Imaginary Garden

 Imaginary Garden has a mini challenge, to write a poem in Robert Burns style, blended in an epistle(letter form).  
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I was watching a movie, about a play and decided to go in this direction. The admired from a far view~ 

Your delicate mood distills mine
perfumed memories linger like fine wine
Escaped venture near the endless sea n’ alpine
Time’s heart chimes our final dance
I miss rehearsing our lines
The curtain call gives us one last chance

I admire your dedication to your craft
Your voice, your poise, your witchcraft
You beguile me with your chortled laugh
You are blind to my passionate trance
To you, I’m a beige and slightly daft
Staged is our only romance

On cue the light trees protect the fourth wall
Final dress drapes descending call
My rose colored glasses crack n’ fall
She is with him, fluttering in the wings
Knotted fringe, in her prayer shawl
Saturating my tangled heart strings

Always yours,


Kerry O'Connor said…
Such a delicate touch on the hesitant and undelivered love letter. I can't help but think his object of affection has missed out on a keeper.
Such a smooth rhythm to that one!
Heaven said…
Nice letter form...your words flow smoothly and I can note the rhyming words.

I like the line of stage is our only romance ~
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wonderfully romantic, the "rose glasses crack n fall" line.......good response to the prompt!
Mary said…
This is truly lovely, Ella!
Kay L. Davies said…
Delightfully done, Ella, and the photo of old letters is perfect.
Luv, K
Really lovely to read Ella.

Melissa Bradley said…
This was beautiful!! What an amazingly cool challenge. You succeeded admirably, I say, Robert Burns wrote beautiful verse and I think your own verse really captured the spirit of his work.
Wanda said…
You captured it beautifully Ellie.
LTM said…
"saturating my heart strings." ooo, I love it! Gorgeous poem.

Have a wonderful holiday season! Wishing you all the best~ <3
Anonymous said…
Just saw your "dryer sheet wrap" article in the Nov/Dec Somerset Studio. Awesome project!
However, you did incorrectly attribute the quote "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." It's actually a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Scarlett Clay said…
Your poems are so the letter form of this one, I get all kinds of images in my head of the actors, it.

Ella said…
Scarlett-Thank you, I thought it would be a fun form to try! Thank you for your kind words :D

Anonymous-Seems like there is a big debate online check it out:

Leigh-Thank you! Happy Holidays to you n' yours~ Best Wishes for the New Year! <3 555

Wanda-Thank you, now I want to go see a play ;D

Melissa-Wow, thank you so much! I have a lot to learn when it comes to poetry, so many styles. :D
I want to read more of his work~

Yvonne-Thank you, I am baking more cookies, if you want to stop by :D

Thank you Laurie :D

Hi Mama Zen, love your name! Thank you!

Kay-Thank you, it was an interesting prompt! I love the old handwriting :D <3

Fireblossom- ;D makes you wonder, how many have not expressed their feelings...

Sherry-Thank you, it was a fun prompt! I loved all of the letters I read~ :D

Heaven-Thank you, sad wasn't it!

Alex-Thank you,we had to rhyme first three lines, then fourth and sixth line. It was a challenge~ :D

Kerry-Thank you, yes it does make one wonder! :D
Ella said…
Anonymous-Thank you for your kind comment and pointing this out! I do think the link makes for an intriguing argument. Who would think to research a quote?! Thank you for comment! Please check out the link:
Daydreamertoo said…
Awwww ..lovely, poignant in the longing. Very nicely done!
hey, where is the christmas decoration and layout at your place, Ella, I expected lots of glitter and trees and Christmas balls :)
what a great response to the prompt! in form and content - this was a captivating right that kept me attentive throughout - particularly enjoyed the last stanza but it was all so good! nice!