Think Tank Thursday

Poets United prompt # 78 is Off the Cuff, stop what you are doing and write, right now!  Focus, go do!

Whoah, I was getting ready to run out the door, so I jotted this down before I left.  I'm back to post it...
not so thrilled with it, but it is truly "off the cuff".

Time's blind mood
startles bewildered rose
she faintly nods
among day's decay
lost in distilled dreams

Heart's clock
memory's eyes and
time's hands
allow soul's light to diffuse 
bursting with sun
draped darkness descends
in a cape of solitary mood
summons awakes chimed mood
Time to move in endless dance
of blanketed day

 Wow, this was hard, I might have to try this again!

If you get a chance give it a try, a poem a paragraph. Just drop what you are doing and allow your soul time out to express itself!  Care to share?!

Kay interviewed me over at the Imaginary Garden of Toads. She did a great job; she was fun and comforting, like a best friend!  Thank you Kay, for picking me! It was so nice to learn more about you, too!  Thanks so much xXx  


Janet said…
This is AMAZING! I'm a little embarrassed...I took an 'off the cuff' stab at each off the cuff anything is exceedingly more difficult and you did it with honors! well done!
Ella, would you like to write my next book?
M Pax said…
I love 'heart's clock' and 'cape of solitary mood'. Beautiful result for 'off the cuff.'
This is excellent Ella,

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your "off the cuff" is better than my "agonized for hours" hee hee. Really beautiful, Ellie.........when I prod my brain to see whuzzup, I mostly get a sound very like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm old. I make allowances:)
Mary said…
Ella, what you came up with is beautiful. If you just sit down and write, the words will come; and yours did par excellence.
kaykuala said…
Fantastic Ella! We can do it apparently. Akin to crisis management it seems!

love the paint sample holiday shapes.. why can't you and I live near eachother.. LOL
rch said…
Hi Ella, this is really good for spontaneous, I like the part that starts 'Hearts's clock' - fantastic.
Kim Nelson said…
Off the cuff works brilliantly for you, Ella! I suggest you reign in that inner editor if this is the product in her absence. Great work!
Pixie said…
Thanks for sharing Ella, I've not been around in a while but I always look forward to your blog. Life is busy right now so I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday.
Raining Iguanas said…
"Excellent stuff for off the cuff" - jrg
Daniella said…
I think your "off the cuff" poem looks like a well thought out work! Very well done!!! I really enjoyed it!
Patsy said…
One of my plans for next year is to write more poetry - maybe this off the cuff approach might be a good way to get me started?
Arlee Bird said…
I frequently write off the cuff like this except it doesn't seem to sound quite so ethereal and poetic. Nice job expressing yourself.

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Morning said…
lovely blog, wow.
Ella said…
Thank you Morning, beautiful name!

Lee-I bet it does, I loved what you recently shared with us~ ;D

Patsy-I love to check out the paint section of the home improvement stores. Just reading their names gives me ideas! Check it out...

Daniella-Thank you, you are so kind! It still needs a lot of work, but thank you! :D

JRG-Thank you, it was a cool prompt!

Pixie-I was thinking about you! I loved what you did last year, with all the Christmas trees! I'll be by~ Thank you! Hope you n' yours enJOY the warmth of the season!

Kim-Thanks, I think it might be stifled writing. Everyone is home and my writing has been limited. I can't seem to stay up late enough to be alone. I can never get up early enough, hubby always beats me to it, but thank you!
Ella said…
I m beating Mrs Claus in a bake off. I ll be back to finish commenting.
Ella said…
rch-Thank you, so much! It just came to me~

Lisa-Thank you, I cut them could use cookie cutters or free hand! My husband stays away from me in home improvement stores, lol

Hank-Maybe though we should attempt it in small doses. One maybe two lines ;D Thank you~

Mary-Thank you, I will now think of you and your view. I do think you are onto something :D

Sherry-Tis not true, it is mood, time of day, whether we are distracted or not. Your words are so beautiful, rich with nature's portraits and living! :D

Yvonne-Thank you; so excited you have a new book!

MPax-It had something to do with running out the door. My daughter's cape, the clock chiming...timing! Thank you~

Alex-You are cute! You are going to do fine. I predict more sales of both books. The second book will answer many questions from the first! I'm looking forward to it! ATB, thanks for making me smile! ;D

Janet-It was the way my day was going. Looking at what was around me, but thank you!