Moments like a River

Life does seem like a river for me lately. You never know how the current events of what you see can alter, affect you. Rivers can be treacherous, awe-inspiring, wild and beautiful.   I have had moments this week that remind me of a river.

Sunday, I witnessed a car accident. My husband n' I stopped to see if the  woman, was okay. I saw her car go air born and slam down and then speed along on the side of the road. She was knocking off saplings, like toothpicks. My husband swung the vehicle around and we approached her. He jumped right out; I hesitated.  I asked him later, if he thought about what he might see...he said, "No, never thought about it

When I was sixteen, I witnessed a deadly car accident, a girl I knew died.  It left me permanently scarred.  It did teach me how fragile life is.  How we need to tell each other how we truly feel, daily show our appreciation and affection, for one another.  I am still trying to shake off the accident, that lead me to other ripples in my week.

Sunday, the woman fell asleep at the wheel. She was in her mid forties, she was alone, and so lucky. Her car could have veered off to the left, into four lanes of traffic. She wasn't seriously hurt.  After helped arrived, Don wanted to continue to  do our errands and go get coffee.  I shook for several hours after, reliving both accidents.

 Awe inspiring:
The view in my neck of the woods is just that. Mother Nature has made everything bright n' vibrant. I have a tree out back that has turned mostly red,it is gorgeous,  When you walk down my hallway, you can see this rosy glow from the window, it has repainted one of the bedrooms. Stunning~

I'm having an "I Love Lucy" week. Every attempt I make to do something, I am derailed. I feel like someone better fix the train tracks soon. My daughter and son asked me about crocheting. I told them when I they were little, I use to crochet. I have several teens coming over, who want to learn. I'm having a crochet party.  Huh?  I haven't crocheted for years, yikes...  My daughter wants to make her boyfriend a hat. Later the boyfriend told me, he wants to make her one. My son's girlfriend wants to learn.  I hope I'm a good teacher; I don't feel like making hats. I'm working on some other things. I will share soon.

The River Journal, is a Friday journal. Once a week they share poetry, art, photography, creative writing and much more. River the founder and her assistant, Natasha are so kind and gracious to work with.  I am thrilled to have a poem and a photo selected for this week's edition.  Click HERE to dive into the current issue :D 

Hope everyone is having a calm week; please be safe~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
It sounds like a busy week with many messages. I LOVE that you are teaching your kids and their friends to crochet!!!!! And that the beauty of your tree lifts your heart when you walk down the hall. I am intrigued by the shadowy images it birds? inside on your windowsill?
Sherry Blue Sky said…
p.s. So happy you have a poem and photo on The River Journal. Way to go! Looking forward to seeing what you are working on now. Is your art and writing studio set up yet over the garage?
Ella said…
Sherry-It is a bamboo plant. I wondered if I should mention that :D
It is my son's room. I think he is enjoying the view, but will also be glad when his room is not rosy, lol

Sherry-Thank you! I have begun and need to go back up. I think tomorrow will be my day to finish up. Packing up stuff, sorting then the fun of setting out what I want to do. I want to make journals, artsy type books.
Car accidents are terrifying. You never forget that sound.
I bet you'll help them make fine hats. It's like riding a bike - it will come back to you.
Daydreamertoo said…
She was indeed a lucky woman, she had God or his Angels steering her car int the right direction for sure.
Things do happen that tends to always 'stay' close to our thoughts don't they?
It sounds as if you have a busy time and what a beautiful tree to look outside of your window and see. We had some snow here this morning, not enough to stay but, enough to let us know winter is on its way. I am dreading it this year more than ever.
Thank you so much for such a lovely comment on mine today! :)
Jo Murray said…
Sometimes it is a positive thing to be reminded of one's fragility, and how precious each moment is... the moment absorbing the beauty of the tree for instance. Thanks for the thought-provoking post.
Mary said…
Ella, how very frightening to view that car accident. The woman was very lucky indeed, and so were the others that she could have hit as well. I am not surprised that witnessing that accident triggered memories of the one you had seen at age 16. Things like that really DO impact a person for life.
KarenG said…
Oh my goodness, Ella, sounds like your river has had some turmoil and rushing waters. I get shaky around car wrecks as well. Just seeing a fender bender can stress me out. I always feel so bad for the people involved.
ah, you had a tough week, Ella :(
And I've never understood how can people fall asleep behind the wheel? There's no justification for that, imagine if she killed some person or a kid on the road? Horrible!
I enjoyed reading about your busy week, life can get hetic,

Have a most enjoyable week-end.
Shelly said…
It's very difficult to see the aftermath of a car accident. Sorry to hear that.
Smiles and hugs to you.
Vicki said…
What an emotional rollercoaster. Hope you spend some quiet time crocheting this weekend. Thinking of you!
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, some weeks seems to just take their own run- and even we try we can`t accomplish what we wants to do. I`m glad your husbond stopped to look after that woman-I would have been so schared to do that myself, but I hope and believe I would do it-God forbid it will ever be actual!!!
Wishing you happy crocheting with your big kids and their friends!
Amanda Trought said…
Hey Ella, you definitely had a busy week, we do have to remember to daily give thanks and make the best of every day, which could be our last and to value our relationships. I love how the leaves are changing there are some beautiful colours to be seen. Looking forward to reading your poem in the River Journal I know it will be awesome! You and your family have a really blessed weekend, big hugs from the UK, Amandaxx
Melissa said…
Enjoyed looking through your blog and reading your post. So sorry to hear of the accident- no explanation for these tragedies except perhaps they give us pause to give thanks for the little every day blessings we have, such as arriving safely at our destination. I know I will be more cognizant after reading this! xo

(P.S. Beautiful comment, Amanda T.)
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi dear Ella
Sorry I'm so slow to visit.. internet woes over my way..

Well I can understand you being thrown by the almost accident this week.. reliving old memories... maybe it was a good thing to bring them up to be dealt with and banished!! Hard to deal with such things when you are young!!

Hope you are well.. Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie
Scarlett Clay said…
Comparing your week to a river is such a great analogy..your talent for writing and poetry shines through in every post. I'm so glad the lady was ok, I've NEVER seen such a scary accident, hope I don't. Can't wait to check out the journal, sounds cool ~Scarlett oh and the tree is gorgeous, hope we get some of that fall color soon!
Wanda said…
Life is a bit like a river, Ellie. I've been enjoying the beautiful colors of fall as well. I'm sure you're going to be a great teacher.
Carrie Burtt said…
You have a sensitive and beautiful heart this post...and love your new quote at the header....a beautiful blog to go with a beautiful soul!!
Kristin said…
What a beautiful post!
So happy that you were there for the woman when she needed help and so sorry to hear that you were reliving such a traumatic experience because of it - but thank you for sharing your beautiful words here, xoxo
Hi Ella .. witnessing accidents is a very shocking experience .. and I've shaken for hours and days later ..

Very sad about the first one, just pleased the recent one - she survived for Thanksgiving.

Crocheting .. enjoy!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving with family and friends .. cheers Hilary
Ella said…
Hilary-I was thinking about you; I will be by! It is shocking, it brought back horrid memories. Yes, I have to think of the good! Crocheting and the gathering of family, plenty to cheer about!
Thank you! Cheers to you~

Kristin-Thank you for your kindness! We all have triggers; I'm fine now. It is amazing how small gestures can mean so much. I am glad I did it, even though I was reminded of something bad!
thank you so much~xo

Carrie-Thank you, the quote I think I find on your blog! You are so sweet! I love your blogs, your words, your view!

Wanda-Thank you; it hasn't happened yet. I still need to find time to practice ;D

Scarlett-Thank you; I thought it would be a unique way to share.
Yes, I hope for you a gorgeous fall view, but I know if you don't see one, you'll make one! :D

Hi Julie-Yes, banished is a great word and a great idea! Thank you; I love your photos and the romance of your blog~! xXx

Melissa-Thank you; I love your view! I think we all take things for granted, at times. It reminds us to be more grateful and aware~
Thanks for sharing your view!

Amanda-Thanks for sharing this beautiful sentiment! I hope your world is bright n' beautiful! xo
Ella said…
Dorthe-Thank you; yes, you are so right! Life can toss us some curve balls! I'm glad he stopped, too~
Thank you I will try :D xo

Vicki-Thank you, yes quiet time is a good idea. It doesn't last long I live with a bunch of clowns~ Not the scary ones, the funny ones~

Shelly-Thank you; smiles n' hugs to you, too! :D xXx

Yvonne-Thanks for stopping by; yeah, life isn't dull!

Dezzy-I know I wondered why? Her parents arrived and said, she was sick and up all night. Then why would you get in a car?! She said she was going Christmas shopping...very scary! She was so lucky~

Karen-Thank you! It does rattle one's nerves. I think for me, it was imaging what if. She would of come over four scary!

Mary-Thank you; yes, it is those triggers that throw us curves on the coaster of life. We all have them~

Jo-Thank you for sharing your beautiful view! xo

Daydreamertoo-She was really lucky! It could of gone so wrong~
Snow, I love it, but shoveled so much of it in Alaska and grew up in Maine! I don't miss the ice and all that brings... Be safe!

Alex-Thank you Alex! The only thing is I've never made a hat, lol. I have made pillows and an afghan. I'm open to the challenge :D
Vicki Sheehan said…
inspiring! i wish you all of the joy and peace you so deserve this holiday season : )
Ella said…
Thank you Vicki for visiting me :D
It means a lot! I wish you n' yours the same~