Imaginary Garden's Gift

I did a prompt for Imaginary Garden, about a gift.  The gift is your view of the written word, art in any form, nature, whatever your muse pulls you towards.  We are to write a poem about the gift and share it.

I have so many loves, nature especially. I highlight nature often in my poetry. This time I thought about the gift of poetry.  I think of photography as visual poetry, a frozen moment, recaptured mood, etc. I see poetry in a smile, in one's hands, in a caress. Poetry for me, is a way to paint with words.

Tall trees surround glass-enclosed porch
etched light refracts mood's geometry
Aperture opens
sensory switchboard overloads
labels removed
redecorate your still life
words paint like wind
warm and welcome
sometimes harsh and cold
emotions spiral in a sea of stars
capture the crystalline jewels
rearrange the hard edges
darkness can pummel fragile air
time blurs dark shadows into
shades of gray
Lift rug as dust billows
memories broom sweeps
new worlds within


Ella, and you paint with words better than anyone I know!
Wow, great poem. The second line is magical. Wonderful read.

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Kerry O'Connor said…
How seamlessly you have woven all your gifts together: words, photography and a way of reaching the hearts and minds of your readers.

Thank you for a wonderful prompt, Ella.
Li said…
I too believe that poetry is found in both words and images :-)) I like the idea of exploring one's gifts as well, especially at this time of year!
Mary Ann Potter said…
A word painting, so beautifully done! I love your work; this poem has so many layers. Bravo!
Heaven said…
I like the glass enclosed porch, redecorating and painting life with words ~

thanks for the lovely prompt ~
Anonymous said…
"Words paint like wind," man, this is beautiful. I've always loved comparisons of the visual, musical, and worded aspects of art. And then there is dance and other movement, even if that movement is in the soul. Truly lovely read. Peace, Amy
Laurie Kolp said…
Ella- What a lovely image you have painted in my mind.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
"Redecorate your still life.....words paint like wind"....WOW, Ellie. Just beautiful - it was a really good prompt too, got good responses. Yay!
Kay L. Davies said…
Your gifts are marvels, Ella, poetry and photography, separate or combined, gifts of seeing with the mind and with the eye.
You are so right, we should be forever grateful for such gifts when we've been given them so freely, on no special date, in no special time.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mary said…
Beautiful, Ella. I too think of photography as visual poetry. Painting is the same, also visual poetry. Often, I find, if one is a poet it is expressed in different mediums, all of which overlap. I enjoyed reflecting on your words!
Ella said…
Mary-I think you are right! We find a way to express ourselves creatively! It is part of the process. We just have to be open to new mediums~ Thank you!

Kay-Thank you, I love your words about being so free. I think we all have random moments, where we can express it! :D

Sherry-Thank you and you are right so many good responses! I enjoyed seeing what everyone came up with :D

Yvonne-Thank you! You write about many gifts. I will be by soon~

Laurie-Thank you and so did you :D

Thank you Amy! Yes, words from the soul are revealing, but also dance like you said! We have so many ways to express our feelings!
Peace to you~

Thank you Heaven! :D

Mary Ann-Thank you, I love layers, too. It reminds me of searching for treasure at the shore :D
Thank you so much!

Li-It helps to remain open and expressive! I like your view ;D

Kerry-Thank you for the opportunity! I'm enjoying the garden and all the beauty that has arrived. I know there is so much more to come...Thank you~

Jack-Thank you, I will stop by; you have such an unique view~

Alex-I'm blushing! This is the nicest comment, ever ;D Thank you so much~
Alida said…
Wanda said…
Such rich vivid imagery Ellie. You paint with words beautifully.
Ciara said…
Wow, what a beautiful picture you've painted with words.

Thanks for checking out my trailer over at Alex's blog. I'm already following your blog. We must have met during a blog hop. ;)
Ella said…
Ciara-I was thinking the same thing. when I decided to follow you yesterday ;D I bet it was A-Z!
Well Done on the trailer; thank you so much!

Wanda-Thank you; you motivate with words, so well! Loved your last post~

Alida-Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
Well done! Words are warm and welcome and can bring that necessary fulfillment people so desperately need.
Ella said…
Stephen-So well said and so true!
Thank you! :D