Think Tank Thursday

Today I posted  a photo prompt on Poets United. I chose a rather unusual photo. It reminds me to see beauty in the ordinary.  What do you see in the photo?  How do you feel as our days get shorter? Are you in need of more color, more light?

ripples of darkness descend
soul hovers
frozen thoughts dangle
soul's flame escapes
burrows in fluffy, white blanket

view tilted in a cold,
Windex blue sky
Liguid gold wanes
tarnished mood arrives
glimmers of rust erode

threadbare thoughts
nudge brain
pine-scented memories like stars
Icicles begin to thaw

music like tea comforts
warmth grows
memories tenderize mood
kindness guides soul's star
Joy was just dimmed

Another try:

Honey’s liquid gold
Diminished by fractured light
Tarnished mood arrives
Sparks of soul’s star rusted 
by cold paralyzing thought
Soon will awaken with hope’s memory~

What do you think this is a photo of?


Ella said…
I might have to try this again. I wrote more about the change, than the photo.
Laurie Kolp said…
I love the vivid images, Ella.
M Pax said…
I hate the shorter days. I find it hard to wake up and get moving. I like sunny mornings. Oh well.

Is the photo lichen on rock? That's what it looks like.

I love the imagery of light in your poem - honey gold, tarnished, a rusted star. Cool.
Heaven said…
I love the images of the fall...burrows in fluffy white blanket...pine-scented memories.. i like it.
Anonymous said…
An amazing photo - and lovely verbal images. I liked "cold, Windex blue sky", waning liquid gold and eroding glimmers of rust... very visual.
Yours is sad - that photo makes me happy, because winter is drawing near. (And I dig cold weather and snow.)
kaykuala said…
Fluffy and colorful! It looks like the universe taken by one of the astronauts who didn't have much to do!

PattiKen said…
Your second piece perfectly fits my mood today. Even the fluffy white blanket sounds good (oh, bite my tongue!).

I really like the images your words paint, Ella.
Ella said…
PattiKen-lol, yes, I want a fluffy white blanket, just not yet ;D
Thank you so much~

Hank-I love your idea! It is the bottom of a rusted burn barrel. Crazy huh! The sunlight was hitting it and some water on top. I thought it was beautiful..I love your view~
Hubby doesn't burn garage, but it there is too much yard debris he will burn that. Thank you~

Alex-I love fall; I'm sad to see the colors go. I love winter, too. It is the in between that bothers me. I tried to end in on a happy note(Christmas/1st poem). A Ninja who likes snow...very interesting! :D

turtlememoir-Thank you; It is of bottom of a rusted burn barrel. I thought it was beautiful and reflective of the season~ :D

Heaven-I tried to write about the between of the holidays. I think it gets difficult, especially if cabin fever sets in! Thank you~

MPax-Thank you! No, bottom of a burn barrel. I thought the colors really captured autumn's beauty. The colors aren't as vibrant this year. I hear you! I think I drink more caffeine in late fall/winter, just to get moving!

Thank you Laurie; I did go get me an orange ;D
Isabel Doyle said…
I liked your 'music like tea' and lovely photo
sunny said…
lovely post Ella,like it.
Photo and verbal images - beautiful.
Old Ollie said…
rust never sleeps?
rch said…
Hi Ella, they're both good but I like the second one better, it flows like the change of seasons.
I like honey liquid gold...
Jinksy said…
I tend to think its a colour-changed photo of sea-foam or light on water, but that's going purely on the apparent textures. It could just as well have been woodland fungus and bark - or a new galaxy being born, light years away!!!LOL
I love the leaf, such detail!
The other photo is beautiful, too...what I see...the sun, dying on a beach only to be born again tomorrow and then die again...birth and death...
I wish the daylight would last longer, but as I live in a country with a perpetual summer, I can't really feel the autumn anymore, except in photos like yours. Thank you.
Elizabeth said…
I too love Autumn's color and this year after taking hundreds of photos, I finally think I saturated myself in them. Love your photo and thanks so much for visiting my site and taking a look at my PAD challenge responses.

Madeleine said…
Lovely poem.
I like the line: music like tea comforts

I agree about shorter days, sometimes I feel like a hibernating creature.
Amanda Trought said…
This is a lovely poem, the picture captures the change in the season. We have had our clocks put back so we get lighter mornings, but the evening obviously is darker, I much prefer the summer months....alongs with the warmth. Your always a blessing, have a great weekend, Amandax
Scarlett Clay said…
At first I thought it might be a butterfly wing really close up?

"Windex blue sky"---that is so awesome, it has such a unique color and I see that when I read this phrase!

Anonymous said…
oooh! i love both your poems! as you know, i saw waves lapping at the sand. {smile} ♥
Kristin said…
What an awesome idea, poem and photograph! I can't believe that it's the bottom of a barrel - I would have never thought of that!
You are such a talented lady - really, you never cease to amaze me. Beautiful imagery - my favorite is the windex blue ;) xoxo
Pk Hrezo said…
I love those poems! Very fluid and delightful the way they rolled off my tongue. That pic looks to me of a nebulous galaxy about to swallow the sun.
Anonymous said…
i liked the second stanza best, especially

Windex blue sky

glimmers of rust erode
Wanda said…
Hi Ellie, the photo makes me think of of the colors of fall. I'm not too fond of the shorter days.
Philip Thrift said…
Thanks for the fall mood inspiration and colorful words.
Ella said…
Philip-Thank you for stopping by!
It was nice to get to know you better on Poets United :D

Wanda-Thanks, I thought so, too~
I know what you mean!

Zongrik-I tried to add some chemical elements to my poem. Thank you~

Pk Hrezo-ooh, I love your take on the photo! Sounds like it could inspire another poem :D

Kristin-Thank you, so much! YOU sure do know how to lift one's spirits ;D xo

Dani-I love your romantic view; I also love to see waves lapping at the shore! Thank you~

Scarlett-I love your view, too...
How stunning that would be! Thank you :D

Amandax-Thank you! I know what you mean. Time feels distorted for a while, till we adjust. I miss all the flowers~ @>-----
Ella said…
Madeleine-I think most of us can relate to that feeling! I know I can... Yes, music does seem to lift the mood and it is steeped in memories. Think of all your fav songs, there is always a memory attached! Thank you~

Elizabeth-Thank you for stopping by! Yes, photos do tell a story and remind us of wonderful events!
I love that you using this medium!

Delia-I will be sure to send you some snow, virtual! Wow, I know the other side. I lived in Alaska, once. It felt like, I lived in winter forever! Your view is beautiful and I can see it~Thank you!

Ninotaziz-I love your thoughts~

Jinsky-I love your galaxy being born idea! :D

Dezmond-Thank you; you can see it, that is why! ;D

rch-Thank you; I appreciate your truth! :D

Ollie-I don't think so! I don't think Old Monks sleep much either?! ;D But they are wise enough to know when they do need to!

Rosemary-Thank you; I thought the photo would conjure up some interesting poems! ;D

Sunny-Thank you, so much~ :D

Isabel-Thank you! I think they both can provide time out and comfort, an escape if you will~
Cindy Adkins said…
Oh this is gorgeous, Ella!! and I adore the colors too!!
Joanna said…
So beautiful...I'm so drawn to the bright colors to the's like a little ray of light that want's to take you on a journey somewhere.
Ella said…
Cindy-I am thinking of you and yours!
A lot going on in my household, but I haven't forgot you n' yours! xo
Thank you~

Joanna-I love your view...yes, it does what to take us on a journey :D
Anonymous said…
That's a pretty cool photo and your poetic words fit it beautifully.

xo, Abby