I'm working on some cardinal type ornaments, maybe they would be cute if they fit in a card, lol
I have to run(I mean fly) to pick up my daughter from school.  She is sick; I will be back...
                                                                                                       I see more mistakes when I put it online, mmmh...back to the painting board!  I'll be back later to comment on other post and share more. 


The finished product is amazing!
Joanna said…
I love Cardinals and yours is stunning! Hope your daughter feels better soon,

Love the colours!
Very seasonal. Love the red!!
shelly said…
They look good to me. Hope your daughter is okay
Jules said…
Love the new blog look and your ornament. Hope your daughter is okay.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Anonymous said…
I love cardinals. They look great after a new snowfall, their red feathers contrasted against the white snow and blue skies.
Janelle said…
I think that they look great. I love cardinals and I have used them in my art before.
Carrie Burtt said…
Yes perfect for Christmas are so talented Ella! I always enjoy seeing what new things you have done with your blog!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this red cardinal, Ellie.......just beautiful. Reminds me of a red cardinal ornament I used to put on my tree, from the one Christmas I spent with my one true love Back in the Day. Sigh.
KarenG said…
It's lovely! The cardinal is one of my favorite birds.
koralee said…
These are adorable..what talent you have....thank your for visiting me the other day and entering my giveaway! Happy creating.xoxoo
Very artistic , they are great.

Kenia Cris said…
It's adorable. I miss painting, it's great time you spent with your own body and thoughts, no external noise or bothering.

Keep up with the artistic work! <3
Dave King said…
A cardinal to die for!
I Love your cardinals - such beautiful reds!
Scarlett Clay said…
I see no mistakes! It's awesome, lovely shading!! I hope your daughter is feeling better soon, hopefully before the weekend.
And I really like your new font,it looks festive! :)

Wanda said…
Ellie, you're so talented. Looks perfect to me.
Laurie Kolp said…
Cardinals are my favorite and have a very special meaning to me (as you can discover on my Conversations with Cardinals blog). I think you're doing a great job with them!
Melissa Bradley said…
Thank you so much for this post. You see, I lost my dad nearly ten years ago and his favorite bird was the cardinal. Anyway, a friend told me that every time I see a cardinal (and they don't come around often here in Chicago) to think of my dad. So I do and your post has made me think of my dad and a wonderful walk we went on the summer before I went to college. We saw a cardinal sitting a on low branch. It was so beautiful. :)
LTM said…
those are gorgeous! And I love seeing the step by step. Very cool. I don't see any mistakes, and I love the new blog format. Very cool~

Hope your daughter's well soon! <3
Hi Ella .. I love Cardinals (as we don't have them here) - yours is just great ... and I hope your daughter gets better and feels well soon .. cheers Hilary
Ella said…
Thank you everyone for your wonderful n' kind commments~

Hilary-Thank you; I am sad you don't have these birds, but I bet you have some other lovely beauty, we do not!
Thank you she is better :D

Leigh-Thank you! I love mixing it up!
Daughter is better; son is now sick augh...Tis the season~ 555 <3

Melissa-Oh, I am so touched you shared this. My Aunt feels this way about cardinals. My grandmother's favorite bird and color. How beautiful is this sentiment~ Thank you so much for sharing! xXx

Laurie-I will be by to see your other blog! I'm intrigued~ Thank you!

Wanda-Thank you, you are so sweet!

Scarlett-Thank you! I think the font looks more personal. I had fun making them :D
Ella said…
mshatch-Thank you; I love visiting your blog! :D

Tyrean-Thank you so much!

Dave-Thank you :D

Kenia-I love your view; you should try again, soon! Think of it as a gift to yourself :D

Yvonne-Thank you! I love nature; I know you do, too :D

Koralee-You are sweet; I'll be by again!

KarenG-Thank you; they are so beautiful to see in the snow~

Sherry-How beautiful; I loved that you shared this with me~ :D

Carrie-I will visit more often, your words and view always intrigue me! I love your new blog~
Thank you!

Janelle-I would love to hear what you made?! :D

Stephen-I so agree,one of my favorite views! Stunning~ Thanks for sharing!

Jules-I have missed you; thank you!
Ella said…
Thank you Shelly, son has it now!
I'm hoping I am immune~

Colette-Thank you; I love your bows on your art work, so festive!

Dezzy-Thank you; I will be by soon to get my fix! It has been crazy at my house...

Joanna-Thank you and for the well wishes :D

Alex-Thank you for saying that! :D
You made my day~