pieces - your daughter's picture is really special and I love your first piece with the fingers! SO clever . . . l really wanted to do this one but did not ;( I will live vicariously through you . . . and I'm SURE to see these in an upcoming issue! You are such a talent! (and I love your new background and picture) xoxo
Jules said…
Hope this finds you healed by now! :) I love your projects they all seem to have such depth and great layers and yes, you do need to do more! :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Ella said…
Hi Jules-Thank you; I did enjoy making these! Okay you talked me into it! I need to visit you more; I miss you~

Kristin-lol, yes, I have my moments!
Thank you; I didn't send the art in without her approval. She said, she really liked it! You know I bet we are going to see a lot with quotes for awhile. YOU could always add a quote to one of the other challenges ;D I will have to live through you S Apprentice, WOW!

Sherry-Thank you; I look forward to hearing about your Discovery Journal...what a wonderful idea!!!

Daniella-You have an Ella on your name ;D Nice to meet you; I look forward to getting to know you better! Thank you are are so kind~
I will visit your crafty blog, as well~

Alex-Been there done that. I won't go into all of the details, but I had a cheap sewing machine and was stitching on paper. The machine jumped and needle went in thumb nail. I probably hit the table with my leg. It was a queasy moment... Thank you! :D Another nickname, lol I'm collecting them now! How many do you have? Ninja, Captain Alex?

Janelle-Thank you; I had a deadline and was running behind. We will see how it all turns out. I have seen on Youtube. The art either goes into a smiley face bin or the frown bin. Smiley faces get published; frowns go home~ My has outgrown the brood and so will yours!

Thank you Dezzy, I just love quotes ;D and Hollywood spies~

Mary-Thank you; yes, I dabble in all kinds of stuff. It was my first love, but I have many interests. Thank you; my daughter is all smiles these days. I will post why soon~ I think the quotes really add a reflective quality, but so hard to choose. So many great ones!

Dorthe-I love E.Dickinson; her view is profound. It is simple yet stunning. She had remarkable insight into the ordinary, which makes her words extraordinary!
Thank you so much~

Penny-Thank you, did I call you Betsy before? I do think I will try another round of quoted art~
Thanks for encouraging me :D

Thank you Cindy; my thoughts n' prayers are with you and yours xo
So creative! Wish you well and love the quick fix on the sewing deadlines are great. Beautiful work Ella!
Ella said…
Thank you Queen Bee, yes, it was an adventure, but it always seems to be! or maybe I should say bee, lol!
You are sweet~
Anonymous said…
Your interpretation of the quote is so cool. I love it! And I am loving that picture of your daughter!!! It's intense yet innocent...she's a beautiful girl.


Ella said…
Thank you Abby! I did ask her if she was fine with it; she was!
That age is intense, at times...enJOY your daughter! xo