Artistic Reflection

I won a giveaway from Monica at The White Bench ;  enclosed inside were two
5x7 photos I had chosen. I picked The Gate and Autumn Painterly Palette.  Her photos are gorgeous and remind us how color, so influences our mood!   I'm a nature girl and these photos, will brighten the winter doldrums when they arrive.  Thank you Monica~

                           Abby of Abby's Paperie Garden sent me these, so romantic aren't they~
She made them out of peat pots; they are prettier in person~  I put one on my china cabinet and the other on a tea set. Thank you Abby!  They are stunning and whisper romance and making time for things we love; I'm thinking tea~
 I won this a while ago, thought I would share.  Angela Harris makes lovely creations! she does a lot of wedding favors, lot of name tags, romantic paper roses, and more.   Her creations inspire romance~
                                                              Thank you Angela~

I treated myself to one of Vicki Sheehan's journals. I have admired them for awhile! I rewarded myself for being published. Her paper journals whisper poetry to me~ They are stunning!  I received mine today; Vicki it is gorgeous; it is all I thought it would be and more~
This is how it was wrapped...

 Aren't these pages, dreamy?!  Mainly homemade paper and a few surprises, my favorite
surprise is in the center of the journal.

I love butterflies, how fab~

I also treated myself to this item and ordered a couple for Christmas. I love floral gifts that awaken the senses, as winter makes her debut in her frosty, white gown.   Yeah, you can tell I need to get back to writing a few poems, lol

  Kim from Onederings sells bouquets. I ordered the tiny 4-6" stems. My lavender is all dried up, I have a story about that, but I will save for another time.  The lavender I grew this summer was pale, almost white.  I didn't get as many blooms as I hoped for. I picked and tucked a few away to dry, but they look nothing like these.  She has different sizes and lotion.  If you want to transport yourself to a field of Provence, this would be an inexpensive way to travel.

I will be traveling later this week, when I bake, Apple Tarts from Denmark. Yes, I will share the recipe. One of the benefit of being a military spouse is my taste buds have been able to travel to places I would love to go!

I also will share my doctors appointment visit; I went yesterday. Let's  just say, it has a Halloween element...


Scarlett Clay said…
WOW! What awesome them all and Abby's ornament looks perfect on the tea pot! It's gorgeous! And that perfect is that, with that butterfly, oh my goodness...what a unique item. Enjoy all of your gifts...and my mouth is watering for that recipe! :)
Daydreamertoo said…
What a wonderful collection. I love that you're thinking ahead to what will cheer you through the winter.
Goodness knows we need cheering then.
Lovely read, thank you.
Laurie Kolp said…
Uplifting and interesting, Ella!
love those blue flowers.
Hope everything will be fine at the doctors :(
Eve.E said…
Hi ella
Thankyou so much for the belated birthday wishes. Hope you are okay.
hugs eve.x
Love the new look of your blog and the pictures too!
Keeping my fingers crossed for the doctor visit. I hope it's nothing to worry about.
Sending good vibes your way.
Susan Kane said…
Halloween element? A pumpkin?
Ella said…
Susan-No, there were some there, but this was not what I expected! ;D

Delia-I'm okay for now...
I really appreciate you taking the time to post and sending me good vibes! Thank you so much @>-----

Eve.E-Thank you; I'm okay~ I hope you had a magical, sweet day! :D

Dezzy-Thank you; me too~

Thank you Laurie :D

Daydreamertoo-My family doesn't believe me when I tell them what I want for Christmas. I love small treasures~ Thank you!

Thank you Scarlett! Yes, all of these are dreamy and evoke touches of poetry! Yes, Abby's creations look so pretty on my tea set~ :D