Thankful for our connections

 When I think about what I am thankful for, there is the obvious, family n' friends.  I sincerely want to thank bloggers, for all they have shared, offered and exchanged this year~ Your voice, your comments, your ideas, emails, all mean the world to me!  

I recently did a String challenge for Somerset Life. I loved the thoughts and memories that arrived as I  went through the process. I chose to submit three items. The first was a package to symbolize the beginnings of meeting my husband, what we endured. The second was a nest, to symbolize gathering items to form our foundation, our home. The third was when our children arrived and the joy and new challenges we faced. My art had one central theme, connections of the heart. All of these tugged at my heart strings.

I thought of how we are connected, sharing our passions, our hopes n' dreams, and our lives and voices. I thought of the web and how it has invisible strings that connect our hearts, minds and souls. I'm amazed everyday, by the kind words, the connections and the human condition.  I see it on my blog and others. Yes, you tug at my heart strings.  I want to thank all of you that blog and follow!  Thank you for sharing your soul, your comments and your compassion!  Thank you for listening to my view, the edge of my world. Thank you for sharing your lives with me; I truly feel blessed to know you!  For those who are on the fence about blogging, jump, lunge, and leap into it. It will change your life and you will never be the same.  You will be amazed!

 Words form the thread on which we string our experiences. Aldous Huxley 

 We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.
Charles R. Swindoll

The most perfect expression of human behavior is a string quartet.
Jeffrey Tate

I might have to disagree with Jeffery, I think the most perfect expression of human behavior is  the invisible strings of humanity, that tug at our heart and make voices sing!


Mary said…
The connections we have formed in the blogosphere are definitely things I am thankful for too! Invisible, but very real.

And, I feel blessed to know YOU too!
Janet said…
Beautiful! Through and through. Your art, your words, your quotes. I am thankful for all the times I've been uplifted by another's words.

God bless and keep you and yours,
quite beautiful thankfulness,
loved your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said…
Ah, Charles Swindoll, the great String Theorist!
Createology said…
Happy Thanksgiving Blessings...
Dorthe said…
A so beautiful post, your words touches me, and I`m thankful for having "found" you here, and for all the joy and happines blogging is bringing me.
Wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, dear.
Hi Ella .. connections .. they are amazing aren't they and somewhere we all touch each other and bring out our best as bloggers .. great to see - enjoy the weekend ..Happy Thanksgiving .. Hilary
Daydreamertoo said…
I agree with you. It's those invisible ties to humanity and the universe which govern most of what we do.
A lovely read! :)
Wanda said…
Ahh such a sweet post Ellie. Thankful for you. Hope you and your family enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!
yep, although all our visits to each other seem like a little thing, imagine the world in which you would have no followers, no comments, no support from the bloggers.... it really is a big thing actually.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Beautiful uplifting thoughts for the day of Thanksgiving.
Ella, your string project and analogy is really quite powerful.
I'm grateful I found you - the first A to Z Challenge I believe? - and that we can be friends across the Internet. (Although I don't think we are that far in real distance from each other.)
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful, Ellie, and I'm with you - connections of the heartstrings is what it's all about. Shine on! Your brighten the edges of OUR world!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Such a heartwarming post. I am so grateful for having connected with you. Thank you for your continued support through our creative journey. I hope you Thanksgiving Day (and everday) is filled with beautiful and memorable moments.


Melissa Bradley said…
I am very thankful to have met you. You inspire me with your words and images. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Hugs!
Heaven said…
Inspiring words indeed. I am thankful to meet you ~

Happy thanksgiving ~
Shelly said…
What a wonderful and thoughtful post!Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving.
Scarlett Clay said…
Beautiful art, beautiful sentiments..I love how your art ties in with thoughts and feelings of real life and real memories. I love all of the quotes, too. I'm thankful to have found your wonderful blog!! :)

Bossy Betty said…
Love your thoughts here! Thank you for a great post.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Kristin said…
And your post made my heart tug! Thank you for this sweet message - and your artwork is simply amazing! It is so pretty and elegant and I LOVE the sentiment behind it. I'm sure you will do well with this one, xoxo
M Pax said…
I'm thankful I met you. Your thoughts to go with the strings are beautiful, and I love the nest. Looks like you've had lots of good projects going on.
Vicki said…
Thankful to share our creative journey together. Hugs sweet friend! xoxo
LTM said…
I love that picture--so gorgeous. And I'm very thankful for you, too! :o) Best, my friend~ <3
Carrie Burtt said…
I am so thankful to have met you here in the blogosphere have a beautiful heart full of truth! :-)
Ella said…
I will be back to comment on your wonderful comments! I haven't forgotten...
Margo Kelly said…
Love it! Thanks for the great post.
Ella said…
Carrie-I am so thankful I found you!
You have an amazing spirit and such a beautiful way you view the world!:D
Thank you so much~

Leigh-:D I'm grateful for you! I love your book reviews and pondering post! Thank you~ <3 555

Vicki-It is an exciting journey, so far! I'm thankful, too! Your art is stunning~ xoxo

MPax-I have a few more to share, soon. :D I'm thankful for you, too~ I love your view of our world, through the veil of the stars! @>----

Kristin-It is simple, but the message is sweet. It looks better in reality, but thank you! I am sure thankful I found you this summer! ;D xo You are so talented~

Bossy Betty-I hope you n' yours had a fabulous day! I'm thankful for finding you this year~ Or did you find me?! ;D I like your style~

Scarlett-I am thankful our lives crossed paths! You have such visually poetic view of the world! xo

Shelly-Thank you, I so hope you had a wonderful day! I'm thankful we met and your voice!

Heaven-I'm thankful your passion, your painted words! Please continue to share n' inspire :D

Melissa-You are a delight, I love reading your blog and I will try to come by more often. You always make me smile and then shock me!
I love it! Thank you~

Abby-I am thankful we found each other and can share this unique creative experience! Your blog is looking so beautiful~xo

Sherry-I love your voice, your vision, your stories and your words! Thank you, that was an amazing gift! xox

Alex-I'm amazed how good you are at Cat's Cradle, moving all the web like strings ;D and connecting with so many! We did met through A-Z! Someday I will come to your book signing. You will figure it out, before I get to you. I will be causing a scene, telling everyone how nice you are ;D
Ella said…
Kerry-Thank you! I hope to be more involved with poetry. I have had a few heart strings pulled lately. It makes it harder to write poetry~
I love what you have done and am so thankful to be part of the magic and getting to know you! Your poetry is amazing and should be published! :D

Dezzy-It is huge! It is like the neighborhood of kindness! I'm thankful for finding you! Daily you share insight to one of my favorite art forms. You do it so well~ :D

Wanda-I hope you n' yours had a warm n' wonderful holiday! I'm happy I found you n' your gracious voice! :D

Margo(I didn't see you, lol) Thank you for stopping by! You are full of surprise~ ;D

Daydreamertoo-Thank you for continuing to inspire and open my world to concepts I might have missed!

Hilary-You always delight and info!
I will be by to visit; I always learn something on your blog~ Thank you! :D

Dorthe-I am thankful for you! I love the spirit on your blog, how you touch so many lives! Thank you~

Sherry-Thank you so much; I hope your day was filled with warm wonderful memories!

Stephen-Yes, what insight! :D
Thanks for bringing your scientific view to light~

The Cello Strings-Thank you! I love your poems, keep at it! You art plays beautifully~ :D

Janet-What a beautiful view; Thank you! I so agree! I'm thankful for your poetry, you have a unique voice!

Mary-Thank you; I am glad we have gotten to know each other better this year. You have an amazing spirit! xo