Think Tank Thursday

Today, I posted a photo prompt #76 on Poets United.  We are to write a poem inspired by the photo, titled "Soul's Whisper".   I have a few photos listed in my ETSY shop, if you are interested. Soon, I hope to add other countries' shipping rates. If you are interested you can email me here or at my store  :D
Soul's Whisper

Dandelion wishes scattered
    in painted prose
planted dreams take root
 encoded in touch typing
garden's view green
with endless blue thoughts
wind, webs and weathered storms
carry seeds to many lands
    like whispers
waiting for touchstones
to heal my wounded pride
misunderstood, misguided
    insightful guidance
caresses my soul's wish


Anonymous said…
I like Dandelion wishes scattered,

like whispers
waiting for touchstones
to heal my wounded pride...

and oh yes! - that soulful wish to be allowed to be who we are.
To be ourselves. And to be proud of who we are as well! Very nice, Ella.
dandelion is a great remedy against winter. Just one look at it brings you back to spring
KarenG said…
Lovely poem celebrating the humble dandelion! Thanks, Ella.
Heavens2Betsy said…
Beautiful words Ella. penny
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautiful, Ellie. Keep shining and keep writing! And keep being you - you rock!

What lovely words, which work so well with your image.
A reflective poem.....

Best wishes, Eileen

Thank you for your visits to my Blog.
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, your photoes are fantastic- and your poem so beautiful... I love it.
Wonderful to read Ella.
Thanks for sharing.

Awesome and inspirational. Very soulful too. Loved it Ella.
Wanda said…
Very stirring poem Ellie.
Daydreamertoo said…
This is so lovely.
Yes, keep being you, you do it so well :)
Judith C Evans said…
I love the way this poem ends with a very simple, yet powerful point. This poem nourished my soul.
Kristin said…
"wind, webs and weathered storms" . . . sigh . . . you gots the goods girl! LOVE it, xoxo
Laurie Kolp said…
I love the first two lines all the way to beautiful soul's wish.
Dave King said…
Heartfelt and moving. Very lovely.
Anonymous said…
A very interesting take on the subject matter.

encoded in touch typing, kind of conspiratorial in a James Bond kind of way.

Enjoyed reading.
rch said…
That opening is killer and of course the rest of the poem follows suit, I also like the single words at the end, great emphasis.
OLD raven said…
Ella, I loved this prompt and now to see you fulfill it is simply wonderful.
Mary said…
I love the idea of 'dandelion wishes.' Wonderful prompt, beautiful poem in response!
Carrie Burtt said…
Ella this is wonderful indeed...thanks for such a beautiful photo and prompt! :-)
Morning said…
soft and musical.
well done.
Monica said…
You're a darling! THANK.YOU!
Monica xox
P.S Beautiful, inspired poem.
Rhonda Palmer said…
Thanks for the photo prompt. I used it on my blog with attribution.
Rhonda Palmer said…
and I am loving your blog!! (thanks for the post on mine, BTW. You did that so fast!!)
Ella said…
You were at my blog, when I was at yours :D how fun! Thank you so much~
Scarlett Clay said…
The combination of your poetry and your photography is moving and powerful...I think a book should be in the works for 2012!!!

Lolamouse said…
Lovely poem and a beautiful photo as well. Your first line drew me right in, remembering blowing on dandelions to make a wish.
Arlee Bird said…
Very nice. When will you be releasing your book of poetry.

Wrote By Rote
eflores said…
Captivating! I liked the lines
"garden's view green
with endless blue thoughts."

Very vivid in imagery!

Erick Flores
sunny said…
Ella like your post.
Ella said…
Thank you Sunny! :D

Erick-Thank you so much!

Lee-I hope, to next year ;D I haven't started it yet, but am considering it~ Thank you!

Lola-Yes, we did make a lot of wishes as children! Thank you~

Scarlett-Thank you; I will consider it, but it has to have lots of photos ;D


Colette-Thanks for stopping by and your kind words :D

Monica-Thank you; we have to do what works for us~

Thank you Morning, I like saying that, lol

Thank you Carrie, I loved your take on the prompt!
Ella said…
Thank you Mary, I knew when I took the photo, it had to be a December prompt! :D

Old Raven-so glad you enjoyed it!
Thank you so much~

rch-Thank you, it is a gift to be accepted! :D

pspacer11-I love BOND. For me, it is magical to connect to people you don't know through a keyboard. It is an amazing process~

Thank you Dave! I so enjoyed all the poetry this prompt inspired!

Thank you Janet :D

Laurie-Thank you, I just think acceptance is such a huge gift~

Kristin-You always make me smile and blush, lol :D xo

Judith-Your words touched mine

Daydreamertoo-so don't YOU, ;D
Thank you!

Wanda-There is nothing like stirring the soul. You do this often :D

Wendy-Thank you so much; I will be by soon~ :D

Yvonne-Thank you, so many unique poems came out of it~ Wish you would join in some time :D

Dorthe-Thank you so much! You are so kind ;D xo

Eileen-Thank you for visiting me!
I loved your view on the prompt~

Sherry-Thank you, yes it is always wise to remain true to who we are~
A lot easier that way, too lol
Ella said…
Penny-Thank you Penny :D

KarenG-They do charm us don't they~
Thank you!

Dezzy-It does, doesn't it! The bright cheerful bloom that stands out in a crowd. The later the magic wishing wand ;D Thank you~

Alex-Thank you; yes, it is best to be us, always! :D

Turtle-It is a wish and wonderful when it happens~ Thank you!
Ella said…
Sunny thank u so much