What is consciousness?

 *photo courtesy of  Davis Meltzer/National Geographic/Getty Images

Kenia's Challenge at Imaginary Gardens asked us to write a poem based on a metaphysical question. We had a list to chose from. I chose this question, "What is consciousness?"

Here is my poem:

Cross roads of enigma
a Milky Way view
to maps of Paradines
molecules surfing in a sea of stars
waiting for the next wave
awe of the mysterious black hole
Broca's area a circuit board of neurons
syntax magic coats the astringent power of self
God's hand in question
etch-a-sketch mood
recycled stardust stems soul's quest
code of identity bathed in neurotransmitters
a labyrinth planet
questionable parameters
dopamine's dirty snow balls(comets)
randomly appear
exploring boundaries of self's frontier
in signature analysis


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow! You said a mouthful, girl! What a fantastic write!
Jinksy said…
molecules surfing in a sea of stars
waiting for the next wave

What a wonderful picture to contemplate...♥
vivinfrance said…
Interesting. And lovely pictures.
Did you mean parameters?
Mike Patrick said…
Man, nature, God and the cosmos. You paint on a large scale.
Arlee Bird said…
Wow, you really got off into a deep realm. This sounds like a poetic version of an astronomy lesson. Some interesting lines here--I like the imagery of the "etch-a-sketch mood".

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Kenia Cris said…
This is super beautiful! Thank you muchly for writing to the prompt. You just made me want to share two videos on the theme.

It's time to wake up - we are one

The known universe

Take care and keep smiling. <3
Marian said…
holy. i like the word "astringent" here.
Old Ollie said…
Maybe our best achievement is the naming of space.

I like your take E.
PattiKen said…
I like this a lot. I think of the brain as being the last uncharted frontier. If I were to get the chance to live another life, the brain is where I would go. (Presuming, of course, the powers-that-be saw fit to equip my own brain with a better set of math and science skills than I received this time around. ;-)

I love this: "etch-a-sketch mood" I may have to borrow that some day.
Ella said…
Patti-I so need help in the Math skill department. I think all the Class clowns were in my college Math course...it was zany!

Thank you; yes I thought of it that way, too...so much we do not know!
Nice to meet you~

I will comment more later...doorbell detour~
Ella said…
Ollie-I know right! I love what it represents! One giant step for our human race... ;D

Marian-Thank you, yeah, a little wake up word :D

Kenia-Thank you and thank you for the videos! What an inspiring prompt...I really enjoyed this one~
Thanks! @>----- xXx

Lee-I'll be by; Yes I would love to share my experience :D
Thank you~

Mike-Thank you; I felt I had to go there. Brain n' space share the vast unknown and the element of marvelous mystery~ :D
Ella said…
Viv-Thank you! I see on another computer, 3 pics...oops! My computer only 1...lol

Jinsky-Thank you, fun to think of your brain surfing, :D

Sherry-Thank you, yeah, I figured I had to push boundaries into the "Twilight Zone", lol xXx
Heaven said…
What an imaginative journey ~

I like the play of words:

a labyrinth planet
questionable parameters
dopamine's dirty snow balls(comets)
Ella said…
Heaven-Thank you, I had fun writing this one, but had to dig up some interesting terms to make it have a valid feel~ :D
Mary said…
Oh my goodness, how did I miss this one? This is a bit deep for my consciousness, but it definitely is good to stretch once in a while! Generally I swim closer to the surface. LOL.
Master of words! Only you could create something so intricate and deep and still manage to use the word Etch-a-sketch.
I like crossroads of enigma, Ella!
Georgie Horn said…
Great writing!
Most interesting to read Ella. Excellent post.

Kay L. Davies said…
Wow, I'm glad you said you looked things up. Of course, I was all set to be madly impressed.
Good work.
Sheila Moore said…
very impressive, Ella. My fav was this: etch-a-sketch mood
recycled stardust stems soul's quest
code of identity bathed in neurotransmitters.