Marching Band/Color Guard

My daughter's high school came in fourth at the Nationals out of sixteen teams.  They placed first in their division winning six trophies. I had missed two of the competitions and finally made it to this one. I took a lot of photos. I was there from 3:30pm till 9:00pm at night. Dampness set in and I paid for it with a relapse, but looking at all the photos and the joy, it was worth it!  It is so fun to see her come full circle, from "what was I thinking to I love it!"   I love seeing passion develop, it is magical to see all of these kids perform. Sometimes practice is from 4-8pm after school; a lot of work goes into each and every event~ My daughter's team looks like fairies when they perform :D


Scarlett Clay said…
Love it!! So much fun and CONGRATULATIONS on her big!! fourth in the NATION? Super impressive!

Now, no more long days for you mama, you need some rest!
Congratulations to your daughter!
To your daughter and proud mum Congratulations.

Mary said…
Congratulations to your daughter. This is a great honor, one she will remember a lifetime.
Anonymous said…
Congrats! I can hardly walk right so to see people dance and wave flags is very impressive to me.
Janelle said…
My daughters are in their marching band. They have the district competition tomorrow. They have been at practice for hours each day all week long. I love watching the competition though. Your daughter and her team look wonderful. I love their uniforms.
Arlee Bird said…
Very cool! Congratulations to your daughter and her team. Now you take care, Ella. Don't need a relapse.

Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
Hi there,
Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog. I have popped over from alex's blogfest. Lovely to meet you and you have a new follower. xoxo
Eve. :)
kaykuala said…
This is fantastic Ella! It must have meant a lot of sacrifices of time and efforts. Congrats to your daughter and her friends. Having Mom there must have been most satisfying!

Ella said…
Hank-:D YOU always make me smile! Yes, she was exuding joy, when I snapped over 400 photos of the competition. No, she knew I didn't feel well and went and got me something to eat and sat with me and her friends! I feel grateful to be part of the behind the scene joy and she isn't ashamed of me, not

Eve.E-Thank you; I still am going through the list! It is such a wonderful idea! So nice to meet You!

Lee-I will be by more; I love your new endeavor ;D It is to late; sinus pressure seems to be going around in the south. The up n' down of the temperature, ragweed and cotton aren't helping! Thank you; I will show her this post~

Janelle-Oh, so you know all too well! ;D Please let me know how they do~ I hope they love it; what instruments do they play? Isn't it fun; I'm hooked! Thank you~

Stephen-You are funny; when they toss them it gets me! I can see me bonking my head! She is going to teach me, after the season is over...I'm in trouble, lol~

Thank you Mary; she is planning on participating in college. She is hooked, flag and swirly twirl~ lol

Yvonne-Thank you; it is fun and exciting! :D

Alex-Thank you and Congrats to you~
I'm excited for you ;D

Scarlett-Thank you; I do think though it is just the southern region. I will found out more...I'm not sure how it all works. I'm new to the world of flag toss n' twirl! Thank you; she is so spun up! :D
Congrats to the proud Mom :)
Ella said…
Thank you Dezzy! ;D
sunny said…
Hi Ella,nice to have you on the blog,your this post is really amazing,weldone.
Kristin said…
Awesome! I have to tell you - the first thing I thought of is that you must have been 8 when she was born . . . you look like sisters!
Congratulations on the big win - I would be beaming with pride too (and hope you feel better)
Oh! And FABulous poem below too - your talents never cease ;) xoxox
Liza said…
Wonderful! Congrats to your daughter's team!
Wanda said…
Ah, congrats to her. You captured the memories of the day beautifully.
Jules said…
Belated congrats to your daughter! And I hope you are getting well from your relapse. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Halli Gomez said…
What a wonderful experience for you and your daughter. Congratulations on their trophies.

It is definitely an experience she will always treasure.
Georgie Horn said…
They do look like fairies...come by for some puddin n pie
Lola X said…
Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x
Vicki said…
Fourth in the nation is some accomplishment. Whoo Hoo! You should be a proud mama.
Becky Shander said…
Such commitment from all the girls (and the parents too I suppose.) It sounds like everyone did a great job!
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! We are ranked in our division, which would be the southeast. I need to find out more; it is all based on size and class of school. There is one more competition, then we will know more about placement. The kids are thrilled! Thank you for all your wonderful comments~ Yes, it is a commitment from everyone involved. We bake for every football game, chaperone, run the kids to and from and $ for flags, uniforms, etc.
She now wants her own flag for the house. Yes, I think the flag fairy will have an interesting Christmas :D Thank you everyone!
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh wow, congratulations to your daughter--she is so beautiful--and they do look like fairies..I adore the colors and costumes--so dreamy!!!
Ella said…
Thank you Cindy; she was hesitant and struggled, but now is amazing!
They are so fun to watch! I am getting lessons for a few months. I will probably post a photo of me with a big lump on my head ;D
I know the sheer turquoise flag is stunning, the smiles and the swirly twirls get a lot of cheers! Thank you xo
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