What do you see?

I decided to investigate further the changes in nature, in my own back yard. Signs of Autumn's progression, if you will. I took some photos and  thought I would share with you what I see. I hope you will share with me and comment what you see. You could also take photos of your yard and share your view.   I would love that...

 I found a Morning Glory has bloomed. I had harvested most of the seeds a few weeks ago. I saw some of the plant remained,after Hurricane Irene and let it be. I was so stunned to see it flower again.  I see stars, when I see these flowers, how they rise with the sun and set at noon. Their magic is influenced by a huge star, our sun. Their cousin the Moonflower opens at night, big gorgeous white trumpet blooms.

I see the mood of autumn's pigment, against an endless blue sky.  What else...the layers of Mother Nature's mixed media painting.  The dots, colors swirling and  blurring the outline of the veins. Layers upon layers creating a magical effect. 
What do you see?   I see a Gerbera daisy, that still wants to stand proud in the sun.  She has fanned out her petals and allowed spiders to make a home, among her graceful bloom. There are little wisps of spider's rug spread throughout her frilly petals.  It is as if, she is throwing her arms open to welcome these crafty critters, to reside for awhile and partake of the view.

What do you see?  I see Mother Nature's twins conjoined together with a white, fluffy dandelion seed, taking a much needed rest. It is a breezy day and warm, this seed has stopped for a lay over before the next take off.  The acorn crowns are on my trampoline, there are so many layered on top they look like nature's (Hersey)kisses.  We have to sweep it off before we can bounce.  There is always one brave soul who wants to jump in the middle and try to fling them off.  Did you know this about dandelions
"The dandelion is called the rustic oracle; its flowers always open about 5 A.M. and shut at 8 P.M., serving the shepherd for a clock." Source: Folkard (448. 309), from "The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought," by Alexander F. Chamberlain

 What is the view in your back yard, as Fall gracefully arrives?


Elizabeth said…
This is the first year I have had a camera of my own to record my favorite season. I obviously went a bit overboard, lol, but enjoyed every moment of taking and sorting the photos. I managed to get an incredible number of floral pics over the summer and am hording them for the gray/white winter months. Thanks for coming to visit, I've missed you.

I see someone who is a really good photographer!
Shelly said…
Since I live in Florida, everything is green and the sky blue.
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh gosh, it's so nice to see fall colors because we don't have them here!!! Keep taking pictures--I love them! lol
sunny said…
Hi Ella,i like the colorful post,excellent.
Ella said…
Hi Elizabeth-I have missed you, too!
No,you didn't! Yes, we really did need that bright color when drab is the view~ I was thinking of you and decided to visit; then was stunned :D

Alex-;D You made me blush, but I love it! I see a 3rd book; I'm really excited about the 2nd one~

Shelly-I use to live in Florida where you have two seasons: Spring and Summer. Then I moved to Alaska where I had again 2 seasons: Spring and Winter. lol enJOY the beauty there, it is beautiful and lots of sunshine ;D

Cindy-Thank you Cindy; I love your cheerful view! YOU also live in a beautiful part of our country! It is amazing how everywhere has something extra special! xo

Sunny-Thank you Sunny you brightened my day~ :D
Hi Ella .. morning glories are beautiful aren't they .. while the leaves as they lose their pigment offer us that glory of colour ..

I thought your acorns were lychees! .. same effect though and love the caught dandelion seed .. I didn't know they open at 5 and shut at 8 - next year I'll have to watch carefully!

Beautiful photos .. love it - thanks Hilary
Janet said…
Ella, this is fabulous. It makes me want to grab my camera and look deep into the eyes of a flower and autumn.
Many a dandelion bouquet has graced the kitchen table and I knew they closed their eyes each evening, but I did not think about what time they wake up in the morning!
They were always wide awake when I got up;)
septembermom said…
The pictures and your words are gorgeous. This is a beautiful post to enjoy. My backyard is beginning to burst in gold and orange. It's a delight to behold. Thank you for this tribute to autumn. Lovely post!
ooh, I didn't know that about dandelions, I must investigate it in my own yard :)
The Autumn has come to us as well, we have zero temperatures at night and 10 to 15*c during day. And the leaves are falling down. I'm waiting for my chrysanthemums to start blooming.
Anonymous said…
"The Dandelion Clock" -- title of my next story. Thanks! =]
Kerry O'Connor said…
How wonderful that you SEE your garden with a poet's eyes. Mine is enjoying a welcome Spring shower as we speak, all that is green is longing to grow.
Dorthe said…
Beautiful photoes Ella, I love the Morning Glory -but have not had them for some years-- maybe I just forgot to save the seeds...
The Dandelions looks like wonderful schulptures.
Bob Sanchez said…
Such a beautiful post. You're a fine photographer, Ella. I'm afraid there isn't much color in my New Mexico back yard.
Liza said…
Love that Morning Glory, and I am shocked to see it now too!
What gorgeous pics! And I did not know that about the dandelion. Thanks for the info. ;D
Scarlett Clay said…
I love these photos, such beautiful natural wonders around your place! We finally got a little rain and a little cooler temps so maybe we'll start seeing some fall color soon.
I LOVE the quote about the dandelion, too! I've never heard that before!

Arlee Bird said…
I see an excellent eye for photographs and good artistic composition. Also it appears that you must have a very good camera or an expert ability to use an average camera. I see some very nice photos.

A Faraway View
Ella said…
Lee-You are sweet; I do have a decent camera! I did hear a lot of compliments when I didn't though :D

Scarlett-I am so happy for you cooler and with rain, you have had one heck of a drought! I hope you do get some signs of Fall. I hadn't either, amazing isn't it!

RaShelle-Thanks for visiting me :D
I thought it was worthy to pass on~

Liza-I know, me too~ We had a cold front move through last night. It dropped 20 degrees...so I know I need to enJOY the view! Thank you~

Bob-Thank you; I am sorry to hear that, but your area is beautiful! I have driven through that area :D

Dorthe-I love your take on their view! Thank you xo

Kerry-Green is my favorite color; how lovely spring is~ Thank you!

Milo-I love it; I can't wait to read it. I tried reading your other story, but had problems. I will visit soon and try again~

Dezzy-I have a few mums on my deck! What color is your fav? They are stunning, aren't they!

Septembermom-I love your view bursting with color~ Thank you and I am so glad you shared!

Janet-Oh, I hope you will go take some photos. You will be glad you did! Thank you! I was surprised by the dandelion's habits :D

Hilary-I will do the same; maybe we will have a dandelion blog fest..lol! Thank you~