One thousand Gifts

I hope your holidays were warm and wonderful!  Soon we will be turning the calendar to another year...where did time fly?!  I know where some of it went ;D  blogging, lol.

I received a gift that I may incorporate on my blog. It was this book, I received the kindle version. I have not read much of it, but it is haunting, poetic and filled with grace. Have you heard of this book?

HERE you can go LOOK inside.
 I am not going to go into my religious views, I think everyone has a right to believe the way they want. It isn't my place or style to preach. I only preach about thyroid disease. You can ask my family; it is a joke at our house.  If anyone is sick and one doesn't know what it family will say "must be your thyroid". It isn't funny, but I guess I have mentioned it a few times. It affects so many systems in our bodies,it is the master gland of the endocrine symphony.  Don't worry I won't preach unless you ask. ;D

I haven't read all of the book, but what strikes me so far is a sentence about death.  It basically shares my view of how a death can so profoundly affect one's life. This happened to slowly sucked the life out of me, leaving a black hole. I functioned, but it always remained.  No matter what, it has altered my view, my world.  As I was trying to be an adult and find my way, it tossed me off course and so have so have a few other things. Being a military spouse, not living in one place long enough to truly have a career, and develop my own voice, etc.

I don't want pity, I guess I just want to explain why this book, so far has struck a chord with me. The author finds a way to look for grace, she uses another word called Eucharisteo, the Greek word for grace. Charis means joy. She sees this word as holy joy.  She begins a list of eucharisteo and it transforms her life. A list of a 1000 things one loves, to name one thousand blessings or gifts.  A list of gifts that one already  has.   The author's name is Ann; her name means full of grace. She explains how she is so not.  My name Ellen means shining light. Then it strikes me, how my blog has changed me.  I see more good in the world, I am finding my voice, I feel lucky to still be here to see my children grow up.  Look up your name and see what it means.  I am considering taking a 1000 photos of gifts, I already have started. Photography is about chasing the light and getting others to see things in different ways, I know that sounds poetic.  So I thought I would use visual poetry in regards to my list.  I can't take photos of all of you or I would!  Thanks for following me and listening to my voice. My world is brighter, filled with more light because of all of you!   I haven't made any time line on my 1000 photos, but I did start today.

Photo #1

 This was a gift from my friend Vicki. I received it, before I began the book. The gift of friendship is what is symbolizes to me.  How we hope when we share ourselves we are well received!

If you get a chance stop by the Imaginary Garden. I did my first interview of poet Mary Kling~


sounds like a lovely book, Ella, and your post was very touching and straight from the heart!
Hugs and kisses for you in these cold festive days!
Janet said…
Loved the interview you did with Mary! Thank-you. My name means God's gracious gift. My mother told me this when I was little and grumbled about the plain name they chose for me;)) My bragging-rights to Ann Voskamp, author of One thousand gifts, is that I live approx. 20 min. from her house, though I have never met her I feel like I know her a little through her beautiful blog...her book is still on my wish list. The link to her blog
is in the side-bar on my blog. She truly is a gifted writer and has taught me a little more about really living in the moment!

I have been trying to decide what I would like to do as a sort of 'journal' to really seeing the present...a gift or a thousand gifts! Your photo idea is wonderful and will make a beautiful personal legacy!

Happy New Year. I need to do some of my beautiful laundry and clean up some dirt made by beautiful children...;)then I will thank God that I have choices when it comes to deciding lunch.
Kay L. Davies said…
1000 photos sounds like a major undertaking, Ella, but I know you can do it.
When thinking about it, I realized I could probably take almost that many photos out of my files already. Many people, places and things I value and consider gifts are already right here at my fingertips.
My name means "pure" but the interesting thing was a list of names "similar to the name Kay" and one of them was "Ella"! I like that!
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, This sounds like a great book, will check out your interview. My name means 'worthy of love'....and you are definitely a shining light and an inspiration! 1000 photos is a great idea, and I am looking forward to seeing your posts...hope your having a blessed christmas, I know we're going to have to hold on to our hats in 2012!xXx
how wonderfully positive this post was! the 1000 photos is no small undertaking, but that first one is brilliant!
Anonymous said…
I am very curious about this seems inspiring. I am glad we connected in 2010 and look forward to becoming great friends in 2012.

Happy New Year!

xo, abby
rch said…
Hey Ella, glad things are coming together for you, congratulations on such a great blog.

My wife suffered with thyroid issues and I hope anyone so afflicted gets the care they need.

Have a great New Year!
Wanda said…
I have heard a lot about that book around the blogosphere. I'll have to add it to my to be read lists. Happy New Year!
stefanie said…
I have heard this is a great book, I need to read it!!!
Georgie Horn said…
Great posting!I have thyroid issues too. Everytime a girl friend says she has __(fill in the blank)___ symptom, I tell her to have her doctor check her thyroid.
Ella, I missed this post - my apologies. The book sounds wonderful. I hope reading it brings you more peace. And you are always positive and uplifting!
Ella said…
Alex-No apology needed! I hope you and yours started the New Year off with a fresh start! I'll be by to visit you... :D Happy New Year!

Georgie-Oh, good I'm not the only one. I have unofficially diagnosed a lot of people. I think there will be more, sadly. The thyroid doesn't like soy and it is in everything!
I'll be by; I know you probably have some great photos to share ;D Happy New Year~

Stefanie-I think the premise of viewing things in a different light is always good! I need to read it, too! Happy New Year~

Wanda-I know you would love it~
Maybe you will start a list on your blog ;D I'm going to try photos! Happy New Year!

rch-Thank you; I hope you wife is doing well~ I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year! :D

Abby-Happy New Year, it has been an interesting year! You really reached your goal! Congrats~
Happy New Year! Cheers to friendship~ xo

OT-Thank you so much for dropping by~ I am experimenting with photos, so why not ;D Thank you, I think it will be an intriguing challenge! Happy New Year~

Amanda-Thank you; I love your name and its wonderful meaning! I hope for good things with your art this year! You are talented, keep at it~
It was fun finding you on Crescendoh and getting to know you~
Happy New Year! Yes, I think you are right~

Kay-I love the meaning and your name! I love you have your gifts at your fingertips, so beautiful~
I take a lot of photos, it is just finding the ones that I want to share. The ones that whisper a message to everyone. This is the trick I like that too! Kay Ella or Ella Kay ;D

Janet-Your name is so beautiful!
Wow, you should post on her blog sometimes, who knows you might meet?! Yes, a journal would be creative and a great way to reflect...I love it! Do it, it will be a gift to you and others~
Happy New Year, hope the beautiful laundry is done ;D lol

Dezzy-I loved your hat on FB! I bet you changed it... I must go look again! You are so sweet and such a great host~
Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to read what the spy will share with us next ;D Congrats on your latest goal; well done!!!!
Mary said…
Ella, just wrote this entry today. Gave me a lot to think about. There really ARE so many ways of leaving one's legacy.