Memory Bowl

I found this neat idea in Where Women Create Magazine. Interior Designer Suzan Stoddard shares this idea of organizing small favorite items in a bowl.   I found Suzan's idea intriguing.  "When organizing I often discover small items that are disjointed".  She suggests taking a container, a bowl and place a variety of special finds to be discovered. Objects that might tell a story.  Gather up favorite small items, photos, etc. and arrange in a container, set in a location where they will be noticed. See what stories they conjure up.  I thought this might be fun to do for a poem.  Think of all the possibilities~

  I did this for a poetry prompt for Imaginary Garden of Real Toads .  I'm going to try to combine Poets United's prompt # 74 Winter....

 I couldn't find the bowl I wanted, but I had this thrift shop find and filled it with sentiment. Inside is a little wooden chair, a vintage lace glove(not mine), a wooden house, a tiny tea cup with Red Rose Tea,
a huge scallop shell, a photo of some art, I made  of my grandparents, Winona n' Clifford, a red cardinal, a bouquet of dried lavender, a cookie cutter I altered.

I thought of a snow globe, how our memories are shaken lose, when we display it.  We are reminded of the day we received it, our age, and who the gift was from. New mood is set, as the shaken snow gently falls. 

Swirls of snow detour day
shaken loose
sifted memories arrive
sprinkled with sentimental mist
powdered sugar sweets
stirred with a silver spoon
wakes a gentler time~

red cardinal chirps
chick a dee calls
waiting for me
black boots n' green woolen mittens
serving black oiled sunflower treats
snow fluttered lashes
their joy~

Inside Nannie n' Papa
pouring tea
 oven dings
lemon sugar cookies tickle my senses
view of  frozen bay, sea fog rising
blurs into a celestial kiss~

Ivory keys tickled
soon my turn
a chair just for me, my spot
snow alters chimed view~

Pinkies up
warmth arrives
rosy cheeks hurt
liquid sunshine melts mood~

Turning the sheet music
lavender dreams caress my eternal pillow
white clouds hug me
They visit me, often in whispers~

Magic has fallen
blankets the Earth with glistening beauty
weather check
hope's porch
harboring treasure~

Once a week, I was invited down the street to my grandparents for tea. I did chores for them first, while the tea was being made and the cookies baked. After, my grandmother n' I would play the piano. My grandfather would then tell me one of his really tall tales.  They made magic out of the ordinary~


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snow is a gift indeed.
well done winter piece.
oldgreymare said…
I am thrilled to see your interpretation of this idea! As a teacher, nothing makes me happier than to see someone take a suggestion and fly with it. You made my day <3
Laurie Kolp said…
I haven't yet had time to gather items for inspiration, but you have certainly motivated me to try it.

I loved dusting at my grandparent's house (but nowhere else)... especially the baby grand piano (my grandmother was a pianist). Lots of fun times at the piano! Those are fond memories.
Seth said…
I love your memory bowl. There is something so warm and welcoming about it!
Kristin said…
And that's exactly what you do! Make magic out of the ordinary - like this beautiful, warm, sentimental poem - you are such a varied talent! xoxo
M. A. S. said…
There is a sparcity of words that makes the descriptions so much more vivid and child-like. Well done.
rch said…
Hi Ella, very touching poem and what a great idea - a memory bowl.
Daydreamertoo said…
Awww what a delightful read.. I was brrrr and the thought of snow but then just as quickly warmed by the thoughts of tea and sugar frosted sweets and all things warm and fuzzy as in a house where love rules.

What a lovely read. I do tend to keep a bowl for throwing in odd and sods that I come across, too nice to throw away yet, not much use for anything. LOL
What a lovely prompt too!
Old Ollie said…
great memories... so good to turn them into a poem
Scarlett Clay said…
I love your assemblage of items, this is a really cool idea and so creative to use for your poetry! There are SO many incredible word pictures in this poem!!! Oh my goodness...powdered sugar sweets and lemon sugar cookies made my mouth start are my weakness as you know. But NO calories just reading!! :) Love this poem, every word and love your photo at the top.

I want those Snow Men in my yard :)
Anonymous said…
Grandparents are the best story tellers! I'm working on my verbal story telling abilities. I can write them just fine, but then again I'm a bit introverted. Unless I have a few pints in me.
Arlee Bird said…
This poem conjures some pleasant images. I used to love to visit my grandparents, but never got to visit them as much as I would have liked.

Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11
Other Mary said…
This is a lovely reminiscence, with all the senses included. You've made some magic of your own here remembering and honoring your grandparents. What a treasure.
Ella said…
Other Mary-Thank you; yes, I think most of us have someone in our past who shared a bit of magic with us~

Lee-I am glad you have happy memories! It is like having parents that aren't as strict ;D Sad, about that! Treasure what you remember!

Stephen-Sometimes we need a bit of help, getting those stories out!
Walking, coffee work for me..the spirits probably stir more magic though ;D

Dezzy-Me, too.... If I get enough snow, I'm going to make a bunch of mini men ;D

Scarlett-Yes, I love food blogs and I don't have to worry about the calories ;D Thank you, so much!

Ollie-Monk should do this! ;D I would love to see Tired Monks memories! :D Thank you~

Daydreamertoo-I hope you will write a poem about your items. I would love to read it! Thank you :D
I enjoyed remembering this time~

rch-Thank you; yes, it is fun to let the memories gather together!

MAS-You know I worried about it sounding child like, but I was a child, about 10-11. So, why not let that inner child have her turn!
Thank you~
Ella said…
Kristin-You are a varied talent! I'm a magician of mixing memories, but Thank you so much! xo

Seth-Thank you so much for visiting me~ I will be by to catch up on your intriguing posts :D

Laurie-I happy your remember these cherished moments! I hope you will try it! Thank you~

Suzan-Thank you so much; I am so happy I discovered this gem of yours in the magazine! It is brilliant! so Thank you! @>----

CelloStrings-Thank you; yes you right it is! It captures the magic of the season and creates warmth! :D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a beautiful poem, full of wonderful memories. Such good writing, Ellie! I love your memory pieces.